Disclaimer & Disclosure

I run this…

Our house now a home is a personal blog created, written and edited by Emily Burmeister. Emily Burmeister is not a expert on anything. Seriously, I just talk a lot. I share my home, what I do to it, my kids, some tricks of the Mommy trades, marriage stuff, gardening, home renovations and other life lessons learned. It is all my opinion and my own words telling the tale that is my family and my home. In the DIY world, all home improvements, parenting techniques, and tutorials are not perfect; mine included. We have made mistakes, learned from our experiences, and tried again. That is why we have three kids. We got better each time in raising them.

With that said, please take all precautions and do any necessary research before attempting any project. Also check your local rules and regulations, permits needed, particular product instructions and always ask for advice when unsure. Everyone’s project and location is different. Do what meets your specific requirements. Our House now a home and Emily Burmeister cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss, your personal safety or the outcome of your home improvement projects.

Image sharing…..

Emily Burmeister has the right to remove, or move any images, comments or content on Our house now a home without announcement. All photos that are not taken by Our house now a home are linked to their sources and are believed to be public and available on the Internet ( according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U.S. Code). Seriously, some wonderful people thought to protect all involved. Go them!

Any pictures produced from Our house now a home are protected by personal rights. Use of images produced by Our house now a home may not be edited, changed, or cropped without written permission, unless provided that way from Emily Burmeister for a specific project or collaboration. Only one image and a link back to the source is allowed if you are looking to share a project or image produced by Our house now a home, more than one image requires written approval. To receive this please contact Emily at emilye1@gmail.com. If images are used, proper sourcing and link-back to Our house now a home is required. Please contact Emily Burmeister at emilye1@gmail.com for permission to alter any images. Failure to link back and/or credit Our house now a home as the image source constitutes a copyright violation. I work hard here guys and I encourage you to share my stuff. However, not sourcing me or linking back is not ok. I treat you with respect, you treat me with respect. The design of the Our house now a home website is the sole property of Emily Burmeister.

Any craft video’s and tutorials require full approval from Emily and Our house now a home to be shared on any blog or site independently. You may reference it with an image or screen shot and a link to the video, but the full tutorial on any site is not permitted until given full approval. You can however share them on social media by tagging Our house now a home in the post.

All about the little ones- They are mine…..

All images of any minor children under the age of 18 on Our house now a home will not be shared in any way without approval by Emily Burmeister representing Our house now a home. Anyone violating this regulation will be contacted and asked to remove the image. If a request to remove an image is not followed immediately, the violation will be handled appropriately and quickly through our attorney or appropriate legal authority’s. I adore sharing my life, home and family with you all; however, I need to protect my children from anyone who may not have the best of intentions. Unfortunately this is necessary. I am more then happy to allow sharing of images for specific articles if a opportunity comes up. But, remember that, sharing, uploading, or circulating images of persons under the age of 18 without consent is illegal.

All minors featured are my children and only Emily Burmeister or Dale Burmeister are authorized to provide written consent for use of their images. Any circulation of images of our children on the internet or in art, photography, parenting articles, GIF’s, for-profit-means, personal use, social media, or blogs is prohibited. Emily Burmeister may provide any images of her children for articles written and sourced to other websites for freelancing endeavors. In these instances, Our house now a home and Emily Burmeister still own the image rights and those images will only be allowed circulation pertaining to specific outsourced articles. My kids, on my blog, and my say, is what it comes down to regarding my trio of littles.

Link parties and giveaways- Your rights….

Any participation in link parties co-hosted here gives permission for Our house now a home to use the image in promotion for link parties or other inspiration posts. All rights and links will be provided and linked back to the original source. Any involvement in giveaway’s is of the responsibility of the giveaway organizer or brand. If there are issues  or questions about a link party or giveaway, please contact the specific organizer directly. If a cash giveaway is not fulfilled appropriately, neither Emily Burmeister nor Our house now a home will be held liable for lack of compensation of cash prize.

