Fall home tour – rustic and bold simplicity

Fall home tour – rustic and bold simplicity

I am so excited about today! I have been working hard this week, putting the finishing touches on my Fall home tour – rustic and bold simplicity and it is ready to be shared!

Simple, rustic, casual, DIY, craft and low cost Fall Home Tour. This coastal style home is transformed with subtle and soft changes for the fall season.


Like any home tour I have done in the past, any DIY projects or crafts I have done that are featured within this tour will be shared at the bottom of this post. I pack in a lot of DIY ideas, furniture redos, crafts and DIY decor into my home so I have found this is the easiest way for people to find what they are looking for.

Beautiful fall living room! Rustic, low cost, simple, easy, and bold fall decor ideas.


4x4 wood pumpkins

Each year my home seems to have a mind of it’s own and the holiday decor changes a little. This year I was feeling the need to simplify and keep the casual feel my home has year-round. So a lot of the fall decor this year is rustic, with a few bold patterns and textures and a simple color scheme.

fall table decor


rustic fall decor

This is the perfect example of simple and rustic. I grabbed this old vine that was all twisted up and I have used it for decor the last few years. The x-ray leaves I printed out and stuck onto the wood pallet frame with tape. Yep, decorating for fall does not have to be expensive or time consuming.

simple fall decor ideas


fall decor

The one biggest change in my fall decor this year is that I had to make is stretch further than previous years. After changing around the furniture arrangement in my home I now have a formal living room as well as a family room. Which means there was less of my typical fall decorations to go around.

fall home


non traditional fall decor

This is a new sofa and I am loving the soft gray color of it! I adore the mix of gray, yellow with pops of blue. It feels very authentic to my decorating style. I want this to feel like our home year-round. Making holiday decor and different seasons work with my typical aesthetic has been a learning process for me.

decorating with pumpkins


Beautiful living room with fireplace! Rustic, low cost, simple, easy, and bold fall decor ideas.

Another new addition to my home is this stick and tree trunk end table. Dale gave it to me for my birthday and I am in love (with him and the end table). This as well as the black cane chairs help separate the two living spaces.

simple fall wall art


coastal fall decor

Fun tip, when decorating for fall or any season really use what you have. I decorate with shells a lot, which means that I have them all over my home. If I were to remove them for fall it would be a pretty bare house. So I sprinkle in the fall theme in subtle ways like this. Adding pumpkins to my shell collection. Simple but effective in welcoming the fall season!

easy fall decor ideas

When in doubt when it comes to decorating for fall throw a pumpkin on it!

decorating with blue for fall

This year instead of removing the blue colors in my home I worked with them. I am loving the combination so much this year! I also upgraded my art work this year for fall. Oh deer it is wonderful! It was a very simple update, I purchased from digital prints then sent them to be printed as a poster. I got large prints at a huge cost savings!

low cost fall ideas


how to decorate with shells for fall

For me fall is all about nature. Here in Wisconsin we have a beautiful cooling of the temperatures. In fall there is always stunning clear blue skies, an explosion of colors with the reds, oranges, and golds in the leaves. We also do a ton of activities in fall with festivals, pumpkin farm fun, hikes and so much more. So nature feels very authentic to fall without needing to use orange all over the place to decorate for fall.

home decor blog fall home tour (


fall home tour

I also have had to make the addition of more blue in my home work for fall. In the past I have decorated with shades of blue for my year-round decor, then remove all of it when fall comes around.

Beautiful fall dining room with fireplace! Rustic, low cost, simple, easy, and bold fall decor ideas.

However, the blue I removed was smaller decorations. Now I have added a lot of blue features to furniture and my fireplace with the shiplap that cannot be taken away so making the fall decor work with that has been a fun struggle.

fall fireplace mantel

Keeping the rest of the fall decor simple with colors was the easiest way to do this. For my fireplace mantel I added two new large prints of leaves. Leaves are a great and simple way to decorate with fall without it being corny or over the top. These were also just prints that I purchased digitally and had printed out as posters. Then I went and got large frames to put them in.

fall decor in dining room


fall shelf decor

White pumpkins feel so fresh and perfect for my rustic and bold simplicity this fall!



kitchen cart

Adding in other tiny nature themed items allows my home to be decorated for fall without spending a lot of time, energy or money.

simple fall decor




Beautiful fall dining room with fireplace! Rustic, low cost, simple, easy, and bold fall decor ideas.

