Fresh, fluffed and clean – A home decor lovers constant battle solved!

Fresh, fluffed and clean – A home decor lovers constant battle solved!

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Today I am talking about something a little different from my typical home decor theme, I am getting real about my home. Sharing what it takes to keep my home fresh, fluffed and clean – A home decor lovers constant battle solved!
I fill the internet with pretty after pictures of my home and ideas, but there is a secret side to my home that I do not share. It takes a lot of work to make my home fresh, fluffed and clean. Aside from tips to stay organized, the best way to keep a home decorated and stylish is by staying on top of the dirt and mess. I do this with Persil® ProClean® Laundry Detergent from Target! It is great for everyday laundry and to help fight tough stains.

family room fall decor
You are all here because you also love decorating, which means you understand a home decor lovers constant battle. First and foremost this is our home, the place my kids live and grow. We have muddy feet running in the house, art projects all the time, movie nights with buttery popcorn, two dogs that love to cuddle on the sofa… so much dirt and stains happen daily in my house. I need my home to look nice in pictures, I need it to show off the decor and style that I put together. I also need to know my kids cuddling on the pillows on the sofa means it is as clean as possible, needing it fresh, fluffed and clean.

My home has been described as casual, relaxed, comfortable and homey. Most of that comes from making my home be decorated but also prioritizing comfort. Having an ease for people to feel like they can sit back, kick up their feet and relax. This means lots of fabric with throw pillows, blankets, cushions, and poufs. This is where the mess and dirt come into play with my home.


So when I know I have a big mess, stains or a photo shoot in my home, I need to use what I can rely on to get the job done.

A quick trip to Target to pick up Persil® ProClean® Laundry Detergent and Persil® ProClean® Power-Caps® gets me ready to tackle the dirt and stains.

I mean, I have A LOT of throw pillows, so tons of different fabric in my home. I put a lot of time and effort into how my home looks, so having laundry detergent that I can see, smell, and feel is important! When washing these items I am guaranteed stain fighting, whitening, brightening, anti-graying, clean rinsing, long-lasting freshness, odor fighting, cold water cleaning, clean fresh scent, and fiber care from Persil laundry detergent.

I am not even joking, this is only a portion of what I have to wash in my home. These are the throw pillows I currently have in my family room and living room. This does not even scrape the surface of fabric and laundry I have to do to stay on top of my home. There is sofa cushions, sheets, duvet covers, floor pillows, fabric napkins, table runners and more.

Both sofas in my home, the living room and family room, are 100% slipcovered. This is what allows me to have a white sofa with three kids and two dogs! My house is not magical, it is not stained resistant or mess free. I love the look of a clean and pristine white sofa and do the work to keep it that way. Persil laundry detergent is formulated with Pro10 Technology to help remove tough stains for an exceptional clean. Seriously, this is THE ONLY way I can keep light colored sofas. We live in our home and I need products that allows me to do just that without compromising on my need for a fully decorated home as well.

This is also the laundry situation I have with my family. Seriously, this is not set up in any way, this is what laundry looks like after 5 days of vacation with my family…Mt. Saint-family-of-5-laundry. I need a laundry detergent that is great for everyday laundry and to help fight tough stains too. Persil laundry detergent stain fighting enzymes break down stains to deliver an exceptionally premium clean!

I try and do one load of laundry a day so I do not have the previously mentioned Mt. Saint-family-of-5-laundry pile up. The home decor items in my home get washed about once a month unless things are really messy or there is a tough stain or spill I need to get out right away. Persil has some great laundry tips in case you have a laundry emergency.

For those really hectic days I have, the days I have so much laundry I cannot stay on top of, there is the ease of using the Persil Power-Caps. They are pre-measured, single-use to help make laundry less of a chore. Boom, mom mic-drop!

I do not think people consider how much doing laundry is a part of keeping my home looking the way it does.

DIY and simple ideas for a bold and colorful Spring tablescape, inspired by nature.
For every tablescape, there is a table runner & cloth napkins (we use cloth napkins every day in our home). I love the look of my home and adore setting up these tables when we have friends over even though I know it will give me more laundry to do and food stains to tackle.

Don’t get me wrong, it is worth all of the extra work. I will do laundry every day of my life because I love decorating my home. I adore the comfort and convenience of having throw pillows, floor pillows, poufs, and blankets all over my home to make people feel cozy.

All of this means it is opening me up for more dirt and stains in my home. I also want the guarantee that when we relax on the sofa after a long day, my sick child sleeping on sofa pillows and a blanket, or those nights our home is filled with friends (and inevitable dirt and stains) that I can get my home back to normal. It needs to be dirt free and ready for it’s close-up when I am sharing my home online.

So a run to Target to pick up my go-to Persil laundry detergent lets me relax. I know good memories are made when we have a house full of friends, laughter, games, and food. I can rest easy knowing everything will be back to normal when the dust settles in my home.

living room and dining room combo


Enjoying our home and making sure it is also ready for pictures to share on my blog can feel like two opposing sides. Figuring out how to keep it fresh, fluffed and clean – A home decor lovers constant battle has been solved with Persil laundry detergent!  I do not want to spend my time stressing on anything when we are enjoying life, making memories, or even when I am decorating. I want to know my effort to decorate and keep my home looking like this will not get in the way of actually living in our home. Having the right laundry detergent is the biggest way I tackle this with ease!




  1. Genius! Also those stumps are ADORABLE!

  2. I love it when everything is fresh and clean. I have been meaning to pick up some of their detergent, so I will add it to my shopping list now.

  3. Your home is always great looking. Will have to look for this detergent next time gonto target ?

  4. You have such a pretty home! I’ve always liked Persil. You’ve reminded me that I need to wash my pillows. It has been a while.

  5. Your home is beautiful and I have heard great things about Persil. It is important to have a detergent that helps keep everything clean and fresh.

  6. You have a lovely home and I’ve never tried Persil. I need to give it a try as I’m deep cleaning after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.

  7. You have a wonderful decor in your home. I have never tried Persil, but I am very interested. Cleaning everything top to bottom has been the plan lately, and I could use all the help I can get.

  8. Your house is so lovely! I have to admit I swear by Persil, it keeps everything feeling so clean and fresh!

  9. I haven’t tried Persil before, but, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on the brand. I may have to give it a try.

  10. I’ve used Persil before and I have to agree that it does a fantastic job. I will usually stick with Persil for now on.

  11. Your home is beautiful, I wonder, how do you keep it so clean with all the kiddos? ☺ My kids are slobs! It is a constant battle to pick up dirty clothes off the floor – all the dang time! Lanudry is ceaseless in my house! LOL

  12. Your fur baby is so adorable. I have to look into giving this product a try. I’ve heard so many amazing reviews about it.

  13. I haven’t tried this one yet but I’ve heard great things. I think I’m going to pick some up next week!

  14. What a coincidence, it’s my laundry day today. I have not tried this brand though, your post makes me want to give it a try.

  15. I pick up as I go, so cleaning is basically making sure the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors are sparkling. That’s easy for me, as there is only the two of us!

  16. I have heard really good things about Percil laundry detergent! I love a good laundry detergent, it makes me want to wash all of the things in my house!!

  17. I seriously love Persil. I snag it whenever it’s on sale at publix (with a coupon) as it costs a little more than some others we use. But Persil is my fave by far

  18. I’ve never heard of this brand, but loved your post and will check it out! Thank you for sharing it!

  19. Persil is one of the brands we use for our family’s laundry. It definitely refreshes the pups’ items. They are always at the dog park running around and they bring back the stench.

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