Any and all personal information presented in giveaways, link parties, or comments will be kept private. Your email will not be sold to any third party. I will not release any information other then your web site and only if provided by yourself when linking up, when commenting (which is made public), or by name if you are a winner of a giveaway. Other wise you are safe here to comment on our blog. Be a part of our world. We encourage you to join the DIY warrior’s of Our house now a home.

Comments, keep it nice…..

Our house now a home and Emily Burmeister reserve all right to monitor, delete, alter, or remove comments at any time. Each comment is required to go through an approval process before being published to ensure that everyone is being kind, supportive, and not using excessive profanity. I am ok with a few curse words or differing of opinions; however, there will be no personal attacks permitted against Our house now a home or anyone affiliated with the blog, guest contributors, or fellow commentators. Comments will be removed immediately if there is an observed issue. Keep it nice, and classy people.

I speak my mind on social media…..

Any opinions offered by Emily Burmeister in various social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) connected to Our house now a home is a personal opinion of Emily Burmeister. It does not represent any brands currently collaborating with Our house now a home or other affiliates. Any opinions made on social media from third parties are in no way affiliated with Our house now a home, and their opinions are theirs, alone. Emily Burmeister is able to alter or remove any content shared on social media by herself or comments from others with no notification or reason given.

Let’s talk money…..

Our house now a home accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Any opinions, posts, or sponsored brand affiliates will be labeled accordingly. Emily and Our house now a home primarily follows word-of-mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identities. While any compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics, or posts made in this blog. My opinion and review in a positive way is not promised when there is a agreed upon affiliate. I will state my personal opinion, and in no way will guarantee a positive one unless I deem it worthy of such a review. That content, advertising space, or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content. This is a open and honest blog (too much sometimes) and all transparency is supported. The views and opinions expressed on Our house now a home are entirely owned by Emily Burmeister. If I claim or appear to be expert on a certain topics, products or service areas, it is only my opinion.

Based on my experience, I will only endorse products or services that I believe are worthy of my endorsement. Any product claims, statistics, quotes or other representations about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. Any company or brand listed is either of my own choosing or a sponsor. There is no opportunity at this time for brand or company sponsorship on Our house now a home without prior agreed upon terms and compensation. Please contact for terms and rates. Emily Burmeister or Our house now a home may choose to promote or mention a brand without compensation when it is relevant. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Freelance work- I still run this….

Any projects, creations, furniture pieces, or articles written under Our house now a home or Emily Burmeister is the direct ownership of Our house now a home; regardless of where the content was originally shared. As well, any featured projects, posts, words and articles shared and written/designed by Emily Burmeister or Our house now a home are directly owned by Our house now a home and may be claimed as such in future examples of work. Original shared content may be promoted, claimed, and featured by Emily Burmeister from Our house now a home. If you are interested in featuring or sharing any of my work in print, online publication, or your website please contact me at emilye1@gmail.com to discuss the terms and opportunities.

I create for people to see and for them to give it a try. I encourage everyone to share my work. Any profit incurred from featuring my work must receive prior written approval before sharing it. Unless Emily Burmeister has offered the content in a link party or as a guest post. In that case work and images being share will have been agreed upon. I have previously collaborated with and continue to work with many websites and brands, all with complete understanding of my terms and conditions. Any future endeavors will be handled in the same professional manner. If interested in sharing my work, my posts, or my projects, please do so with appropriate sourcing and link backs. All rights are reserved and any content shared is the direct ownership of Our House Now a Home.


To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org 

Ok, now that we have gotten all of that out of the way… I am so thrilled you are here, supporting Our house now a home, and taking part in making my house and other’s a home. My motto has been “One DIY project at a time” and I plan to sitck to it. Thank you so much for your interest and also reading this long requirement. If there is anything else needed from me, or you want to discuss a collaboration, please email me at emilye1@gmail.com.


Thank you!