Outdoor garden and front porch tour

Outdoor garden and front porch tour

It is officially summer in my house! My kids had their last day of school yesterday and we are falling into summer perfectly, we were out late last night with friends and our plans today consist of a bike ride and a trip to the library. Also, lots of outdoor relaxing! Today myself and a group of bloggers are sharing our Outdoor garden and front porch tour. 

outdoor and garden blogger home tour.

This blog post was supposed to include my entire outdoor area, including the back yard. But the last two weeks of school were insane with my kids activities, my volunteering with the school PTA and the time got away from me. So next week I will be sharing my back yard and patio area. I did not have it together enough to take pictures of both spaces.

So this Outdoor garden and front porch tour is all about my front yard! We spend a ton of time here, watching the kids ride their bikes in the street, it has become our favorite place to relax in the evenings.

When we purchased this home it had this vast patio area in front of the house. There was no planters under the windows, just tons of bricks. We added the corner planter with the hydrangeas (which are not blooming just yet). Dale and the kids gave me the three hydrangeas for Mothers day and they are my favorite flowers.

Adding the two flower planters broke up the vast patio space and gave it purpose. I feel like there is more curb appeal to a home when the exterior of the home is surrounded by planters, it feels more thought out.

A few years ago I painted the rocking chairs a bright turquoise. We had a rummage sale a few weekends ago and a lot of people asked me if those were for sale. They are not! There is something so welcoming about big rocking chairs on the front porch.

I changed around the front porch furniture a little from last year. I had my Adirondack chairs here, but this year they are sitting by the outdoor fountain. The backyard tour will be shared next week. These chairs fit perfectly in the space, and I adore this bold rug on the front porch. There is something so great about going bold and colorful with outdoor decor.

Of course I needed to add pops of coastal decor to my front porch.

I have kept the decor pretty much as-is on the front porch. The welcome sign, wooden lanterns and light green table stay out year-round. I simply layer in varying decor for different seasons.

It allows me to add in different colors, bright and bold for summer. Or bring in winter colors during the holidays. I am able to quickly change up the front porch decor, which is how decorating should be.

Even these large planters stay on the porch year-round. I add flowers into them every year. The on main stay is the Jasmine flower in the large planter. This is a tradition that my Grandma started, every house we lived in she would plant Jasmine by the front door. It gives off a beautiful fragrance, and to me it screams coming home.

Living in Wisconsin the Jasmine does not last through the winter unfortunately, but I can enjoy this during the spring, summer and part of fall months. With the windows open it fills up our whole house with a gorgeous smell. To me that makes it feel even more like home.

I painted the front door gray a few years ago. I have been debating about painting the door turquoise blue. It was a surprisingly easy DIY project to do and a bold blue would fit right in with my home’s decor.

Another outdoor project we did was painting the shutters black. They were a very sun faded green color and it was time for an update. It is amazing how much painting them transformed the entire look of my home!

These big purple flowers are Dale’s favorite flowers, they have been here since we purchased the home and we do not know what they are called. They are insanely low maintenance and are gorgeous!


The large bushes on the side of the house are called burning bushes and they turn a beautiful red color in the fall. We are looking to add some to the other side of the house soon. I hope to be sharing all of the flower planter changes we have happening soon. We are working on a planter that is situated behind the house and it has taken a lot of work to get it all planned out and ready to go.

One thing I will never change is the stone walkway, I absolutely love it! 


It has taken a few tries to get these roses to be strong and healthy. Last year they got really tall and had huge stems so I am encouraged that this year will be the same. This early into summer they still have a long way to go before they get big-time blooms on them. I spend a lot of time in the summer cutting flowers and making floral arrangements.

This picket fence is on our longer term to-do list, it will need to be replaced soon. I am hoping to tackle that job next summer. When I was a little girl I dreamed of having a home with a white picket fence, yes… I was that basic with my dreams. So this house with it’s big barrel ceiling front porch and picket fence has literally made my dreams come true. Which is pretty amazing to get to say!

The other dream I always had was to have a home to have my babies grow, and this has also been fortunately to come true! I have my trio of littles and they are determined to make the most of the summer. We have lots of plans to relax, go on some adventures, maybe some sleeping in and fun times with friends.

Kids are the best excuse to have fun, they force it out of you! We get to spread our wings and take advantage of that outdoor living that I adore so much. I grew up in Southern California and we always had meals outside, or an outdoor living space. So I take that notion to heart in the warm months here in Wisconsin.

Which is why I have always prioritized a fully decorated, flower blooming and relaxing outdoor space. I want to take full advantage of the season! I try to keep the decor low maintenance, nothing that takes a lot of work to maintain, set-up or clean. The ease of just walking outside and continuing on with the day under the blue sky! I hope you enjoyed this Outdoor garden and front porch tour, I apologize for not being organized enough to sharing my back yard. Until I share that next week you can enjoy the other bloggers linking up for this outdoor tour!


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  1. Emily, Its amazing all that you have done! I can’t remember if you added that front porch or its a new home! The color paint of the door is really nice. Everything looks beautiful and the flowers are growing nicely. I love the stone walkway.

  2. Wow so pretty and peaceful. I love your garden. I am thinking this is the perfect place to enjoy those long summer evenings.

  3. Love your decor color scheme. Your garden is beautiful and everything looks so comfortable and inviting.

  4. My favorite color is purple, so I LOVE those purple flowers! So pretty. You’ve done a great job with the front patio area, also.