Easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests

Easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests

Today I am sharing Easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests! With the holidays just around the corner that means our schedules will be packed with tons of events, long to-do lists and a house filled with guests. I simplified what can feel chaotic and am sharing with you all today!

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When having guests stay with you for the holidays the first step most take is so clean like a mad person. My home is filled with kids and dogs. Which means it comes with a lot of dirt and dog hair… so much dog hair.

My life has changed since having this ECOVACS DEEBOT 900! It is the best robot vacuum, I wish I was exaggerating about my excitement for this because nothing says peak adult like getting excited over a vacuum, but here I am. The DEEBOT 900 vacuum does it for me, it is a robotic vacuum that cleans while I am doing other things. We have named ours Walle after the beloved movie and it has become a member of our family.

There is a home for it to go, once everything is clean DEEBOT goes home to recharge, ready to clean when needed.

It has a filter inside which is easy to change when needed. There is also little brushes attached to the bottom of the vacuum so it can whisk anything into the vacuum.

Clean with just a click of a button, anytime from anywhere, through the ECOVACS app (You can also schedule regular cleanings to occur at custom times. I have scheduled it to run at 9am, once the kids are in school. I have also been grocery shopping, I forgot to have it vacuum so I clicked into the app and made it start to clean while I was not home. Amazing!

This vacuum is also smart Home Compatible, The ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 syncs with Google Home and Amazon smart. I have not really shared it here but we are transitioning out home to be as smart as possible, my husband is obsessed with gadgets! We have a few Google Homes and all I have to say is “Hey Google, DEEBOT, start cleaning.” and our Walle gets to work cleaning the house. Seriously, it cleans while I do other things.

It maps out my house, which I can see on the app. The gray area is where it has gone, the white area seen above is portions the vacuum cannot get to, either it is cabinets, closets, or furniture.



This can clean over wood floors, carpet and rugs.

I can also customize it to clean one specific area. Like the time my kids were making an art project in the dining room and there was a ton of glitter on the floor. I set the ECOVACS DEEBOT to clean the dining room and it went to work right away cleaning it all up.

After it is done either cleaning the entire house or a spot that is set specifically for it to clean it sends itself back home. On the map within the app all of the white portion shows where the vacuum cleaned. A little fun story about this, we had a party recently at our home and this vacuum was the hit of the party! Everyone was asking Google Home to have it clean, they were oohing and ahhing over the app and ease of it all. As you can see, talking vacuums means we have wild parties, obviously. Just a bunch of parents envious of a vacuum. We had a houseful of kids and parents so it was the right crowd to talk this up. A few friends left with this on their Christmas wish list for sure.

Now we have a battle raging on, dog versus DEEBOT , the shed and it cleans. No amount of dust bunnies and dog hair piled in a corner will stop this. On a pet friendly side not, my dogs have always hated standard vacuums, they are too loud I guess and it stresses them out. Teddy and Finn always hide when we vacuum. Not now, this DEEBOT is so quiet they nap away, only getting angry when it gently nudges them to move.

The best art about this? I can continue on with my busy life, Mommying is not easy but with the ECOVACS DEEBOT I am able to continue with the thousands of questions, problems, messes, love, giggles and to-do lists that is being a parent all while my house is being vacuumed! Making my home ready for guests without lifting a finger. Oh, I had to share that The ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 is available online at multiple retailers that can be found here, and also in store at a Target near you. The week of Cyber Monday the vacuum will be $100 off at participating retailers!!! Get on that deal!

The next Easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests is all about comfort. Our home is three bedrooms which are filled with my kids, husband and I. We do have a basement but it is not finished. There is not designated guest space in our home. When we have overnight guests Dale and I give up our bedroom for them. Then him and I sleep in my boy’s bunk beds, Dale usually gets the top bunk. Our kids have a sleepover in their sister’s room with sleeping bags. It takes a lot of maneuvering but we make it work.

I want to keep my gusts feeling comfortable, so giving them new sheets is a must. I also spruce things up even more by having a specific guest duvet cover. This way once they leave I am able to wash it and have the entire set ready and waiting for another guest. I am in love with these Brooklinen sheets!

