Home is the key – Habitat for Humanity

Home is the key – Habitat for Humanity

Today I am changing things up, still talking about my home but getting a little more personal and helping get the word out for an amazing organization. Let’s talk about Home is the key – Habitat for Humanity! 

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I was contacted by Habitat for Humanity to help get the word out on their Home is the key campaign. All month long they are raising awareness on the nation’s rising affordable housing crisis. They have teamed up with Drew and Jonathan Scott from the TV show Property Brothers, and a ton of brands to build homes for families, raising money to bring about positive change along the way. Over the past 40 years, Habitat has built thousands of homes in the United States and around the world, creating transformational change for individuals, families and communities.

Not only can you donate directly to Habitat for Humanity here but there is a lot of promotions going on at stores across the country I want to share, At Home will sell specialty patio umbrellas and spring coaster sets in store to give back to Habitat. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy decorating my home. I have fun creating this space that is the back drop to so much of our lives. Now I can put my hobby to some good use, getting the word out about a great organization and also doing a little shopping to raise money too! Donate in-store or online at any of the Chico’s FAS brands in addition to purchasing specialty products in-stores. O’Cedar: From April 1 – June 15, O’Cedar will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity for every ProMist® Max spray mop sold. Kum & Go Convenience Stores: 10 cents of every specially marked water bottle sold will be donated to Habitat, and customers will have the opportunity to donate additional funds at checkout, as well as amazing online promotion going on. Schneider Electric  is building on an 18-year partnership with Habitat, Schneider Electric will promote the campaign and drive donations through its social channels throughout the month. Other corporate partners, including HGTV and iHeart, have joined to spread the word and rally their customers to support Habitat, as well. All month long Nissan will donate $1 for every social media shared with #Homeisthekey! All of this promotion and shouting from the rooftops will help in building homes for two families in Nashville, TN  designed by the Scott brothers and built by  themselves as well as volunteers.

I was so excited to help get the word out for Habitat! You all see my home on the daily, with it’s perfectly styled pictures and light streaming in. My home is the place all three of my kids have been brought home from the hospital, they have all taken their first steps on these floors, played in the same back yard. This home of ours is what dreams are made of, not because it is a dream home but it was my dream home growing up. Our house is not grandiose, no big mansion here. We have an average house with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with a big enough yard. While it may be run of the mill average on paper, it is so much bigger than that to us. When we purchased our home, signing a pile of paperwork it all felt very surreal. Being a home owner has always meant so much to me and is something I will never take for granted.

Growing up I was raised by my teenage Mom, Grandma, and extended family. I was very loved and have great childhood memories, I am also blessed to be close to my extended family because they all had a help in raising me. We moved a lot due to various reasons, moving from one rental to another, and everything was always tight financially. My family provided for me the best they could, but I remember squishing my face up to the window in our car when we drove down neighborhoods with nice houses, big yards… it all seemed so magical to me and very safe. Having a “forever home” felt safe, it felt like people in those homes would always be secure.

In working with Habitat I have learned that my assumptions on people being home owners do have more security. Children of homeowners make fewer visits to the emergency room for routine health problems and are more likely to succeed in school. Crazy!! When I was a little girl I made a promise to myself to one day have one of those houses I saw while in the car, with a dog running in the back yard and cute holiday decorations on the front porch. We all have an idea of what we want to be when we grow up, I am being very honest when I say that I wanted a house, a home. Not an apartment, not a house to live in for one year; when I grew up I wanted a forever home.

Our house now a home home tour. Filled with coastal, low cost, simple, casual and bold patterns in this home perfect for a young family.

