Christmas front porch

Christmas front porch

We have one week until Christmas, this is not a drill! How are you doing with Holiday prep? Is your gift shopping done? Oh guys, this holiday season has been so hectic for my family. We have loved all of the family and friend time. I have packed in the days with Christmas traditions, but I am tired! My Christmas front porch I am sharing today is all about simple and quick holiday decorating.

Christmas front porch. DIY, holiday craft and easy to make decor ideas

I live in Wisconsin and we had a big snowstorm a few weeks ago. Now unfortunately all of that lovely snow is melted away. It is not looking good for a white Christmas for us. In fact, my husband Dale is not expecting anymore snow this winter season for us because he just got a new snowblower. So he assumes that is how the universe works and his snowblower purchase will have bee for nothing. We will see how the rest of the winter plays out, but for now all of my front porch pictures are snow free unfortunately.


I will be sharing all of the DIY crafts and decor I have made that are featured on my Christmas front porch. Look for those links in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

My kids ask our Google Home every morning how many more days there is until Christmas. Then when they come home from school they ask again, and again before bed. To say they are counting down is a big time understatement, these kids are excited!


I keep most of my front porch decor the same year-round. No that does not mean I am rocking Christmas ornaments and wooden Christmas trees in summer. I sprinkle in the specific holiday or season decor but keep the staples the same all year long.

These two chairs, the small table, the rug, and the wooden lanterns stay here year-round. I layered in the cozy holiday cheer for my Christmas front porch. This helps me keep the decorating process quick and pain free. I was able to swap out the fall decor in a short time for all of the Christmas decor.

My front porch is not really open to the outside in the typical sense, so I do not worry too much about outdoor specific items. The porch is nestled into a corner and is protected from the elements. Which means I can cozy this up a whole bunch and enjoy the bright red decorations!


These green trees I made with tomato cages and garland! Yep, took me about 5 minutes to make these and I have used them year after year. They have held up perfectly, the tutorial for these is at the bottom of this blog post.




We upgraded pour garland for the columns this year. I added a garland with the lights in them. In the years past there is separate garland and lights, which takes a long time. We may be without snow here right now, but it is very cold here so decorating outside for Christmas has to be done quickly. I mean, I like to be able to feel my fingers. Just a weird preference I have.

I adore this time of year! The decor is so bright and colorful! I also love the coziness of the season, we have a lot of family time, tons of parties to go to, spending time with people we love. I feel like the decor should be low maintenance, so you can focus on what is important. Having decorating be a stressful thing on your to-do list should never happen. Which is why I keep a lot of decor that can be transitioned easily for each season, it saves me time and money.

We have had a few get-togethers this season and I adore our home filled with noise, fun, laughter and holiday cheer. Having my front porch decorated is a must, this is the warm welcome I want our guests to have when they come to our home. I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Christmas front porch tour! It is super low maintenance and full of cozy decor, which feels perfectly holiday themed. Now my home is ready for all that this week will throw at us, I just need to up my gift wrapping game, I have a lot to gift wrap still. Wish me luck!





  1. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Seriously, that is the best Christmas front porch I have seen in the longest time. It looks so festive but not overly done. I can feel the warm welcome just by looking at the photos.

  2. Well that is super cute! I love these things together on a porch. That lantern with ornaments is my favorite, I need to do this right away.

  3. These are beautiful! I do a minimal amount of Christmas decorating, but seeing this sure makes me want to do more!

  4. Your porch looks absolutely stunning! I love the simple touch of the blanket. It makes everything look so homey.

  5. Your front porch looks so comfy cozy. I just want to sit there all wrapped up in a throw and watch the snow gently fall. So inviting!

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