The secret to sparkling wood and tile floors!

The secret to sparkling wood and tile floors!

Today I am taking a break from the pretty and fun that is decorating a home and getting into the nitty gritty. The dirt, and grimy side of a home. I am sharing the secret to sparkling wood and tile floors!

The secret to sparkling floors! (1)

**This post is sponsored by Rejuvenate, any and all opinions of products are my own**

My home is my safe haven, the place we come to relax and get away from the crazy world. It is also where my two dogs Teddy and Finn roll around, run in from the mud, leave their dog hair EVERYWHERE!

My kids bring the fun, love, best moments of my life, noise, sand, dirt, anything sticky, food on the floor and so much more. Our home is lived in. It is time for me to confess to you all, I do vacuum and sweep my home, but I have never found a mop that worked for my family. So for years I have gotten down on my hands and knees to clean my floors. For years, which meant that unless it was a big time mess my floor went unwashed for longer than I care to admit. Not anymore though!

My wood floors shine now, they are clean, the dirt is gone, and they are true beauties now all because of Rejuvenate’s Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop This is when you know you have reached peak adulthood, getting excited for finding a mop that works perfectly for my to decorate open concept home

What makes this mop work so well is first of all the ease of use. I simply put in the cleaning solution that works best for my floors, then spray away and clean. Gotta love that Click ‘n  clean feature to the mop! I am able to make my floors shine all while getting rid of the wonderful dirt that my kids and dogs are determines to bring in on the daily. The Click ‘n clean mop can be found at your local Home Depot store or online here. 

The cleaning pad is removable and can be thrown into the wash once I am done using it.

There is even a feature on this mop that allows me to flip the mop and use a sponge that is good for scraping those mystery stains, stickiness and caked on dirt that is unfortunately a part of life with three kids and two dogs.

Seriously, my floors have never looked this sparkly, EVER! It is nice to know that not only do they shine but they are also clean, removing any dirt and germs that get carried into my house. I mean, I love focusing on the decor in my home, but having a home clean that can keep us healthy and as germ free as possible is important too!

Now onto the best bonus possible for this mop, it can also work perfectly for tile! Not only does it have cleaning solutions for luxury vinyl, marble, granite and stone. But it has a cleaner for tile and grout too, also the best scrubber tool to make the job as pain free as possible.

Change out the cleaning pad for the grout brush, spray and scrub away!

I thought these floors were clean, I mean I was literally on my hands and knees scrubbing these tiles. But one spray and scrub with this and it was insane how much dirt was scrubbed out of the grout lines.

Then I was able to put the cleaning pad back on and use the tile cleaner to wipe it all away.

I was able to deep clean the floors in my laundry room and bathrooms in such a short time. Which is great, but now what will I do with my free time? Hear me out, I used the time to clean floors as a little “me” time. I put on some music, banished the kids to another part of the house and got down to business. Now with this process taking only a few minutes I need to convince my kids to still give me that “me” time without me cleaning the floors.

I know, they are 10, 8 and 7…. this Rejuvenate Click ‘N clean mop is easy enough for them to use. I can let them do the work, we can call it character building. Then I can get that quiet time while they clean. Boom, Mom mic drop! All joking aside, I was excited to share this with you all because this has been a time saver for sure. No matter what flooring you have (as long as it is not carpet) this mop is for you, there is a cleaning solution for any kind of flooring.

This mop is no match for Teddy! He is still cute and furry but the dirt he brings in will finally be wiped clean! I have found the secret to sparkling wood and tile floors and it is affordable, easy, and efficient. My kids are determined to put this mop to the test. With it warming up outside that means there is a lot of outdoor fun, and a whole lot of dirt, sand, grass, rock collections, leaves, balls being kicked, skateboards in the house and so much going on. I love this chaos, the summer months are my favorite. It is nice to know I have a cleaning system that can finally handle the traffic and chaos!




  1. I have used these kinds of mops before. With today fake wood floors and different tiles this kind of mop works really well and does a nice job.

  2. I just got one of these mops and I really like how easy it is to use and how well it works.

  3. I think I need one of these mops. The one I have doesn’t seem to work very well. I like that it helps to clean the grout too!

  4. This sounds like such a great device, it sounds like they are so easy to use I could definitely do with something like this at home as we have all hard floors around the home.

  5. Your wood floors look amazing. I have an older house with wood floors throughout and it would look great if I did a once over with a spray andmop system like that.

  6. We could use this! No matter how often I clean our floors they just don’t look clean! I will have to try this one out!


  8. Your fur baby is too cute. Your floors look amazing, I have to get this for my home.

  9. We are about to make the change from carpet to wood flooring, so I will keep this product in-mind. It sounds like the right choice.

  10. We have a dog and when he’s shedding we can sweep up enough hair to make another dog on some days. I haven’t seen this product, the grout brush is a nice feature.

  11. This sounds like a nifty little mop with the bottle inserted. I have to spray, then put the bottle down, wipe wipe wipe and then repeat. It’s a process. I used to wash all more floors by hand as well, then my kids grew up and I literally can not keep up with their messes!

  12. I love your wooden floors! I have this same mops and I love it! It really do clean very well and it’s so easy to maneuver and use.

  13. It’s amazing how simple and easy cleaning products make it nowadays. This product thinks of it all.

  14. I have a traditional mop that swifts around but doesn’t clean like this. I definitely need this in our home.

  15. This one looks perfect for tiles and removes the stains so well. We have always had issues zeroing on the right mop and have tried a variety of them. Hope to try this one.

  16. I love your floor very classy looking perfect fit on for your cozy living room. I have same mop at home it keeps our floor not only looking clean but also smells clean.

  17. Well, I guess I am getting one of these! I really love how well it works!

  18. We have two cats and two kids, and I feel like I am always chasing after their messes. One of our cats has a respiratory issue and every time she shakes her head, she sprays drops everywhere. Gross.. and it needs constant cleaning. This would be perfect for our household.

  19. First, all of your floors are gorgeous! Second, I need on of these. Third, Your pictures are amazing!

  20. We have been trying to find an easier way to keep our floors clean now that I’m washing them all the time from the dog, I think you found my answer!

  21. Some nice tips, my floor is now looking much better! Thanks

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