They are so soft and luxurious!  The mix-and match Luxe Hardcore Bundle includes a Core Sheet Set, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 extra Pillowcases in a smooth 480 thread-count weave. Hardcore Bundle allows you to pull in a color wave for the sheets and another color for the duvet. All colors and styles go well together, it gives you enough freedom to style your bedroom your way and not limited to one color option. I went with a clean and crisp white that way the color scheme would blend with the rest of the decor in our bedroom, but if I had a designated guest bedroom I would punch it up with some beautiful Brooklinen bedding with colors.


The best part about this bedding (other than the softness of them) is that you don’t have to go to a store, this ships directly to you! Other similar luxury bedding can cost up to $895, so it is saving time and money to put these on your bed.

When guests stay at my home I want them to feel comfortable, like they are welcomed and wanted here. With them using our bedroom there can be a hesitancy that they are putting us out. So I pack in the comfort, letting them know we are happy to have them here. New sheets and a duvet cover go a long way in making them feel assured and welcome. Also, singing the praises of sleeping in a bunk bed goes a long way too. My boys have their own lights in their bed!

Although, Teddy could not stay away from the sheets when I was taking these pictures, so a little dog hair and smell never hurt anyone. He smells like cuddles, happiness and rainbows… just ask him.

Also, because I want to make sure you are getting the best deal on this Brooklinen bedding I am sharing a secret deal with you! Use ourhouse20 to receive $20 off any order of $50 or more – valid through 12/31/18, click here to order.

There is nothing better to make a home ready for guests then soft, silky and new sheets on a bed. Or puppy cuddles, that will win them over too!

Since I am sharing my easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests we need to talk smells. I have three kids, two dogs and two guinea pigs in my home. I do not think my home smells, but there is always that chance we have become used to how our home smells. Which is why the Heritage Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle is the perfect addition to my bedroom for guests.

I have the Beach Bonfire Small Jar Candle and love the scent! The scent is described as sunset on the beach brings in a cold air, fir needle and cracked peppercorn rise with the wood smoke of an evening bonfires, notes of worn leather and woodland musk dance under the stars. I would describe it as calming, relaxing, not overkill with the scent and just enough to make he person relaxing take a deep breath and relax even more. It also includes essential oils of: Eucalyptus, cedarwood, fir needle, patchouli, and vetiver.

Most overnight guests get to our home after a day of traveling either by car or plane. So they are tired, achy and need a good rest when they get here. They can sink into luxury sheets and have this beautiful aroma surrounding them. I know this is the best way to ease them into our home and letting them know we are happy to have them here.

The biggest problem I will have is not lighting this all of the time and using the candle before our guests arrive. The struggle is real folks!

In my quest to make our home ready for guests Dale got a little tech savvy on us. He is really geeked out and excited with these Sengled Element Color Plus 2pk kit. These are Smart light bulbs that can be used with a phone app.

The kit comes with the Hub, it was easily hooked up to our router in the living room. These lights are in our bedroom and they are easily accessed with the phone app.


They are Smart light bulbs and color LED bulb. Yes, these have a wide range of colors, brightness and tone that can be changed. I love this for guests, everyone has slightly different light preferences. Some like warm colors, others like the white lights. Some people need a little light to sleep and others need it dark. Our guests can easily control what they want, making the room light up perfectly for them.

Or, maybe it has been a long day and they just want to relax quietly watching a movie by themselves. I know Grandparents love kid time, but it can mean an exhausting day. They can hibernate in here watching a move and adjust the lights to a bluish hue (or whatever color that soothes you!) to support the visuals for the movie.

Not only does this impress guests, cause an even better experience for them to customize a room to their preference. These Sengled Element Color Plus 2pk kit can be practical too. If you’re on vacation, schedule your lights to turn on and off anywhere between 6pm-11pm to mimic the look of being at home to ward off intruders.

Not just to play around with, although seeing all of the color options is fun! Our bedroom faces the front of the house, the window is right by our front walkway. For Halloween we had these dark red, adding just a little hint of creepy to the window that lit up the front yard.

