20 beautiful kitchen renovations!

20 beautiful kitchen renovations!

I wish I was able to jump in today and share some crazy progress with my kitchen renovation, but we are still in the nitty-gritty mess of a kitchen project. So today I am sharing 20 beautiful kitchen renovations!

20 beautiful kitchen renovations from your favorite home decor and DIY bloggers

For anyone that missed my update last week, you can find that here. As of now we have extremely fancy plywood counter tops, I know… this is inspiration central at the moment. But, one big win for me is that we do have a fully functional sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher again! Guys, this is no small fete and I am ecstatic to have this all back in working order.

There was a lot of electrical things that needed to be moved around, rerouted and so much more. This took a lot longer than expected so it pushed everything back a little. We do have the counter tops here and they are ready to go in once we repair all of the drywall in the kitchen. Lots of mudding, cutting and sanding are happening this week in the kitchen.

I am fine tuning my design plans, finally committing to a back splash and island design. Since this is our one big kitchen renovation I have struggled with wanting to make this feel fresh and modern without going too trendy in any direction. I do not want to date this kitchen that will make it feel old within a few years. So there is still some thinking (and overthinking) on my part before the entire design plan is decided on. What is a kitchen renovation without a little second guessing last minute?

This blog has always been about the journey in decorating my home, I try to keep the inspiration high. Since I have nothing fancy and pretty to share I am sharing other kitchens that have been transformed!

DIY kitchen ideas

These kitchens were all redone by some of my absolute favorite home decor bloggers. There is light and bright, farm house, chic, fancy, DIY, rustic, coastal and so much more to oohhh and ahhhh over!

Seeing these beauties is making me antsy to get my kitchen renovation further along. I desperately want to get to the pretty after part of this renovation, but there is still unfortunately so much to do before I get to sit back and relax in my new kitchen. Let me tell you though, we have already had friends over for dinner a few times, which means we have amazing friends that are willing to deal with dust everywhere, no drywall on the walls and plywood counter tops. Anyways, we cooked for 6 adults total and 7 kids in the new kitchen layout. No we do not have counter tops, walls, paint, tile or even the microwave in the right spot. But the layout and flow of the kitchen is ah-mazing! All 6 adults worked in the kitchen doing various food prep and we all fit in here! This is what I dreamed about when coming up with the kitchen plans, the finishes are nice. However, a kitchen filled with good friends, yummy food, great conversations and tons of laughs is the real dream.

For now we all can just drool over these 20 beautiful kitchen renovations! Later on this week I will be sharing the big to-do list for this kitchen renovation. We are doing most of the work ourselves so the list seems daunting and terrifying all at the same time. Dale and I are in the thick of things right now and are honestly enjoying this process so much. There is such pride in looking at where the kitchen was just a few weeks ago to now, busted drywall and all.







  1. I’m loving it and looking forward to seeing your completed kitchen. In my experience, renovations always take longer and cost more than I initially estimated.

  2. I love kitchen renovations. This is one of the projects that we would like to work on for our home.

  3. We just redid our kitchen and it has made a world of difference in how I feel about cooking AND cleaning the kitchen! Good luck.

  4. All of those kitchen renos look great! I think white is a really good choice for a kitchen.

  5. We remodeled our kitchen last summer and we are very happy with the way it turned out. These are very pretty kitchens.

  6. My husband completed our kitchen renovation at the end of last year. He installed new cabinets, a gas stove, new flooring and double ovens. We someone else install our countertops. It turned out beautifully. He has a vision I could not see and I ending up loving it

  7. I love these ideas. I really want to renovate our kitchen. It’s dark and old. If I win the lottery, I so will!

  8. Great examples! We remodeled our kitchen two years ago and it truly transformed our entire home. I love the modern, personalized look we achieved but still have yet to decide on a back splash.

  9. I’m such a fan of a beautiful kitchen. I can’t wait to buy our home and make it the perfect space for us!

  10. I have been thinking about renovating our kitchen but I don’t know what to do. These are all so inspirational.

  11. I love your kitchen layout! That looks so good. I would love to redo ours. Our cabinets are peeling and need to be redone.

  12. I love having a window over my sink. In a previous house, our kitchen sink wasn’t under a window and it drove me crazy. We weren’t up to a full renovation in that house, otherwise, we would have changed it. I enjoy seeing beautiful kitchens. Yours is going to be wonderful!

  13. These are beautiful and inspirational ideas. Takes me back to when I had my kitchen remodeled. Lot’s of work and especially patience because the kitchen is such a central room in the house. Can’t wait to see the end product.

  14. These kitchen renovations are really amazing! Thanks for all these great tips that I am sure I’ll use!

  15. We are in the midst of renovating our kitchen. It takes a lot of work but it is so worth it. These are great renovations!

  16. I could look at kitchen remodels all day long! lol I also am in love with white kitchens and actually have a Pinterest board filled with them. Your renovations are coming along great!

  17. We bought a new home and I love some of the things in the kitchen and hate others. I would love to have a partial renovation.

  18. Ohh I super love this. How I wish I already own a house. This kitchen ideas is so nice. Will definitely bookmark this!

  19. These are really nice kitchen models. I have a new house so there is not renovations for at least another 10 years.

  20. Kitchen reno is one of my long term project. We bought an old house so the kitchen screams for a major upgrade.

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