Since I rearranged the furniture in my home and put the dining room table in the living room this combo has worked out so well for us! I love all of the extra room around the dinner table and it is the coziest place to relax when we have friends over. We do a lot of entertaining in fall with friends, my son Caleb has a birthday in fall and our house is also the go-to meet up place for our friends to trick-or-treat so I like to keep my home festive but casual enough to make everyone feel at home.

how to decorate a bookshelf for fall


fall centerpiece

The fall centerpiece this year was actually a lot of what I had over the summer. I used the same glass hurricanes but added the craft leaves under the candles. The pumpkins added a fun pop of color to the table. I love a full look for table decor, but this is our main dining room table so I cannot have anything too fancy that will block our views of the kids or take over the table. Making the fall decor work for my family is key.

pumpkin leaf craft

dining room decorated for fall (

living room and dining room combo

The last room I decorated for fall is the family room. My fall front porch will be shared next week on the blog. We had a random heat wave last week here and I did not want my neighbors to look at my weird sweating it out in a sundress and adding pumpkins to my front porch. This week it has been a lot cooler, jackets have been needed and their is a crisp feeling to the air so now I can rock pumpkins, mums and gourds with no shame.

blue and rustic fall decor

As far as the family room goes I kept the fall decor even more simple and focused on the cozy feel. I moved the large tree art into here from another room, with the dark wood color it felt very fall to me. I also swapped out the blue striped rug for a cozy and plush rug with tan colors.

fall themed wall art


family room fall decor

These tree trunk stools are in our home year-round but they feel perfectly fall!

blue fall decorations

With the additions of a few fall touches, darker textures like wood, and some nature items I have managed to decorate for fall without compromising on my casual and clean style of decor.

mixing prints in fall


living room fall ideas

I also managed to make my favorite pops of blue work with the fall decor and I am loving it! Every year has a little variation form the previous years. Some years I want a fall explosion of reds and oranges, other times I am craving neutral. It seems to vary a little and I just go with it. Using what I have and making it work.

family room decorated for fall

Simple, rustic, casual, DIY, craft and low cost Fall Home Tour. This coastal style home is transformed with subtle and soft changes for the fall season.


This time of year means all of the fall fun that I adore, but it also means we are getting back into a routine with school, fall sports activities kick into high gear. Life gets crazy so this year I was craving a clean and simple feel to my fall decorations. I need to come home and feel like I get that breath of fresh air, even if it is actually very stuffy and dry air because the heat is on. The idea and feel of it is what I am going for.

Simple, rustic, casual, DIY, craft and low cost Fall Home Tour. This coastal style home is transformed with subtle and soft changes for the fall season.

My home is where we come to get away from the noise and chaos, yes with three kids there is a fair amount of chaos in the home as well. But this year I did not want to add clutter with fall decorations. Blending in fall specific items, highlighting nature, leaves, twigs, sticks and pumpkins felt like the best way to decorate for the season. I have landed with a Fall home tour – rustic and bold simplicity without going crazy or getting a ton of new items. I used what I had from previous years but updated the art, it was a small change that made a huge difference. When you are decorating for fall focus on the color and feel you are going for and go from there. Make it work for you and your decorating style.

Don’t forget to check back next week for my fall front porch!





  1. Your style is not totally my complete style, I still found many things to incorporate into my home. Little touches that make a difference.

  2. Ohh wow I love your style! I love that photo wall, it is incredible! I need you to come and do my house for me!

  3. I just love your fall decor! I have a few pieces out, but I’m about to replace them with Halloween decor. I need to get some pumpkins for the front door though!

  4. Fall is my favorite season to redecorate for. I love the whimsical little pumpkins, and how you have plenty of pumpkins with a muted color tone.

  5. How lovely is your home! I love how you have brought in different colours for the fall they are absolutely beautiful! I need to think of some different things to do for mine I think.

  6. Love your colorful decor, it’s just so cheery. And welcoming too. Great job putting it all together.

  7. I’m loving your fall decor. White pumpkins are just so beautiful! I love the wooden pumpkins, too!

  8. I love the family picture wall. We just moved in to a new house and you have given me so many ideas! I love to decorate for holidays and seasons but right now I am just trying to get my house together.

  9. I am loving all of your pumpkin decor!! I am pumpkin obsessed so I noticed them right away! LOL!

  10. I love those white pumpkins. They’re so simple and minimalistic!

  11. I think rustic is what I’m going to go for when we decorate our new home. I love the look and feel of it all!

  12. Wow, I love how it turned out super nice. I love the pictures gallery and I want to make this as my inspiration for our home make-over. Love the positive ambiance too!

  13. You have done up your home so elegantly and with such class, would love to take a leaf or two from you. I really love how you have done up your wall.

  14. Rustic and Fall decor are some of my favorites. I just love everything about the colors and how cozy you can make it feel.

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  16. A simplistic decor is totally what I love. There is so much that you can do with just a few accents here and there.

  17. So beautiful wow. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I need to update our decor so badly. This is inspiring.

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