Easy to make place setting

Easy to make place setting

I like to keep the decor simple around here, not even someone like me that has a decorating blog has a ton of time to decorate. Which is why this easy to make place setting that was in my Spring tablescape is a great idea to share!

Easy to make place setting perfect for a spring or summer tablescape idea. Bold, colorful, nature and relaxing table decor.

Spring has sprung in my home! I shared my Spring home tour recently and last week I showed off this cute Spring tablescape that I set up for myself and three girlfriends for our weekly lunch. This was also part of a blog hop with other home decor bloggers sharing their ideas all week long too. Tons of inspiration! Anyways, this all came together so well.

DIY and simple ideas for a bold and colorful Spring tablescape, inspired by nature.

I found these moss circles at Michaels craft store and thought they would make beautiful chargers to go under my plates.

I am using simple white plates for the tablescape and adding some pops of color was needed to match the bold and brightness of the planned centerpiece.

With the moss chargers and the white plates it was a great combination. However, the centerpiece had blues and oranges in it which I wanted to incorporate as well.

There was this ribbon at the store as well that was almost an exact match of the table runner I was planning to use. I liked the look of draping this ribbon under the blue and white striped bowls but over the plates.

Once I knew the length I wanted and tucked in the top under the plate, I got to work making the place card.

Using poster board I cut small rectangles to be used as the name card. Putting a hole into each top corner with a hole puncher.

I am getting really fancy for this next step… or just adding a little rustic touch. Taking twine (or jute rope, whichever you prefer to call it) threading it into one of the holes in the name card.

Then wrapping it behind the orange ribbon.

Threading the twine into the other hole.

Ending up with both twine ends in the front of the name card. Tie into a cute bow.


I adjusted the name card so that it was hanging just at the level of the plate.

The end I cut into an angle, to me it felt more finished that way. The first attempt was not the best, do not try eyeing this!

I took a straight edge of poster board, folded the end of the ribbon in half.

Then used the poster board edge to draw a straight line going from the bottom center up to the side, making a V ending of the ribbon.

Cutting the drawn line gave a much more precise and even finish to the ribbon.

My easy to make place setting  is done!

Spring style place setting

I finished it off with a coffee cup and silverware that has a twig look to it. I also brought in more blue from the bowl and the centerpiece with a navy blue napkin.

Simple to make spring place setting

The moss chargers have to be my favorite addition to this! I had planned on using wood ones I already had, but the bold green of these work perfectly for Spring decor.

flowers and fruit tablescape


DIY and simple ideas for a bold and colorful Spring tablescape, inspired by nature.

Adding the orange ribbon to the place setting really brought it all together because of the bold orange in the table runner.

mixing patterns for table setting

simple to create Spring tablescape

I feel like decorating for Spring is all about colors and nature. It is an explosion of these things outside with flowers blooming, trees sprouting new leaves it is the perfect time to go bold with the decor.

Easy to make place setting perfect for a spring or summer tablescape idea. Bold, colorful, nature and relaxing table decor.

When it comes to this easy to make place setting  I like to keep it simple. Nothing fancy or overdone is needed for most tablescapes. This is all about the conversation with my girlfriends. The laughter, stories and shared experiences of raising our gaggle of kids. The tablescape was fun to have, going a little extra is always nice. But it should always be about the people and enjoying the time together. Now, bring on Spring!




  1. Wow, that’s so creative! I have to admit, after having my kiddos my hosting skills have really taken a hit, but perhaps it’s time I get back into the swing of it!

  2. The tablesetting looks really cute! I have never been the most creative person allowed so I always look for ideas from other people to try. I cannot wait to try this one.

  3. Well this is really pretty and we have plenty of wood to cut into slabs and make these chargers. Love how natural everything is. Would be great for indoor and outdoors.

  4. I’ve never heard of a plate charger before. The whole table looks very colorful, and just perfect for spring entertaining and dinners.

  5. That is really pretty and is absolutely perfect for hosting Easter. I love how everything came out and I am sure your guests loved it.

  6. This would be beautiful for an outdoor Spring wedding or brunch. I think this would also make some really cute coasters as well.

  7. I just love this idea! So pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever done place settings before. I’m usually all, “You sit there!” and it’s just a placemat. But I love the look of this.

  8. These are so beautiful! I love seeing something like this. We will probably be planning place settings very soon for a wedding =)

  9. seeing this makes me wish I did more entertaining. I like the simplicity and freshness of the place settings and how you incorporated the colors in the beautiful table runner. Looks fantastic.

  10. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    This is such a beautiful table setting! I would never want to eat on it!

  11. How cute. I love this place setting idea. Very spring-like and eye-catching. The table looks amazing.

  12. I love your earthy spring table. The moss is everything. Just beautiful!

  13. How cute is this. This gives me ideas on setting my table. Thanks

  14. I am so impressed! I love the colors and warmth of this table. Perfect for Spring! I’ll have to look for those moss circles.

  15. Wow, you’re so creative! This reminds me of the tea time seen in Alive in Wonderland. Its a beautiful set up for spring theme baby shower or some event like that. Super cool! Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a cute idea for a place setting. I like the green and pink together

  17. It’s such a beautifully arranged table! I love every single detail that’s there. It’s perfect for parties, not just Easter. And the place setting is definitely easy to make!

  18. My daughter recently wanted a unicorn-themed party and I think a place setting like this would tie in really well with the theme. How beautiful for spring!

  19. I am not that fancy when I have guests over. Im cheap and usually use paper products or my plates if I am serving something like chicken or a tough meat.

  20. Oh my goodness, it’s all so beautiful. I love the details you’ve included. I also love that you have a weekly lunch with your friends. I need to make that happen! My table wouldn’t be nearly this beautiful though. lol

  21. wow this set up is so lovely perfect for many occassions like mother’s day brunch, a tea party and a themed garden party for a special birthday. Love the colors and the selection of the plates too.

  22. Very creative idea and very beautiful finish. Very detailed.

  23. Ohh this is such a nice setting. The colors really blend well with each other and indeed perfect for spring time. I think I can make this beautiful setup for Mother’s day.

  24. I love dressing up my place settings. It’s so easy to make an ordinary meal special!

  25. What a cute springy table setting. It’s just perfect for this time of year. I bet if my table looked that cute, I wouldn’t have to call the kids to come and eat, more than once.

  26. Oh my word now that is a really cool idea! Sod for a place setting really goes well with spring time themes.

  27. Kim Croisant says:

    What a great idea…and different too. Your colors are very pretty.

  28. This is so pretty and creative m. You make it look so easy. I will try my hand of this soon.

  29. This is very cute. I love place setting.

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