Bedroom refresh – simple decor ideas for a quick update

Bedroom refresh – simple decor ideas for a quick update

It seems like I have shared every single inch of my home with you all, but there is one room that I have glossed over on this blog, and that is my bedroom. Today I am sharing all about this Bedroom refresh – simple decor ideas for a quick update.

Bedroom refresh, simple decorating ideas for giving a room an update.

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The master bedroom is the room least used in our home, it is nowhere near the hub of our home. Because of this it has been filled with the decor items no longer needed in the rest of the house, or anything really nice has been taken out of here to go in the more used living room or family room. But, I was tired of the lack luster decor in here. With the help of Tuesday Morning store and a day date with Dale I was able to update the whole feel of the room with just a few new additions!

Here is what I was working with in terms of our bedroom, the bones were there. I have the furniture to make a cozy space happen but all of the decor was lacking, big time! This room unintentionally had become a forgotten space. Dale and I deserve a place we can come to at the end of the day and relax. I am the type of person that is effected by my surroundings, if a room is cluttered that stresses me out.

This room is not even cluttered, these is nothing in it. No personality, empty, sparse…. it feels uninviting to me. Not exactly the place I want to rest my head and sleep. I had DIYed the wall art a few years ago, it is now bent. We were painting the room and had taken the art off of the wall, somehow (none of my kids have taken ownership of this) it got bent. Since this room went so unused I hung the bent artwork back on the wall. Yes, I am obsessed with home decor, I have a home decor blog and I just let this half decorated room sit as-is.

My fluffy and big comforter is still in great shape, but it is missing the duvet cover. All of these little things added up to a room that felt not done. Dale and I work hard, our life is hectic, we deserve to put a little focus on this bedroom. We also deserve a date now and then.

That is just what we did, we spent the day together (no kids!!!), had lunch and did a little shopping at Tuesday Morning, click here to find a store near you. Dale had to reign me in from wanting to get decor for my entire home, he kept me focused on the game plan of refreshing our bedroom. Even though it was so tempting to get things for our living room, or family room. That is what has gotten us here, me focusing on the main living areas and stealing any decor I ever put in our bedroom to use in other parts of the house. Our bedroom deserves to shine!

Since I already had the big ticket items in the room, a bed, night stands and even a duvet I got to have fun adding the decorative accents. Dale was there for moral support, heavy lifting and to give his opinion on items. This is his bedroom too, it is a team effort.

I was excited to get a duvet cover for the comforter! I went with simple, keeping the color white. This one does have beautiful lines on it to add a little texture to the bed.

It was as simple as pushing the comforter into the duvet cover and buttoning it up! I warned you it was just a few simple steps for this quick bedroom refresh!

When going into a home decor store like Tuesday Morning there is so much to see, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. I kept in mind my goal of adding items for my bedroom. I knew I wanted new wall art, lamps and a duvet cover. Those were the pieces I focused on first.

It was love at first sight for me with this massive wall art! I loved the colors, the size of it and felt it would fit in with the existing wall color and furniture.

It is actually a smidge too big for the space, but I did that intentionally. This master bedroom is big, massive with vaulted ceilings and a tall headboard. Every wall art I have had in this room has felt small, no matter how big. So I was keeping the scope of the room in mind and going over sized.


Going this big makes the bedroom feel complete and done. It also gave the illusion of a larger bed and filled the large space out perfectly. Adding just a little drama to the otherwise neutral and soft colors in the room.

Once I had my wall art selected I went off of those colors for the rest of the decor.

Greens felt like a natural transition with the flower art. I also love the combination of the light blue wall in the bedroom and then green accents.

The green glass lamps caught my eye when I first walked into the store, however I did not think they would work with my typical decor choices. I tend to decorate a lot in blues and grays, so I reluctantly put these down and continued shopping. Once I zeroed in on the wall art and it had green in it I speed-walked back to these lamps to grab them. They were mine!

They are a lighter green the the wall decor I based my color choices off of, but with them being in the same color family it works.

