The perfect home lighting, showing off what is important to you!

The perfect home lighting, showing off what is important to you!

Today I am peeling back the curtain a little on my home, sharing how I manage the dual function of my home working for my family but also my job (which is this blog and photographing my house). So I am sharing the perfect home lighting, showing off what is important to you!

The perfect home lighting

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I have always focused on my home being comfortable and work for us, creating our house into a home. But, there is another side of our home that has forced me to design things a little differently at times, and that is this blog. I work from this home, I craft here, take pictures, create ad campaigns for brands and pull together full-on styled photo shoots used in marketing. Figuring out great lighting in interior design is a must have for me. This is my wonderful and weird 9-5. So I need items in my home that work for my family as well as showing off the decor in my home.

blue and gray living room

A little known secret with home decor bloggers is that natural light is always best. I never use my flash for my camera, it gives off such an unnatural light with weird shadows, I never get the results I need. I also use this method when I take pictures of my kids, natural light is always the way to go. But, life happens and I find myself making a craft tutorial at night because my kids were…. well… kids and I was not able to get things done during the day. Or I planned to take pictures of some friends and their kids but it started raining so we had to bring everyone inside for pictures. Life happens and I need indoor with lights on options. The struggle to chase natural light has been constant and difficult at times.

Not anymore! I will not have to be chasing the sun when it comes to sharing projects or my home, thanks to these Soraa Radiant home lighting! 

Changing out my bulbs for these LED ones was so simple and easy! I was able to select what kind I needed, the amount, and size of the bulbs.

I also replaced the recessed lighting over my fireplace. As you can see below the change in lighting quality was instant! I took the first picture of my fireplace right before I changed out the lighting. Probably 10 minutes later I snapped the second picture. So it was the same time of day and my wall art has a beautiful chance to shine!

With the old lighting –

Minutes later with the new lights in –

I was surprised by how much the blues and whites popped more of of the art. Typical home lighting gives off a yellow tone to things. My home is filled with blues, grays and whites. With this Soraa Radiant lighting the decor, style and color scheme of my home has a natural element to it. Giving my home that same tone at night that it has during the daytime.

This room we call “the great room” because it combines the living room and the dining room. My kids do homework here, we all sit around here with friends playing card games and laughing way too much. It is also the place I do a lot of crafting and picture taking for my blog. This room packs a big punch in terms of function and having the perfect lighting to set off the cozy and welcoming feel along with my need for natural lighting for work means I need the perfect home lighting.

Now, let’s talk about what really matters in my home, it is the people that fill our home with laughter, cuddles and wonderful memories to carry us along. We are blessed with a tight circle of extended family and friends. Their lovely faces and our best memories reside on this big gallery wall in my home. This Soraa lighting is the perfect home lighting, showing off what is important to you!

Oftentimes lighting can wash out pictures or turn the hue of them yellow. I need my loves to shine bright, I took time creating this gallery wall and it deserves the best possible way to show it off.

Seriously, I can see the full spectrum of colors that I have painstakingly added to my home now! As someone that sets up photo shoots in my home this is a big deal. I can share a brand line of decor or furniture items and I am confident that the pictures will come out just the way they need to.

I also take wayyyy too many pictures of my kids, these moments are fleeting and I want to be sure to capture their gap toothed grins, sweet moments, triumphs, or you know…. every eye roll my kids throw at me. What I do not want in those pictures is a yellow tone to the pictures, I grew up in the 80’s and I know what that can look like in pictures. My kids (and I) expect so much more with our family pictures.


Where this lighting really shines, (get it, shines? Ba-dum ching!) is showing the smaller details in my carefully picked out decorative accents. Getting close up shots of these items in natural lighting during the day is easy stuff. At night these is a whole slew of problems in getting just the right tone and color which was fixed instantly by changing out the lighting.

Remember when I said using a flash on the camera is out? I mean that very literally, I NEVER use the flash. These pictures were taken just as night fell with the new lighting and all of my kids/dogs banned out of the living area so I could straighten up and take the pictures. Once I took them we were able to cuddle up and read a Harry Potter book, this has become a routine for us before bed and this lighting is the coziest of cozy ways to get lost in a good book.

Notice the lighting in the living room? White!!!! The curtains are white, the tray is white, our new sofa is light gray. All of it is just how it appears during the day and I love that so much!

My home and it’s dual function of personal and professional has made me be mindful of the maintenance items I select for my home. I need room to move and photograph my home, I need room for my kids to run around and have nerf wars. I like doing projects on furniture so I need options, we also like to entertain so having ample seating is always nice. Most of turning my home into part of my business has been an improvement to how we also use it personally.

The perfect home lighting

Finding a way to show of my work, decor, and help stylize my home is a great option. Also getting to show off treasured decor and family pictures or art is such an added bonus. Which is why I wanted to share the perfect home lighting, showing off what is important to you! You may not be using your home to show off styled decor or furniture, but your home is the back drop to your life. That gummy grin of your baby trying food for the first time, a sleeping little one on the sofa with Dad, birthday parties, dress up clothes and life happen daily in our homes. When we photograph it we want those memories to last, be as vibrant as they were the moment they happened. Finding and using the best lighting to show off those moments is so important.




  1. Lighting is so very important to a home. Having light to read by and back lighting for displays or to make certain areas of your rooms stand out.

  2. I am all about lighting! I cannot be in a dark house. It makes me tired. I really like how bright your home is.

  3. WOW!! I’m all for making sure my home have great lighting too, a dark home always dampers my mood! You have such a beautiful home and I love how the lights bring out your family picture display!

  4. Wow! It makes a huge difference! Who knew! I love your fireplace, I am having ship lap done on mine next week.

  5. Your home is gorgeous-I may need you to come do some interior designing in my home 🙂 Lighting IS important. These lights look amazing. We have a lot of natural light in the main area, but these would be great in our bedrooms!

  6. We recently switched out all the bulbs in our home with LED’s. It was amazing the difference in colors. Like you, we see a lot more blues.

  7. Love the difference! The lighting is perfect in your home. I have to look into investing in Soraa lighting.

  8. Lighting is important for a comfortable space. I really like the blue paneling over your fireplace. That is such a unique feature!

  9. I love what you did with the place. I make sure to have plenty of lighting in my house.

  10. It’s amazing what a difference great lighting can make. Those look like fabulous lightbulbs. I actually want to install recessed lights in my living romo.

  11. I definitely agree of the perfect lighting to accentuate what you value the most at home. This is a great example for it.

  12. Wow! Those lights seem so powerful and really do make a difference in the home. I have to think of getting this for photography purposes as well.

  13. I’m a huge fan of natural lighting as well but this brand is definitely awesome! I love how it lights up a room! It definitely does not look artificial. I’m checking their products out!

  14. OMG where are those Log looking stools from!!! I’m obsessed! I love the new lighting!

  15. The transformation between bulbs is unreal. Lighting is essential to displaying what we love most

  16. I love Natural light for so many things, but a lot of the time weather doesn’t allow it when I have deadlines. I need to look into these bulbs.

  17. I agree, lighting in a house is really essential. Especially for condominium units where light barely enters. Science also tells that darkness increases melatonin that could add up to depression. I must say, you really have a lovely home!

  18. I will recommend this to my blogger friend. She said before that it’s hard for her to take photos because it’s dar inside her house.

  19. Ohh I love the idea of this. I guess this is just perfect for me as I redecorate my room. Now, I need to think for the design and idea on how to incorporate this.

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