Home is the key to happiness and security, it represents so much more than just pretty things. This is the place my kids make their memories, will grow up, our family and friends walk in this door. We have filled these walls with laughter, love and so many memories. My home also signifies how far I have come, from struggling to pay rent as a young adult, seeing every adult in my life struggle financially growing up, to where I am now fills me with pride.


living room and entryway ideas

One in four households in the U.S. pays more than 30 percent of income for housing and may have difficulty affording necessities such as food or clothing. Habitat for Humanity and it’s partners are working to close this gap, helping to make homes become possible for more people, one family at a time.

blue living room ideas

I can only imagine what an opportunity like this would have been to my family when I was growing up. To have a home to call ours, to own and be able to afford would have been a complete game changer. The two families in Tennessee have shared their stories, and how this organization is positively impacting their lives. You can read all about Amanda’s family and also Ashlee’s family.  They are working alongside the volunteers to build their homes. Finding affordable housing for my family would have lessened the load a lot. My mom, Aunt and Grandma all pooled their finances together to provide me and my cousins a place to live. Affordable housing can improve health outcomes by freeing up family resources for nutritious food and health care expenditures. I know if there was more options that did not take so much of the combined income of the strong women in my life things would have been much different (and better) during my childhood.

open floorplan living room

great room

The life my kids live is drastically different from my own. I am not naive enough to think it is just because we own a home. One interesting thing that I think does factor into my life is that my husband grew up very different from me. We both had loving people in our lives that wanted the best for us, but that is where the similarities end. His parents always owned their home, only moving two times for better job situations. Dale grew up with security, with a forever home and never having to worry about being kicked out of where he lived. Because of this when we began our life together purchasing a home was just the next step, it is just what you do according to him. It never seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to him.

bright living room

The idea of purchasing a home was so foreign to me, and very scary even though I desperately wanted it. Walking into our home, knowing it was ours was the biggest deep breath of fresh air. I knew that my kids would feel settled, secure and always have home to come back to regardless of where life takes them.

Ikea ektorp sofa

We have been able to provide this home to our kids because of my husbands choices he made as a young adult, and because the help his parents provided to him while he was in the planning stages of adulthood. He lived at home while he went to college, not having to contribute to the home or having to move out because the house was too small. He paid for each semester of school himself because he did not have to worry about paying rent. When we met I was 19, living on my own and working full time with plans to eventually go to college. How do you find time for school when paying rent, car payment, insurance, and utilities all while working full time? It is a cycle that becomes impossible to get out of. I was working my butt off and barely making it even in a one bedroom apartment and no one but myself to provide for. Virtually nowhere in the U.S. can a full-time employee earning minimum wage (I was actually making over minimum wage as a Nanny) afford a one-bedroom apartment. Even two such jobs won’t rent a two-bedroom apartment in 29 states.

blue painted ceiling

I got out of the cycle because of my partner, Dale had a helping hand from his secure parents. So purchasing our home became possible because there was time to save for the down payment, there was time in his day to go to school because of no rent being due. This was a very fortunate break that will have lasting effects to us and now our children.

blue and gray living room

The living room and the dining room is the hub of our home, this is the place we gather, relax, and have people over. My children have this cozy and comfortable place they call home. This is not something that should ever be exclusive, my children are special to me because they are mine. I want the world for them, just as every other parents does for their little ones.

blue and white living room

Our house now a home home tour. Filled with coastal, low cost, simple, casual and bold patterns in this home perfect for a young family.

A home and family need laughter, carefree moments of friends over, too many giggles, music playing, kids running around, good meals on the table, and a place to always call home. That security of a home, and even better; an affordable one provides more opportunities for the adults and then trickling down to the kids with their futures being brighter.  Which is why working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity helps make a small dent in the struggle to bring affordable housing to families, just like mine; just like yours. We all need a home.

shiplap and fireplace in living room

Our house now a home home tour. Filled with coastal, low cost, simple, casual and bold patterns in this home perfect for a young family.

I could relate to the stories from the families that are building their homes with Habitat so much, they both mentioned looking forward to walking into their homes and feeling like it is a dream come true. Life can become hectic, it will always have struggles and stress. I get caught up in the mess of it all too, but 10 years after owning our home I still have those moments when it hits me that this is mine. This home is the safe and security I craved, knowing I am giving this to my children makes me want to burst with happiness.

