Our house now a home started in the winter of 2013 as a way to share low cost solutions to creating a dream home. I began this journey knowing nothing of blogging, its possibilities, or even how to take pictures. Many lessons have been learned, the blog has morphed into a celebration of all homes. I have also learned so much about blogging, including taking pictures!
I am a newly 30 year old Mom to three young kids. I have been married for 8 years. Before all of this wedded bliss in the Midwest I was a beach loving, sun worshiping, sandal wearing Southern California lady. I was born and raised in So Cal, moving to Wisconsin when I was 18. Meeting my now husband 3 weeks into moving here, talk about a whirlwind. Twelve years later we are settled with 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 house in a small town, a picket fence and a SUV.
I tried to fight my love all things coastal home decor, because I do not live next to the beach no matter how much I pretend. But, I cannot fight my love of beach decor, shells, turquoise, gray and sea inspired. I let my coastal decor flag fly high now (which I assume has a gray chevron pattern and turquoise shells on it). I also have to create a home my husband and kids love. Dale likes the rustic feel, which is why I decorate in a lot of rustic woods, many reclaimed or from wood pallets. I decorate for my kids to have the home function, and all of it is kid friendly. Down to the white sofa that is completely slip-covered and washable. Creating OUR house into a home.


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The supporting characters I mentioned are Dale, the supportive spouse, muscle, tech support, assistant. AKA my legally obligated best friend. There is the trio of Littles, Nora, Caleb and Gavin. The Diva’s and camera loving dog’s Teddy and Finn. This group of misfits has created the backing, support and reason for this blog. Creating a home that functions and works for all involved.


The supporting characters around here…
supporting characters


I love to stalk thrift stores, rummage sales, and sometimes dumpsters or items from the side of the road. “One mans trash is my newest furniture redo project that will make people lose their minds on Pinterest.” That is exactly how that saying goes, right?


I am a AOL Lifestyle collective member, a Wayfair Homemaker, a World Market brand ambassador, A Domino magazine contributor. I also write at SheKnows, The Today show, Moms magazine, and many other parenting related sites. I moonlight as a Mom to these three littles and enjoy writing about them.


DIY projects for the home


The decorations, post’s and ideas that I share here have also been featured in countless publications, online magazines, and large websites. To name a few; Good Housekeeping, Sweet living magazine, House of Turquoise, The Family Handyman, Apartment Therapy, Huffington post living, featured in Hometalk’s newsletter, Roadkill rescue, Dwelling Gawker, Homedit, Fancy Shanty, Totally Tutorials, Goodwill, Scoop, The Bold abode, and many others. Seriously, pinch me now!!




I am adoring this journey of decorating my home and sharing it with you all! Making connections, meeting people, inspiring others, challenging myself, my decorating, and writing. This was all unplanned and I knew nothing about blogging. I have gained so much knowledge, begun to see a new future take shape! Sometimes just jumping and seeing where you land is the best way. That is what this blog is about. Having an idea, enough guts to try, and maybe some paint and twine. Putting your dreams into action and turning a house into a home. One DIY project at a time!

To see the most recent post you can go to the homepageFor a list of projects you can go here. Have some fun, look around, and let’s start talking about making my house and yours into a home! 


Our house now a home spring home tour collage
To get you going and seeing what me, my home and this blog is all about here are some room reveals- 
Home tour
Hallway transformation
Organization station reveal
Kitchen detailed tour
Master bedroom/office/craft room reveal
Bathroom redo
Shared boy bedroom
Girl bedroom reveal

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