DIY wood Christmas tree craft

DIY wood Christmas tree craft

How is the season treating everyone so far? We are in the middle of December already, the month is flying by! I am sharing a quick and easy DIY decor idea, these DIY wood Christmas tree craft are so easy to make! I was able to put these together in about 30 minutes, not counting the time it takes for the wood stain to dry. But while that was happening I managed to wrap a few Christmas gifts. It is all about multi tasking this time of year.

Easy to make wood Christmas tree decor

Because of my obsession with all things DIY I have a lot of spare pieces of building supplies, crafts, furniture, etc… I have enough left over supplies from projects to open my own hardware store. I had these skinny and long wooden pieces left over from a prior project. I knew the vague size I wanted these DIY wood Christmas tree craft, and cut them to the estimated height. Another thing to learn about me, I ramble and I am far from a home decor pro. I am simply a lady… staring at a power tool… who is completely in love. I do things randomly and change my plan a lot when working on things. If home decorating cannot be fun, there is no point in it.

making wood triangle frame

Here is my pieces of wood roughly cut down to size. I did not commit to a specific size because making the triangle shape would cut anything down more with the angled cuts.

making top of wood triangle frame

To make the top portion of the triangle even and around the width I wanted, the cut turned out to be about a 60 degree angle. I used a table saw to make these cuts. I am being vague on the measurements and angles of this because each space and home is different. I do not want anyone to get hung up on making this because the measurements do not work for them.

making wood triangle

With the top at a perfect point the two bottom corners needed to match up as well.

cutting triangle corner

Marking where the cut needed to be for each piece. I should note that nothing is connected. The top piece is simply sitting together right now so I can measure properly.

wood cut at angle

It did take a little back and forth to get both edges cut right. I always say, cut a little less and you can always cut back more later. Which I had to do because the angles of these were not any real measurement. It was worth the work, because I created a perfect triangle shape.

diy wood frame

christmas craft ideas

I put in small nails into the corners connecting them. I also made a stand for these that they were nailed into, this will help them stay upright. The overall look and style of these DIY wood Christmas trees is a simplistic and modern feel. Nothing fancy, and super simple. I love the geometric feel to them!

staining wood frame

These wood triangle frames are supposed to resemble Christmas tree’s. I am taking some creative liberties when it comes to these “trees”. With the abstract version of Christmas tree I knew I needed to warm them up. You cannot get more warm then a deep and beautiful dark walnut stain.

how to stain wood scraps

Be sure to wear gloves, this wood stain will stain anything and everything it touches. I only did one coat of this because I like to see the natural wood grains come out of the wood stain.

DIY christmas tree frame

Boom! I set these beauties up on my front porch and dressed them up with other Christmas decor.


I will be sharing my Christmas front porch later this week on the blog. Be sure to come and check back for that! If you missed my Christmas home tour you can see that here. My home is filled with DIY ideas, crafts, low cost decor, colorful and whimsical touches. This DIY wood Christmas tree craft fit right in with my holiday decorating theme.

The options for this are endless. You can string lights on them, hang ornaments from them, add holiday paper to the back for a bold look. Or keep them simple and sweet like I did. My front porch is pretty cluttered with holiday decor so I am absolutely loving the clean lines of these so much.

With only using small nails these are not the most sturdy decor items. So if you are setting them outside as well make sure they are put in a place that will not get a lot of strong winds. I have had them on my front porch and they are holding up fine even with a few times of being knocked over, but constant falling over might break them. You can use bigger wood pieces, larger nails or wood glue would also make them a little sturdier.

This is the perfect example of my decor style, it has a little rustic appeal, modern with it’s geometric look and is DIY! Decorating for each season can be expensive and time consuming, so little projects like this DIY wood Christmas tree craft is the perfect little decor addition for the holidays. I adore this time of year. but the month is filling up fast with get-together, parties, traditions, gift wrapping and other plans. So carving out time to craft and DIY is difficult. Quick and easy Christmas crafts like this fit in perfectly for the holiday season!




  1. Well it it doesn’t get any easier than this. I would have never thought to make something like this.

  2. I am in love with those wooden trees. I love rustic decorations as it is anyways, but those are extra cute.

  3. I love how these turned out! So pretty. I need to make some for sure to set outside the front door.

  4. That was easy and I’m not even a crafter. I would love this for my outside or even my fireplace. This is a great idea for me to do next year. Pinning this

  5. I absolutely love how simple this is. It is easy and it looks really good. It would fit right in with everything else that I have for Christmas this year.

  6. Your porch is so festive! The DIY wood Christmas trees are beautiful and I love that they can be made in about 30 minutes.

  7. Simple but leaves a great impact! I think I would love these sprayed gold and silver!

  8. I love these simple trees. The simple, modern lines are perfect. They would look great in my home !

  9. I love these! The simplicity is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I can convince my hubby to make us some!

  10. I love this idea. It is so simple and easy to put together. I would want to add more pine branches to fill it in to get that pine smell.

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  12. This turned out super cute. I like the rustic chic vibe that it adds to your porch.

  13. What a great idea! So simple, but looks so chic too. I love the final product and the finish that you used. So easy to store, too.

  14. Ohh, still not too late to try this out. I haven’t setup a decoration yet and I a, glad I dropped by here. I have some woods that can turn out to this Christmas decoration.

  15. What beautiful pieces you created, I love this! I like it that it is also easy to make and that it’s on a budget.

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  20. I love this DIY Christmas Craft!! it looks so simple and so cute!!

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