These LED lights have the best daytime option I have seen. They light up a room beautifully!

The other tech savvy product is the Element Color Plus from Sengled

This amazing light is not just an LED bulb, one that changes colors, but also a speaker!

Solo Color Plus is here to help you experience a unique way of entertainment. With just a few taps on the Sengled Pulse app, you can amplify your vibes by choosing how the light changes with the beat of the music. Just connect your phone through Bluetooth, and Solo will play your favorite music or podcast.

I was rocking out to Ed Sheeran while taking these pictures. The light actually changes to the beat of the song.

This feature works perfect for guests. My cousin, her wife and baby will be staying with us around Christmas. With this Element Color Plus light we can dim the lights and also play quiet music or white noise for the baby. This way when the baby is napping and the rest of the house is alive with the excitement of the holidays the baby can sleep peacefully with a little music to calm her.

Or have a big, epic dance party! We listened to some tunes with a big base and let the kids have at it. Dancing along to the light show in our room. The only problem with this is now my kids always want to hang out in our bedroom where the party is at. My daughter has added these lights to her Christmas list. For any Black Friday shoppers you can get 30% off Sengled Element products on Amazon or a great cyber Monday deal of 35% off for 24 hrs for select Element products
or an Echo Dot v2/v3, and Echo v2 bundle with Element Classic 2 pack kit.

Moving on from the dance party and back to practical, using this Smooth Top Easy Liner, Shelf Liner helps me keep my home clean and maintenance free when we do have guests.

I measured and cut this to go in the nightstand drawers. Clearing it all out so our guests have a place to put their items. This is easy to cut, install, replace and re-position without hassle. The liner is Non-adhesive and features a smooth surface for easy sliding and cleaning, and a non-slip grip bottom.

To make our guests feel comfortable I added a book as well as a flashlight just in case we get a big winter storm and the power goes out. This shelf liner is perfect for gusts. They can add products, makeup, perfume or anything in the drawer for safe keeping. If there is a leak or spill the mess is easy to clean up, the liner is machine washable. With the smooth surface it catches messes and spills as they happen, making clean-up a breeze. This can be used in pantries, kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers, under the sink, bathroom and medicine cabinets, linen closets, desk and dresser drawers, and more.

For more information and additional organization tips, go to here. It is the little things like this that make a guest feel completely welcome into our home!

Speaking of making a home ready for guests  during the holidays we need to add a little holiday cheer! I will be revealing my entire Christmas home tour soon on the blog, be sure to come back and check that out. I added just a hint of holiday fun with this 25″ Iced Mini Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Galvanized Bucket by Northlight from Christmas Central.

This mini green Christmas tree is loved by designers, this tree is universally appealing. It has a high tip count (125) and realistic branches. It looks like it was freshly cut for a country cottage. I adore the simplicity of this mini pine artificial christmas tree. Holiday decor can get crowded and the subtle white frost on these branches make it feel magical.

A fun new tradition I am going to start is each guest will be asked to make an ornament, then we can deck this tree out with the simple ornaments they make. It can be as easy as a picture of them cut into the shape of an ornament, or their name in sparkle letters on paper.

My kids love making simple Christmas ornaments and having a new tradition of our guests putting their personal touch to the small tree is really special! Each year we can add a few more new ones to the tree.

I am so excited to show off this Iced Mini pine artificial Christmas tree with the rest of my holiday decorations!


Whew, that was a lot of tips and products! I know this was a long post to get through but I really wanted to highlight some new products and explain exactly why I like them so much.

I am so excited for the Holiday season! We are fortunate enough to have many friends and extended family that we fill our days with during this time. There is a lot going on, so streamlining the to-do list but still making guests feel welcome can be hard to juggle. With the help of these great products it will ease up my life, welcome guests and add a little more comfort to the home. I hope you enjoyed this  list of easy tips & products to make a home ready for guests. Be sure to take advantage of the discounts, codes and deals I shared with these products. Save some money this season too!




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  11. I really, really, REALLY want that room-cleaning robot. How awesome!!!! I need one! This is also making me crave new bedding! 🙂

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