Easy spring craft

Easy spring craft

We are back from our Spring break vacation and it was wonderful, warm temperatures, sunny days and sand between my toes! Now that my kids are back in school I am looking to spring-ify my home. I am a little behind with my decorating this year because of the kitchen remodel, but this easy spring craft is the perfect spring decor addition!

simepl vase revamp with title

I adore spring (because it means winter, cold, snow, and more cold is gone). I decorate in tons of bright colors year round so Spring is kind of a big deal to me. I automatically think of flowers and how I display them around here in my collection of glass vases. I have glass, clear, colored, hurricane, big, small… I buy all of mine secondhand in thrift stores or rummage sales. None of them all match, but they work. Living in Wisconsin means that we are getting close to spring temperatures around here, but we are not quite there yet. I have no fresh blooms to display flowers in, so I go the faux and pretty route.

before vase redo

To round out the rest of the supplies for this easy spring craft I am using wrapping paper purchased on clearance, cork ribbon, and a bunch of silk flowers. All you need for this, other than the supplies is tape and wire cutters or heavy duty scissors to cut down any flowers. Other than that you are good! These vases I am upcycling can also be used to show off real blooms as well.

spring craft ideas

I set each flower in a vase to figure out placement. I kept in mind height and color when deciding what went where. For example I did not want two tall vases with the same grass, or all tall with greenery. I wanted the perfectly imperfect look for this to work.

matching wrapping paper

Going along with planning things out for this easy spring craft I also wanted to be aware of what paper would go where. I had 6 vases and 3 different wrapping papers, so obviously 2 vases per paper. Making sure similar sized vases got different paper.

cutting fake grass

Once I was sure of the placement of paper to vase I cut down any silk flower stems that were too long. This feels weird to do, it all comes down to “ruining” something that is freshly purchased. Not the old, worn down secondhand purchases I upcycle. These are shiny and new silk flowers. But, to make them work for me I cut some of the stems down using clippers.

shortwer grass

Now the grass sits at perfect height to the vase. It reminds me of one of those Chia pets. If you don’t remember those, you will for sure remember the song from the infomercials “cha, cha, cha, Chia!” If you still don’t remember you are too young to be reading this and should be in school! I can’t be held responsible for the delinquency of a minor.

measuring paper out

The next step to Spring-ify these vases for the easy spring craft is to add the fun paper. I set the vase down, rolled the paper around it and marked where I needed to cut.

taping paper

Once cut, set the flat side all the way to the bottom of the vase and tape it. You can use glue also, but because I have commitment issues to all things home decor and cannot have this vase and wrapping paper stay in holy matrimony until death do they part (or one of my kids breaks it) I need to have options. Using tape allows me to enjoy it this season, but gives me a good exit strategy if something hot and young comes along.  I was ready to marry at 21, have kids by 22, but gluing this paper to the vase and making it permanent is too much for me.

folding paper over

Fold the extra paper over the top and into the glass. This gives it a nice finish and also helps the paper to not get ripped.

paper vase

I am loving this glass vase and wrapping paper spring craft so much!

glass vase redo

I am not sure if you noticed but I have two vases that are not like the rest of the clear glass hurricanes. “One of these things is not like the other”. Which is fine, using the wrapping paper for this actually helps. I am able to camouflage all of the vases to have the appearance of them being the same.

wrapping paper on vase

Cut like normal, but be sure to keep the cut edges straight for this one. There is no folding of the wrapping paper into the vase.

making vase match

Tape it to the vase and leave the top as is. If someone smushes their hands onto the top of this vase they would be able to tell it has a faux top. You would also be able to tell they are home decorating jerks who smush tops of vases, no one needs that kind of negativity in their life. If you have no top-of-vase-smushers in your life than your secret of not all matching vases will go unnoticed.

vases almost done

Here is the easy spring craft in all it’s glory. I wanted to add a little bit more to the vases before I called them done.