I decorate my home with bright colors, comfy furniture, kid friendly spaces for them to live, play and create. I never want my home to feel stuffy or too fancy. This is the place to kick up your feet, grab a blanket from the sofa and relax. Take a big deep breath and escape from the crazy world. This is our safe haven, and that is what a home is; Home is the key. 

home decor blogger dining room

I do what I can to cut corners for our family budget, I shop thrift stores, I decorate with secondhand items, or make them myself. We DIY everything we can and I make the smaller decor items to fill my home with. All of that is needed to create a place that is decorated and welcoming without spending too much money. A house becomes a home because of the people in it, the moments made. We all need those moments, we all need that safe haven.

living room, family room and dining room combo

I focus on the decorations here on my blog, but the heart of it comes down to what it all really means. Home is the key to life, happiness, security, memories… Home is the key to everything good. My yard will always be the place my kids created different worlds, fought imaginary pirates, gained the courage to jump off of the swings, conquered the rock wall. We have spent many summer nights chasing fireflies, counting stars, roasting marshmallows by the fire.

This home of ours has been the place they giggled for the first time, lessons learned, learning to ride a bike, running to their Dad’s arms when he comes home from work, handing out Halloween candy, homework battles are done here, dance parties, hugs. Family and friends walk in our door and become a part of our world.

This blog is all about sharing my home, how I decorate it and ways I make it work for my growing family. Home is the key – Habitat for Humanity is working hard to make a home affordable and possible for families everywhere so they can welcome friends, create that safe haven for their little ones; just as I have done for my family. Organizations like Habitat and their partners making this happen have turned a dream into a reality for many families. Getting those keys, walking in and having a home to call their own is just the beginning of the journey. On a side-note, my Mom just purchased her first home this year. After years of work, sacrifice, tears, trials and more hurtles than anyone should ever endure she walked into her forever home! With her name on the mortgage and key in hand she took that much deserved big deep breath knowing she did it. I am happy to help others have this moment of joy, along with Habitat and their partners we can all make it happen!


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  1. Home is one place everyone should enjoy wanting to be at. Ours is warm comfortable, inviting so drop by anytime and relax and have a good time.

  2. I want to try and volunteer with habitat next time it is in the area. I think it is a great organization and I’m glad you are supporting it.

  3. Habitat for Humanity is fantastic! I actually volunteered when I was younger with a similar organization and found it to be an amazing experience. <3

  4. I just love Habitat for Humanity. They do such wonderful things. Your home is so gorgeous, I just love the decor.

    I need to volunteer one day!

  5. We have a H4H in our area and I try to donate there as often as I can. I love that they’re helping families and I’d be happy to participate in this to help as well. What a lovely home you have. It’s so cozy.

  6. Think working with Habitat for Humanity is an outstanding idea. I am not the most handy of people that I know there is plenty of stuff you can do that has nothing to do with building the house itself. I would love to get my entire family involved with this because we can use time to donate back for everything that people of given to us.

  7. Habitat for Humanity is an amazing organization! I think anyone who volunteers are doing a great thing for their community. I loved the pictures of your beautiful home!

  8. The kids and I have volunteered at a couple of HfH sites. Thanks for highlighting some of the benefits of home ownership. It makes a difference. I think more people would volunteer if they knew there are some volunteer opps for persons as young as 5. Yes, 5 yrs old. Volunteers are always welcome.

  9. I love all that Habitat for Humanity does. Everyone deserves to own home. They do so much amazing work for so many communities.

  10. What a fantastic organization. I wish there were more non profits like Habitat for Humanity.

  11. That is such a wonderful organization. I have a friend whose husband works for habitat. I just love the work they do.

  12. Omg, your front porch is amazing. I’ve always wanted a cute porch with rocking chairs!

  13. Your home interior design is very inspiring. I always love your wall of pictures, it says a lot how you value your family.,

  14. That looks amazing! I think it’s really important that we talk about this issue and how we can help out. Thank you for raising awareness and for spreading the word.

  15. I think Home is the Key is a great campaign. The goal of providing affordable housing is a really admirable initiative and raising awareness of the work is great too.

  16. A sense of security is definitely a huge benefit when it comes to raising children. Feeling safe and at home makes all the difference.

  17. Habitat for Humanity makes so many wonderful improvements for so many needy families and communities. I’m so glad that there are so many opportunities to partner with them and make the world a better place.

  18. Habitat for Humanity does so many great things. I would love to work with them sometime. Your house is very lovely, and it is nice to have all those great memories.

  19. Habitat for Humanity is such a wonderful and well-respected organization. It’s so important for those of who can to help those who need our help.

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