25 Low cost and easy Christmas crafts

25 Low cost and easy Christmas crafts

Hello all! Bare with me, I know we just celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but Christmas will be here before we know it! I am sharing these 25 Low cost and easy Christmas crafts that I have made the last few years. My home is not decorated for Christmas just yet, I am not that in top of things. However, if you are like me you are itching to get to decking those halls while singing along to Christmas songs. So I thought this could give you all some ideas to get planning your holiday decor.

How to decorate for Christmas with low cost ideas. 25 easy to make crafts to decorate for the holiday season!

Each year I pack my home with Christmas crafts, DIY projects and ideas. It is what allows me to decorate my home for various seasons and holidays. I mean, I drool and peruse the holiday home decor section of Target like everyone else. But, I can only splurge on a few select items each year. If I decorated my home by just getting things from a store I would have a sparsely decorated home for the holidays.

To decorate for Christmas I craft! I DIY, throw in some thrift store upcycling and I have settled into a great and easy way to decorate my home for all of the holidays! This year I had to get extra creative because of my furniture rearrangement. I typically put certain decor items in the same spot every year. Tweaking a few things to give my home a new energy. However, this year my home feels brand new, there is no set way of doing things. Which means I got my craft on in a major way! I am excited to see how things take shape this year once I dig into my Christmas decor.

I will be sharing my Christmas home tour the week of Thanksgiving, it is the latest I can hold myself off, I try to let fall have its moment but Christmas is already calling to me. It is the most wonderful time of the year! But, today is not about this year; it is all about Christmas pasts. I feel like because I share so much new content, crafts and ideas that they get lost in the shuffle. So this is me highlighting some of my favorite Christmas craft ideas. They are in one place for you to maybe get some inspiration from.

The thing I enjoy the most about decorating is making it feel fully decorated, I want my home to feel like a winter wonderland. Which means every inch of my home should feel “done”. I have managed to make this work without blowing our family’s budget on home decor items, all by DIYing them! This allows me to get some nicer items each year, invest in some quality decorations while I happily craft away. Layering in store bought and homemade.

My kids are big time decorators (I wonder where they get it from?) and they always jump at the chance to set out the decorations for Christmas. Each year they help helping me bring up boxes, bins, throw pillows and garland. They also love to help me make Christmas crafts and decor. There is something really special about working to decorate your home. Having it be unique to you, your style, the specific size you need. Having the kids help out is a fun tradition.

There is one downside to doing it yourself with home decor, even in the store I find myself wanting to alter items. Thinking that I love certain decorative pieces, but if it was just a little smaller, more rustic, less traditional….. Making these 25 Low cost and easy Christmas crafts lets me make what will work perfectly in my home! I know it may seem a little crazy to be talking about Christmas now,  but the best way to keep the decorating costs low is to start early. Really fine tune what you want, see any holes in the decor. Then you have time to budget, plan (take advantage of those awesome black Friday sales) and create what you will use to decorate your home. We all want to usher in the Christmas season with cheer, and starting early makes it easier to accomplish!

Now, onto the low cost and easy Christmas crafts –






  1. I love that paper Christmas tree idea you created using that sheet music. Our piano sits in the living room and I am trying to come up with something other than moving it to the den that will make it fit with my Christmas decor.

  2. Your house looks so good and I have not started anything for the holidays yet. I think i won’t get going until after thanksgiving b.ut I will try to make some of your crafts

  3. These ideas are great, especially for a teacher and someone else you want to show you put thought into their gift. Great list!

  4. So many great decorating ideas for Christmas that doesn’t cost a fortune. I have most of this already in my house

  5. Great ideas! These crafts would be great to do with my family this holiday season.

  6. I love homemade Christmas decor! I am going to have to try making a few of these this year.

  7. These are such great craft ideas! I am not much of a crafter, but my daughter is, so I’ll show these to her. I bet she’ll want to make most of them!

  8. This room looks lovely! I like the blue color with all the stockings hanging. I wish my living room was this bright.

  9. Chasity Boatman says:

    I love crafting, especially around the holidays. There’s nothing more homey than a decorated home at Christmas. I like the sheet music idea.

  10. oh my goodnes these are such great ideas- a friend of mine loves to craft so i can def pass this on to her!

  11. So much fun! I can’t wait to start decorating this year. And my kids love any kind of craft. Great ideas!

  12. I love that centerpiece with the ornaments and the candles! I think I am going to have to do that for my table!

  13. I love crafting, especially Christmas crafting! I will have to check these out and do a few!!

  14. Your home looks beautiful. I rarely see such pretty Christmas deco without all the clutter. I used to do Christmas crafting when I was a kid quite a lot.

  15. I love the use of pine cones! They’re totally free and really fun to collect with the kids. Plus, they’re plastic-free and compost when you’re done. Great ideas!

  16. My kid loves Christmas for all the beautiful crafts that he makes to decorate our house. We need to make some of these!

  17. These are cute and I love that they are low cost! Crafts can really add up and it’s nice to have ideas to keep the kids busy during the holidays.

  18. When my children were little, we were extremely broke but loved doing crafts. Thank you for sharing great ideas that are easy on the pocketbook!

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