Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs

Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs

This month is flying by for me, anyone else?! Next week is Halloween already! So, if there is any last minute decorators I have just the craft idea to make your home ready for the spookiest of holidays, these Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs were made in under 30 minutes!

Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs

I shared my Halloween home tour last week on the blog and is wad called casual, simple and understated by all of you lovelies! I did go the simple route this year, little pops of fall color and a lot of fun spooky decorations. These signs are the best quick and easy Halloween craft idea!

First order of business was to paint three different wood pieces with chalkboard paint. This was actually the longest part of the entire process because iI did two coats of the chalkboard paint and then waited for it to dry. When it comes to DIY signs of any kind making the size that works for your home and space is best. I create two smaller narrow ones using wood scraps I had in the garage. Then one larger board that was actually a thicker piece of plywood cut down to size.

The two long and narrow signs are going to be a SPOOKY AND BOO sign. I used pencil to sketch out the design. I could have gotten fancy with  creting these but I kept it simple and just used letter stencils for the words. No fancy machine needed if you do not have it.

Then I filled it in with a chalkboard marker. Nice and bold with the mix of black and white!

Rinse and repeat for the other Halloween DIY sign.

Other than having different words on each narrow board I also added different spider and web details. I just free handed this, first making the spider webs and then adding in the creepy crawly spiders.

The next part is a little trickier, I did freehand draw this as well. I did however get a few pieces of inspiration from Pinterest. Taking pieces of other Halloween signs and blending them into this haunted house.

First sketching it put with a pencil and then filling it in with chalkboard marker. I did have to erase things a lot.

The biggest tip I can give when drawing something like this is to not be afraid to make mistakes. Play around with the look and layout of things. I knew I wanted a spooky house in the center so I started with that, then added the ground, tree and the tombstones. Finally adding in the bats because it did not feel quite done yet.


I told you these Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs would be quick and simple! I did not even add any hangers onto the back of these, planning to just use them as decor on top of tables or the fireplace mantel. But, hanging them on the wall would be a great addition to a Halloween home too.


These little spiders managed to be cute and creepy all at the same time. Fun fact about me, I am terrified of spiders, really badly scared of them. If someone tells a story about seeing a spider, or I see one on a screen I still jump, scream and feel sicj to my stomach. But yet, I have them all over my home (in the fake, decor form). My friends were over last weekend and mentioned that, thinking it was ironic.


There stencil letters were so quick to make, just trace the letter then fill in with the chalkboard marker. Done!



This DIY haunted house sign works really nice to add a little something Halloween themed to my console table. No reason to go all out with decorating for a holiday, just little additions make all of the difference.


My kids did bring my back to reality with mentioning that my spooky tree looked like coral that is in the ocean. Gotta love kids?!!!


Is there anything more Halloween than a Boo and Spooky sign?!

I kept the rest of the decor really simple and sparse for my Halloween fireplace mantel. With the blue shiplap it means a more neutral decor look needs to happen to make it all blend together. For Halloween I let the pops of black and white shine, a classic, simple but still Spooky overall feel.


Ppaer bats make anything for Halloween themed for sure! I did not even DIY these, I just bought them from Target. I have used them for a few years in a row and they have held up really well. Each year I put them in a new place, they are a fun and simple way to decorate for this holiday.

Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs (1)

The countdown is on for Halloween! My kids have their costumes, our home is decorated, the candy has been purchased (and just a few pieces eaten already), we are ready! The biggest difference this year in terms of my Halloween decor is that I kept it really low maintenance, a few simple Halloween crafts, like these Easy to make DIY Halloween chalkboard signs, some spooky spiders and cobwebs, my kids Halloween craft decorations and that is it! I really did keep things simple this year, it felt natural to let me year-round home decor shine with the same casual feel to my home I always have. Oh, I also let more pops of black and white through for Halloween. With those changes I landed in a fun, spooky, somehow whimsical and casual Halloween home and we are loving it!




  1. What a fun and easy idea. Who’s I had seen this sooner. Saving for next year to have and decorate with

  2. Okay, I am clapping over here at your creativity!!!! I would never ever think to do anything like this. Then again, I am not REALLY a Halloween person, but still !

  3. I love these ideas and so easy too. I like that you can swipe them clean and change out for other seasons.

  4. Those boards are so much fun for Halloween and you made them so easily and the wording was so neat. I would love to decorate with these chalkboards for every holiday.

  5. I love how these turned out. I’ll have to make some for the house with my kids. I’ve never tried to make a chalkboard sign before.

  6. Those turned out so cute! And they are so simple even I couldn’t mess them up! I’d like to do something like this for Christmas too.

  7. Wow these turned out great! Who knew it was this easy to make your own chalkboards. Great project to do with the kids too.

  8. I love how easy this sign looks to make. This would be perfect for our front yard.

  9. This is such a fun idea. I definitely need to try to make one or two of these!

  10. Yeah, this month has flown by! I mean jeez, October what? We’ve decorated a little and for the first time since we moved here, I changed our tablescape in the dining room to Halloween themed. I like simple and neutral colors though.

  11. I love this idea. It looks so easy, and the black and white chalkboards go with just about any decor. A fun way to decorate for Halloween without going overboard!

  12. What a great idea. And something that is easy enough for the whole family to help out on. Time to get to decorating!

  13. lisa charleston says:

    OMG, this is so cute and cool. We need to make these, I’m sure my kids would enjoy creating Halloween chalkboards, nice DIY! I like that we all can create this as a family.

  14. What a wonderful idea! I love the look of them, and they are easier to make than I would have thought!

  15. Super cute. To think that Christmas is also right around the corner so chalkboard markers can be used for snowflakes and snowmen next! You can get good use out of multiple things. You could even flip the board over and do a Christmas design on the back and just flip it after Halloween!

  16. Halloween vibes are my most favorite ones of the year… Your DIYs are so easy!!! Would love to try it out with my boys!

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