DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art

DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art

I like to keep things low cost around here for my decor when I can. Splurging on bigger ticket items like furniture or appliances has to happen, but decorations can get pricey quick. Add in that I have a high vaulted ceiling in my home and wall art can be crazy expensive to fit the size needed. I made this DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art out of fabric! This sits on my fireplace and helps me fill the massive space without cutting into my budget too much.

how to make low cost large DIY wall decor

I know, fabric for wall art? Just go with me on this, the idea is a great one to keep costs down but the wow factor high for home decor. Like I said earlier, this fireplace of mine is massive. I adore the scope of it with the stones and the vaulted ceiling. However, I have always struggled decorating it to scale. Large spaces usually mean large items in place. The dark blue ship lap was added last year, I adore the darker color of this. It was just the splash of color and warmth this room needed. I also made two simple frames to show off smaller coastal art, but they are too small for the scale of the fireplace space. This is where this DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art comes in.

blue pattern fabric

I am smitten with the more bold look with geometric patterns. When i first started decorating I was wanting to go super shabby chic. However, I am not too shabby or very chic. See what I did there?! I am more casual, loud, and fun. We are a young family with lots of life in us. I want our home to reflect that. So I have been transitioning into a casual, relaxing, bright, and full of patterns look to my home. With elements of rustic because it is so dang perfect to decorate with too.

blue curtain

For this DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art idea to work I needed fabric, but in this case I am actually using a curtain. I found this one that has a subtle pattern on it with a mix of light and dark blue on clearance. I love to decorate with coastal touches and felt this was coastal-ish. The ‘ish is added because it is subtle with the colors, not bang you on the head nautical themed.


Because I am a crazy DIYer we have a lot of wood laying around, this also means I am a hoarder or building supplies. I had a few 2×4’s in my garage.

cut 2x4

I cut them in half down the middle, then measured out the space where the picture will go. This frame is 42 inches wide by 48 inches high. No real reason for these measurements other than it is the size I wanted the picture to be. The great thing about DIY is it is always custom!

cut down to size bpards

I cut the 2×4’s down to that size. Then nailed them into a rectangle frame.

frame corner


Once that was done I put the curtain fabric over the newly built frame. Making sure that the material was center and not leaning to one side or the other.

fabric draped over frame

The next part was a two man job and I recruited Dale to be my other “man”. While one pulls the fabric tight to the side of the frame, the other uses a heavy duty staple gun and staples it in place. One hundred staples later the fabric was attached to the frame.

stapling in fabric

stapled side

I had a lot of excess fabric, but first needed to get the fabric attached to the back of the frame. I attached it to the side first so that it is all secure with no movement. Now stapling to the back of the frame will allow the end and frayed fabric to stay hidden.

excess fabric

Once it was all stapled on, I cut off the excess fabric around the back of the frame.

back of picture

Technically I could have been done after this, but I wanted to have a more finished look. So I used some trim pieces I had in my garage (remember, serial DIYer and hoarder here).

wood trim

I cut them in half long ways as well and they were exactly the size of the side of the picture itself. It is a little under 2 inches thick on the side.

how to stain

After they were cut I used my favorite dark walnut wood stain. It is a major love affair I am having with this stain, and I would say it is pretty serious. I have been happily using this stain for 4 years now.

dark walnut wood stain

I did one coat of the wood stain, and left it to dry.

wood frame

I secured the new frame, let’s call this the fancy frame to the picture. I call it fancy, because it is not needed to complete the project however it makes the picture.. you guessed it… fancy! I used standard hammer and nails to attach this to the 2×4 under the fabric.

That is it! This DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art is ready to be set up and showed off.

It could stay as-is for a subtle and simple little bit of texture to the walls. The DIY shiplap is bold enough already.

But the best part about this DIY large wall decor is that it is perfect for layering other things. I could add the coastal wall art, make this work for other holidays or even just add other small trinkets to the front of the fireplace mantel.

Here is how I layered in art work with this for Christmas. This was before I had installed the shiplap, but it gives you an idea of how versatile this large scale wall decor is.

This gives the cleaner and minimal look to it without overwhelming the space. So adding in other layers of art or decor does not feel like too much.

It also is more along the lines of the larger scale needed to fill my awesomely big fireplace and dining room. I adore the large vaulted ceiling, it adds a great look to the space, but decorating it can be difficult.

This DIY large fabric wall decor, easy to layer art gives me options. It can work for holidays, seasons, or even themes depending on what is layered around it. I can go more bold with colors or keep it simple with adding more texture. I am the type of person that is always changing around my house (I know absolutely no one is surprised if you read here frequently) so having decorations I can utilize in a few different ways gives the piece longevity in my home. I can play around with this wall decor, add or take away what I need. But this gives the perfect back drop to fill the vast space without breaking the bank on cost. This is a decorating win!


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  1. My goodness!!! This is an amazing transformation. Thank you for easy to follow steps and guide. Now I want to move out of our townhome more than ever so I can decorating and doing my “own” thing. This toally screams major HGTV vibes.

  2. I love how they came out. My mom used to make these all the time to decorate my and my sister’s bedrooms when we were kids. I still have an old Strawberry Shortcake one from the 80’s in my basement.

  3. I did something similar to this with an old drop cloth. It’s fun to have artwork that you know nobody else will have!

  4. I would never have thought to use fabric to stretch and cover boards to make a large back ground. Nice you used plain fabric to off set everything else and make it stand out.

  5. This came out so lovely! I need to do something like this to bring color in the living room.

  6. I never thought about doing a fabric display. Great idea!

  7. That is a great DIY you have a great style and the handy capability to put it all together. I am not as good with putting a frame together but I will look back on this for my mantle.

  8. That is awesome! You have some mad talent there! I would love to decorate my house like this. It’s so much nicer when you can make it yourself. This looks beautiful.

  9. I love the way that this project turned out. It add such a nice pop of color to the space.

  10. I love DIY wall art. Your work here came out really nice. The best thing is how you feel like you really own your work because you made it yourself.

  11. I love this. I am not a DIY kind of girl, I have zero crafty abilities, so I really appreciate seeing what other people do. This is great.

  12. I have done this project in my house as well, with fabric I bought when we traveled to South America and I couldn’t find another use for. What an easy way to update a space!

  13. Looks great! I love crafts like this. I can get on board with the easy ones!

  14. That is so pretty I’m loving the turquoise color feel like you were at the beach. I wish I am as creative and handy as you I am impress.

  15. I love that large fabric wall decor! I think it would be great by itself but it also looks great with all of the layered pieces as well!!

  16. Oh wow, I barely have done any DIY lately, and maybe now I can make use of something similar for my room. Anyhow, this looks really lovely!

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