25 Easy to make fall & Halloween crafts!

25 Easy to make fall & Halloween crafts!

Fall is officially here! I am putting the finishing touches on my fall decor this week and will be revealing all of it’s warm tones and nature themed glory. But, to tide you over I am sharing my favorite 25 Easy to make fall & Halloween crafts!

Over the years I have shared simple ways to transition your home for fall. Low cost ideas, and even the easy ways I spook-ify my home for Halloween. My life, like everyone else is jam packed, my days are tightly scheduled. Which means my love of decorating has to happen in a timely fashion.

Nature and simple fall decoration ideas

The easiest way to get around this is to not decorate. Ha, kidding… this is a home decor blog. Obviously I am decorating for each season, it is my ‘thang. How do I juggle decorating and life is I use a lot of things in my home that can be transitioned into different seasons. You can read all about that here.

fall fireplace mantel

Here is another example I am able to use items to transition through the seasons. Decorating for fall can feel like decorating whiplash, you have general fall, then Halloween and finally Thanksgiving if you are American. Lots of changes.

I purchased some big and simple white frames from Ikea then found leaf art from an Etsy store. Boom, simple, classic and gorgeous fall mantle. I fell in love with the simplicity of this all white look last year. I felt it balanced out perfectly with my dark blue shiplap. I am going for a similar look this year too.

Here is how I transitioned the same space for Halloween. A cute Halloween banner and some paper bats did the job! By changing out a few smaller items it went from a peaceful fall look to a spooky and fun fall fireplace mantel. Decorating for fall never has to be difficult or expensive. Fall & Halloween crafts is an easy way to help with that.

Fall themed tablescape, simple ideas with stunning results!

Another problem many people run into is the cost. Let’s be real, no matter how much you want to turn your home into the coziest fall retreat you ever did see budget constraints can prevent that from happening.

I balance out this problem by making most of my fall decor. Easy to make fall & Halloween crafts is the way I keep my cost down and my fall/Halloween feel to my home high. Doing this allows me to create a few new decor pieces each year, sprinkling in just a little more of the season.

simple pumpkin craft ideas

This also allows me to splurge on things I am not able to DIY myself, like a cozy throw on the sofa or even new pillows in the living room. Don’t forget those mums for the fall front porch either, those are a fall staple!

Fall front porch, rustic and bold

So, I wish I was sharing my fall home tour with you guys today. I need a little more time to get it rolling. I have been working a lot on the kitchen remodel the past few weeks and any actual home decorating has been taken over by sanding, priming, painting and tiling. What?! Did I just say my kitchen is painted and tiled?! Yep, progress has been made for sure!

Fall living room, decorating with blue and DIY ideas

Anyways, I did ignore my kitchen renovation calling to me long enough to break out the fall decor, I just need a little more time to perfect it all before I can share it here. But, if you are ready to go in transforming your home for the coziest, weather weather wearing season of them all these 25 Easy to make fall & Halloween crafts is just what you need to get going!

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  1. I love these ideas. I’ll have to make some of them for sure. I love fall and Halloween decor and have a bunch of it around the house.

  2. You shared some great ideas. I really like those leaf jack-o-lanterns!

  3. These are super easy and gorgeous fall Halloween crafts to enjoy as decor around our home this season. It’s my favorite time of year, so these excite me and I hope I can do some soon.

  4. OMG! How beautiful are all these! I am in love with that beautiful Fall table! It looks amazing!

  5. I am literally speechless to how great these ideas are. Not the typical super scary Halloween concept. I love them all!

  6. Mama Maggie's Kitchen says:

    Wow! These Fall and Halloween are soooo amazing! I am sure I will be needing this in our home!

  7. You are so creative. I am still reeling in joy from the bathroom tile project. You give me courage to try new decorating ideas with confidence. Can’t decide which of these crafts I’m gonna try first but there were definitely a couple that caught my eye.

  8. I love these ideas. The cutout pumpkins and really love the leaf picture. Your home is just beautiful for the season.

  9. These are all so pretty! I love how Fall and Halloween decor leans so heavily on elements from nature. I want my whole home to be filled with pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon, and other rustic elements.

  10. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers says:

    I love these ideas and can’t’ wait to find some Halloween/fall decor to put in my house. I’ve been slowly buying new home decor as I’m trying to make my new house my own. The white pumpkins are beautiful.

  11. Your mantle looks absolutely stunning! I really need to step up my mantle game this year. I have a few decorations out but I need to create a more unified look!

  12. These are really easy Halloween decoration and beautiful too. I would like to set up some for my Halloween party too.

  13. You shared some fun ideas!! I’m ready to step my game up this year on Fall decorations!

  14. You have so much great decor in your home. These are all wonderful ideas and fun ways to decorate. I love fall and this is my kind of home decor!

  15. Fall is my FAVORITE season for decorating! I LOVE the tablescapes!

  16. These are all fun Fall themed decor ideas! I love those framed white prints on top of the mantel I may have to make those for our mantel.

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