I am all about quotes and wall decor, these metal quote art went into my basket pretty quickly. I knew I wanted to add some height to my nightstand with some kind of smaller art or decor. With my headboard being cream, new duvet cover being white and the wall color a very light blue warming up the space with some wood and metal pieces seemed like a good addition. I had at first thought I would get more floral art here, keep with the theme from the large wall art, however I did not want things to feel too matchy. This adds to the room, keeps the color theme and creates texture to it. Also, they both have the sweetest quotes ever!

There were so many throw pillows to choose from! At first my gut was to go with typical gray, that is what the rest of my home is bursting with. However, this is a bedroom, more warm tones seemed like the way to go.

The new duvet cover came with these pillow shams.

I adore the subtle texture and print of this duvet cover. I am a big fan of keeping neutral main items like furniture, bedding, or even wall color. Then layering in the pops of color to fill a room. This simple duvet cover allows me to change out the throw pillows for a new look without having to swap out bedding every time.

Although, who would want to swap out these lovely pillows?! The tan fake fur pillows add such a warmth to the light colors of the bed and they are soooo soft. Previously our bed had no throw pillows, I have always just set up our sleeping pillows on the headboard and called it done. The effect these have on the bed is amazing. I have made my bed every single day since refreshing this room just to see the beautiful finished look with the throw pillows.

Here is a perfect example of just how little I did to completely change this room. I kept the curtains the same, bed, and even pictures of my kids on the wall in the same place.

Refreshing this room with simple decor ideas for a quick update made a huge impact on the room!

These nightstands were ones I had here before, I even had these same books on my nightstand before I did this bedroom update. 

These sweet quote wall art makes this room feel personal. I love little personal touches like this in a room.

There were so many great faux flowers and greenery at the store. These little pots are what sold me, I liked the pattern on the pot.

Adding that much needed warmth to this bedroom was done with accents of wood. The little frames match the large pictures I have of my kids hanging on the wall in our bedroom. Tying in existing decor to new decor perfectly.

When doing a bedroom refresh there is no need to go all out and replace everything. That idea can make it feel so daunting and stop some people from even trying. Start small, new wall art maybe a new duvet cover.

Then layer in a few throw pillows, and finally some smaller decorative accents. This is the same thought process I had when walking around the store. It helped me end up with a cohesive look and a calming room we can finally feel comfortable in!

No more bent wall art! I absolutely adore the large scale of this wall art. If you have a big space to fill going over sized is the best option. It took me years before I realized this. Initially I would fill a large space with more things, still on the smaller scale. That just made the room feel cluttered. Over sized wall art like this become a statement piece all on it’s own. It draws your eyes up and allows the scale of the room to feel intentional. I actually had two friends over and showed off my new bedroom refresh, they both mentioned they never noticed I had a vaulted ceiling before. This large wall art helps the entire room shine.

Teddy is loving this room too! It is so comfy even he wants to hang out in here. He also thinks that when I get my camera out I am taking pictures of him, he is ready for his closeup!

I really love how this Bedroom refresh came out. It is the perfect example of simple decor ideas for a quick update. I changed no furniture, I did not even move any furniture and the wall color stayed the same. I am still working on Dale to let me swap out the fan for a big chandelier, but so far it is a no-go. That battle is for another day!

Now this previously forgotten space has what it needed all along, decor that fits the scale of the room, accents to warm up the space, and decorations that were selected for this room specifically instead of whatever was leftover. We finally have a room that feels good to relax in at the end of the day! Since this Bedroom refresh – simple decor ideas for a quick update I have found myself escaping into this room for quiet time during the day, it just feels so calming. Decorating a home takes time, layering in the personality and style over time is what creates a home you love. Going room by room and tackling them in small ways can have a big impact!




  1. Very serene and relaxing looking. Which is what a bedroom should be. Love that lamp

  2. I do need to refresh our bedroom. It looks rather blah at the moment. At some point I’ll re-do it. We need a new comforter, for starters!

  3. I love the refresh! My master bedroom is also the one room in my house that needs a refresh. My bed is awesome but I have no artwork on the walls. This gives me the inspiration to tackle my own master bedroom.

  4. I know the master is usually only used for much needed sleep but making it comfortable and fun is a great idea. I love the changes you made in yours and will follow your lead.

  5. Would love to refresh my bedroom. It is getting stale and boring and I would love to do something new. I kind of like the ideas you have here and I may take a couple of them and use them.

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