DIY fall sign

DIY fall sign

Fall is in full swing here, my kids school have a Trunk or Treat tomorrow night, my home has been fall-ified. The leaves are red, orange and gold, the air is crisp and the weather is cold. We have also been dealing with a lot of rain which means I have not gotten to take pictures of my fall front porch yet. Hopefully next week I can share it with you all! Today I am sharing these adorable and easy to make DIY fall signs to jump start the fall decorating!
Easy to make DIY fall pumpkin sign.
I created these DIY fall sign super quick and easy. I have always had a big fall sign on my to do list. I finally got around to it, and threw in a fun smaller pumpkin art to go with it. I put them on my front porch that I will be sharing next week. I shared my fall home tour last week on the blog. This tutorial is really straight forward and simple. Which is good, projects do not have to be complicated to look nice.
I took two scrap pieces of wood that I had in my garage.
I used a bright orange to paint the boards.

I had this big mess to get fixed. I am not sure what I would choose, a big knotted rope mess or a tiny necklace with a super delicate chain. Both are impossible and cause fingers cramps. Next up on my to-do list. Figure out a way to store this rope better. Future self needs to make this happen.

I cut out and placed the FALL letters on the board.


Stretch them out so they are straight. I suppose this is not necessary. If you are going for the wonky fall letter look the previous picture could be considered done.
Using a hot glue gun, and pushing the rope into the glue.


Letters done and attached. Woohoo!



For the pumpkin I started with a outline of it. Glued that down.


Taking the complete rope, with none cut off yet and winding it around the inside of the pumpkin frame.


I did this by laying a bunch of hot glue down to a portion of the pumpkin. Going row by row. Once the glue was down I winded the rope around where the glue was. Pushing the rope down and smushed into the glue.


I ended up with a spiral pumpkin. Or as my sweet 7 year old stated, a Target sign. Nailed it!


I smushed the middle in with a glob of glue.
I needed to make this more pumpkin-like and less like the Target symbol. I had a tine square scarp of wood and some green wire.
I glue the wood down with the middle of the wire under it.



Tie the wire down in the center of the stem. Then wrap the wire around a pen.
Making the cutest curly-q you ever did see.


I set these on my front porch, ready for all of the fun, orange, and bright that fall has to offer. I adore dressing up my outdoor space for fall in the bright oranges. Inside my home I tend to keep it more neutral, outside I can go crazy.
This rope pumpkin screams whimsical and fun to me. No, it does not resemble a real pumpkin. I hope it does not resemble the Target symbol anymore. I think the stem and greenery help that along.

It is so fun and simple to decorate for fall. Rope is a big time accent for fall. It is rustic, neutral, had a earthy feel to it. To me fall screams rustic, always had and always will.
Did I tell you this was a simple DIY fall sign project? I am sure most could have been perfectly ok without the tutorial. Cut rope, glue down, done. However, I always make my projects as simple to follow and execute as possible. Tutorials are a must on this corner of the internet. Decorating for different seasons can be time consuming and expensive. Keeping decor simple or DIYing it with easy crafts like this help me cushion the blow that is decorating for all of the seasons.



  1. This is such a cool sign! I need to make once. I just love fall. And pumpkins.

  2. The grandkids and I could make these Fall sings with stuff that is in the garage. We would probably do a smaller version.

  3. These are cute. I don’t have a place to put these type of crafts but they look awesome at other people’s houses.

  4. Oh, these look adorable and so easy to make too. I want to make a couple of these for my patio. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  5. This is so cute and I love the primitive look. This would be fun to make with the grandkids.

  6. I can’t wait to share this sign with my Stepdaughter who loves creating new Crafts and I know we could make it together. As well as let me son help us create the sign for his grandmother.

  7. Love the fall decor. Those rope and board art works are so nice and it came together so well. I need to up my outside game before trick or treat.

  8. That is incredibly cute! I am not the most crafty of people so something that is easy that looks cute I am all for it. I definitely would like to decorate my front porch this year. This is a great way to get it done.

  9. This turned out really nice. You are so crafty, which I am not. I would never have even thought or attempted to do this myself. That is why people like me enjoy shopping. Not a crafty bone in my body.

  10. What a clever idea! This fall sign turned out so cute. I have to try making one for my home.

  11. What a fun project! My kids were just asking me about Halloween decorations. Maybe they want to make one!

  12. These look so cute and easy. I am sure it is something my oldest would like to make with me.

  13. That’s so cute! I can see making the pumpkins different shapes, but still using that circled rope effect. I wonder if I could pull that off?

  14. How cute!! I bet my nieces would love doing this craft. They are both crafty kids and they enjoy making their own decorations.

  15. This is one creative way to DIY your home decor this season. I’m not very patient with diy task which is something I need to work on.

  16. This fall sign looks nice and so easy to make! My kids wil enjoy to make it!

  17. Wow, you really are so artistic and skilled when it comes to doing DIY projects such as this. I wish I am crafty.

  18. I absolutely love this sign. It seems easy to make and is the perfect way to add a little fall whimsy to the porch!

  19. I’m so impressed at anyone who does creative DIY projects. I love these rope inspired fall creations you made and although I don’t think I have the skills (aka patience, haha!) to complete one myself I always aspire to do a few one day!

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