Fall front porch reveal

Fall front porch reveal

Today I finally get to share my Fall front porch reveal! I have had it done and decorated for a few weeks now but it has been raining here off and on for weeks. The weather finally cleared up and I got to take some pictures of the front porch.

Fall front porch

Before I jump into the fall front porch I wanted to remind you that I shared my fall home tour last week on the blog… and later this week I will be revealing my Halloween home tour! I know, it is decorating whiplash this time of year and I love every minute of it!

Simple, rustic, casual, DIY, craft and low cost Fall Home Tour. This coastal style home is transformed with subtle and soft changes for the fall season.

Today though is all about the front porch! I like to go bold and colorful with the outdoor decor, even keeping with this theme year-round. With fall I can go even bigger with the bold colors and it does not feel overwhelming.


I use what I have with the furniture here, keeping the chairs here, the rug, the small garden table and even the wooden lanterns. I layer in smaller fall pieces with red, orange and gold colors. Pumpkins are some of the easiest ways to fall-ify a front porch.

Mums of course scream fall, they are traditional and beautiful! I got these from a local garden center and I had to stop myself from buying all of them! I grew up in Southern California so having an actual fall season was new to me when I first moved to Wisconsin. Now that I have been here 14 years I am still in love with the beauty of this season. But, I still love fresh flowers. Being able to have fresh flowers in fall is the best of both worlds.

A few years ago I made these wood pallet pumpkins and they have been my biggest outdoor fall decoration since then.

These are the perfect example of going bold when it comes to outdoor decor. With the color explosion with the leaves changing colors this time of year going bold feels natural for the front porch.

I do tend to stick with a more traditional feel outside. Inside my home I get creative with neutrals, lots of rustic pieces and even adding in lots of blue accents. For the fall front porch reveal I went with a traditional feel to the decor with tons of pumpkins, pine cones, corn husks, leaves and lots of orange.

As I said earlier, I keep things simple in terms of decorating for fall. I use the same staple furniture and decor items, then add in the fall themed items. This is how I am able to sustain the decorating craziness that is this time of year. Because I keep things simple, use what I have and DIY other items I do not spend a lot of money on my fall decor.

These lanterns were dressed up with a vase that I wrapped paper around and stacked pumpkins around it. Adding in wheat and other greenery to fill in the wooden lanterns. This is the perfect example of of how a few simple decorating ideas can transform a home for fall with just a few changes.


The first thing that I fell in love with with our home was this front porch. I adored the large barrel ceiling and double columns. It felt grand but homey all in one. I got lucky with it being wedged into a corner of our house, I am able to decorate the front porch without having to really worry about winds or rain ruining any of my decorations.

Living in Wisconsin the one crazy thing we have to contend with is snow, yes snow! We are in the southern part of the state so luckily for us snow will usually hold off with us until November. Although my Mother in law tells me that the year Dale was born (his birthday is October 29th) they had so much snow that winter when it all started to melt in spring there was fall and Halloween decor under the snow. That has never happened since I have lived here, and I hope I never experience a fall with that much snow.

For now I am focusing on the fall weather, cooler temperatures, clear blue skies and the leaves turning red and golden… so far no snow either! My kids are focusing on Halloween, which to them is the best part of fall. Their costumes have been chosen, we have candy ready to go and my house has actually been turned spooky. You can check back in later this week to see my full Halloween home tour.

Fall front porch

My Fall front porch reveal was filled with my favorite things; pumpkins, bold colors, traditional fall accents, DIY ideas, using what I already have and mums! With fall, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas all jam packed into two months my home goes through a lot of changes. I layer in the specifically themed decor for each season or holiday with my year-round decor which is what makes it possible for me to financially decorate for each holiday and also find time to do it. I may have this home decor blog, but I still have three kids that insist on packing our days with responsibilities and activities. I have to squeeze in my decorating when I can. Keeping these simple decorating tips in mind will ease up the stress and make decorating for fall fun!





  1. Your front porch always looks amazing and I always look forward to seeing how you change it up with the seasons. Your fall porch is gorgeous!

  2. I enjoy looking at beautiful decorated front porches. They give me wonderful ideas for my own front porch

  3. Your porch is adorable and I would love decorating ours but with dogs and kids that won’t be happening anytime soon. But I will share the table holding the Mums with my husband to see if he would make some for me.

  4. I absolutely LOVE it! The wood pallet pumpkin is my favorite thing What a seriously cute idea.

  5. I just love your decor. You did such a great job. I wish we had a bigger porch so I could put more stuff out. Right now we just have a giant spider out there.

  6. I love the Decor that you have here! It is something I would love to do my own house. You are more than welcome to come and decorate my house anytime. It is obvious you have a knack for it.

  7. I love your decor! These are really fun ideas. I have to get to decorating our front porch.

  8. That porch was really worth the tour you gave us. Between the furniture and fall plants and motif it was a real showpiece. I will get a lot of ideas from this.

  9. Kimberly Storms says:

    Such a sweet and soft country look that is so lovely! I especially like the wooden orange pumpkins with the yellow flower contrast as it will be very visible from the road!

  10. Your home and porch are always beautifully decorated. I have done a few small things for our porch for fall but want to make some of the lanterns like you have for additional decor.

  11. This porch is fun and festive. I am sure all your neighbors love it. I love seeing my neighbors decorate!

  12. Looks great! I love all the little touches. I like what you did with the Black Bear Beverages crates – where did you get those? I love fall and decorating my porch.

  13. How cute is your porch! That arch over the door is fabulous!
    I’m such a big fan of decorating for fall with natural elements, like the pumpkins and pine cones. So pretty!

  14. I love your porch! That wreath is beautiful. And those wooden pumpkins, and crates. I love all of it! I love decorating for fall, it’s my favorite. All the colors, and great foliage.

  15. Your porch looks great! I can’t wait until I have one. Our next home project is building a nice big front porch and I just know I will have fun decorating it!

  16. Very very very nice! Your style is my style too! I love the look in your new home. I’m going to copy some of it for my cottage home in Texas!!

  17. So gorgeous. I need to get mine looking good. Yours looks so well planned and done, I couldnt ever make mine so lovely!

  18. That is a great looking doorstep. I love the harvest decorations.

  19. Beautiful doorstep. You made a awesome front proch. love it. I only put two pumpkin in my front porch.

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