cork ribbon

I purchased this cork tape from a craft store. So cute and easy to use, peel and stick.

adding cork detail

I set it on various spots on each vase. I had a polka dotted one and a chevron patterned one.

vase project

Now I can call these glass vase and wrapping paper craft done! I love the staggered height and varying colors. It screams Spring to me in the best way!

silk flowers

glass hurricane redo

I think they work clustered like this. You can set them in the center of a table setting for a beautiful Spring tablescape. They also work to be sprinkled throughout my home in various places. Two on the fireplace mantel, one on a side table… the possibilities for this easy spring craft are pretty much endless.

red flowers

vase redo

Oh, these colors are stunning! Who knew clearance wrapping paper could feel so fancy?!

paper home decor craft

These silk tulips are so dreamy. I will be sharing my Spring home tour next week, be sure to look out for that. I have to get creative with how I photograph it this year because of the kitchen renovations happening but I will do my best to show my home’s best sides. The spring home tour will be kitchen-free unfortunately.

spring craft

DIY spring craft with title'

Along with my Spring home tour coming up next week I just finished up the bathroom remodel! Remember that project? I am taking all of the pictures of it this week! I will be checking in later this week with a quick update on the kitchen renovations, sharing a few new plans about it and what I have been up to this month since I took a little unexpected blogging break. I am here and sooooo ready for spring! This easy spring craft is just what I need to brighten up my home and get it ready for spring and then summer!




  1. It’s so great that you’re upcycling to reduce waste. These crafts look great as home decors.

  2. This is a great recycle DIY idea for old vases and using up extra paper we might have around the house. Can be changed out for different holidays as well.

  3. What a simple idea. At least everything look more classy and it does not cost a lot to do it. I am definitely going to try this.

  4. Well aren’t those just festive and creative!! Love the colors 🙂

  5. Your spring plant and flower display was amazing before you decorated the vases. After the decoration it is a real work of art and great for the season.

  6. This is such a clever spring craft idea. Looking forward to doing this from my home.

  7. Oh now this is such a cute craft to do. I love how you have turned them into beautiful flower vases and that it is so simple. Perfect for daffs!

  8. How pretty! I just love how these came out. My daughter would love to do something like this. She’s all about crafting.

  9. Jacqui Odell says:

    I love this idea! I think this would be great for my desk or my night stand. It’s cute and easy plus it would brighten up my room.

  10. I love to update our home for each season and holiday. This is a great idea for a nominal cost to bring Spring into the house. ?

  11. This is so creative and still simple enough that even I could do it! I love fresh flowers in the house but I do get tired of my same boring vases. Thanks for the idea!

  12. This is absolutely brilliant! What an absolutely fun way to add some color to your home decor.

  13. I seriously thought those jars were washi tape! I was so surprised that it was gift paper!

  14. I love this project! Talk about upcycling and making things fresh, these are too cute!!

  15. We are actually headed to the craft store this morning. I definitely want to pick up everything I need to make these!

  16. These are really beautiful you made stylish with simple craft items. I am going to give it a try.

  17. This is such a great spring craft idea! Love it! Looking forward to trying to do it to spruce up my decor!

  18. Oh my gosh! Such a cute idea to transition your house from winter to spring!

  19. Very crafty and clever of you! Living in Florida, foliage is always present, but so is Babushka’s green thumb. Gracias for the easy alternatives.

  20. Ohhh I’d love to do this too! i love how vibrant the colors are. Indeed perfect for my succulents.

  21. What bright and vibrant colors. Really love the look of Spring that the simple change to vases can bring. Very crafty and easy to do. Thanks for the idea to this at home 🙂

  22. Richa Khandelwal says:

    Wow!! These look so so beautiful. Such a simple way to add a unique beauty and colour to your home decor. Really creative and sure to catch everyone’s attention. Thanks for sharing such a creative and beautiful idea.

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