Easy bathroom refresh, simple makeover ideas

Easy bathroom refresh, simple makeover ideas

I am so excited to share this Easy bathroom refresh, simple makeover ideas that I did!

Simple bathroom refresh, how to repair a hold in the drywall and refresh a bathroom in just a few steps.

Before I jump into things I wanted to remind you all what my kids bathroom looked like. We did a master bathroom makeover a couple years ago and I always planned to go to refreshing this one as well. But, life got in the way and the yellow wall color stayed put.


Then life kicked me in the butt and made a bathroom refresh happen. Well, really my dogs Teddy and Finn decided to eat a hole through the wall. I spoke about it here, and explained how I was going to take this needed DIY job and turn it into a positive.

I was never crazy about the wall color and the adorable owl theme was perfect for my little tiny kids. Now that they are 10, 8 and freshly turned 7 I felt it was time to finally tackle a little mini bathroom makeover while I repaired the drywall hole. I will be sharing the tutorial on how to patch this massive mess next week, but for now am just sharing the pretty new bathroom.


Here is is, the new and improved bathroom refresh!

Simple bathroom refresh, how to repair a hold in the drywall and refresh a bathroom in just a few steps.

I kept a lot the same; the floors, gray painted vanity and the counter tops are all the same. There is plans for a complete overhaul of this bathroom eventually. But time constraints and saving money for those bigger home improvement projects takes time. So this lovely little makeover will have to do.

simple bathroom refresh

The mirror was replaced. I was thinking about making a DIY frame around the existing mirror, but then saw this two toned one in the store and fell in love with it.

bathroom mirror frame

how to add new hardware to cabinet doors

Going along with the new turquoise wall color and the beach theme (like the rest of my home) I put on these new drawer pulls that are rope balls. I felt it was a nod to the coastal theme without being too much.

how to add new hardware to cabinet

Painting the walls and adding door or drawer hardware is the quickest and easiest way to update a bathroom or kitchen. It gives a whole new look without a lot of work. If you have a very limited budget or time to improve a bathroom I would focus on those areas, one afternoon of work and the space will feel completely different.

DIY wall art

coastal style wall hook

I went full blown coastal style with these adorable octopus hooks. My home has always had a beach feel to it and I am embracing this same color scheme and style in the rest of my home.

turquoise wall color



decorating with fake plants

Along with the new mirror, hardware and paint color I also added new bathroom accessories like this soap dispenser and my kids toothbrush holder. Adding in the big and bulky palm leaves add color and life to the space. These are faux so can withstand all that my kids throw at it and there is no wilting or needing to water them. With the bathroom I need everything to be low maintenance.

beach decor

polka dot decor for the home

As my kids get older I am sure the use of their bathroom will change. I will have my daughter that will take way too long getting ready with hair and makeup. My boys will pile dirt encrusted baseball and soccer uniforms in here…. I can only imagine how this space will have to change to accommodate all of that. For now my kids use the counter tops to mainly brush their teeth, splash water everywhere and rub toothpaste into every surface possible. Just my kids?!?!

coastal bathroom

The decor on the counter top is kept to a minimum because of my kids tendency to make messes in here. I am sure as they get older more storage in this bathroom will be needed. I hope to also change up the counter top and sink to add two sinks, or one long sink. But again, those are all plans for future me that can handle a big time bathroom remodel.

simple bathroom decor

small bathroom redo

I also changed out the shower curtain and the rug. Adding a navy blue to the light and bright color scheme of the bathroom I was going for.

blue and white shower curtain

Just a reminder, here is the before and after side-by-side. Not much was done but a whole new feel for this small bathroom was able to happen! Also, a much needed drywall and door trim repair job. I will be sharing how I did that all next week. This is part of adulting that should have been taught in school, how to repair drywall when you dogs (or kids) break a big hole in the wall.


The eventual plan is to remove the drop in shower and bath combo in here, tiling it or maybe figure out a way to fit in a stand alone shower and a bathtub in here. Tile the flooring and add either two sinks or one larger sink. Even if we could do this renovation now I am all over the place with what I want for the final look. I love the farmhouse style, but an industrial twist could be fun, or fancy and filled with marble accents…. I go all over the place and am not in a place to commit to long term remodel plans like that.

Simple bathroom refresh, how to repair a hold in the drywall and refresh a bathroom in just a few steps.

Which is why this easy bathroom refresh, simple makeover ideas is perfect for this phase of life we are in. My kids are still pretty small, and very much serious mess makers. We are in the hectic phase of life with our schedule, work and kids activities so a quick and simple bathroom makeover was all we could squeeze in. Thanks to my dogs and their hole in the wall temper tantrum we had to do something with this room. While I was repairing the wall I did some quick updates to get more of the look I like for the decor in my home. Going easy on the changes kept the cost low and it was a quick change up for this bathroom.




  1. I’m always amazed at how a little paint can refresh a room. I love the color choices for the wall and the vanity. Your coastal-inspired decor brings it all together beautifully. It’s so pretty!

  2. We are just getting ready to re-do our downstairs bathroom. These ideas are great and will come in handy when we get started. New paint is a must first.

  3. Talk about a lovely way to redecorate a bathroom! I love how it looks after you changed the paint for the walls.

  4. I love the theme! I always love the look of that blue. It’s calming to me. The door knobs are simply adorable.

  5. It looks amazing! I do need to give our bathrooms a makeover. Ours are pretty blah looking at the moment.

  6. We had a dog damage a wall that way once too. Ugh. The refresh looks lovely. I refresh with the season by rotating the shower curtain and rugs.

  7. This sounds like something I need to do as well for the bathrooms in our home. I think it would be nice to give them a fresh look! Love how this one turned out, the blue is so much better than the original wall color! I just love how it completes the look and brightens up the room!

  8. CUTE CUTE! I love seeing these types of posts because my husband and I are in the house hunting game right now and actually thinking about renovating a house! 🙂

  9. I love the wall color that you chose. The whole thing turned out cute, and I love all the little touches.

  10. Wow, the before and afters are actually pretty impressive! I love the new theme, it’s super cute 🙂

  11. Love the transformation of this space. The accent pieces you selected are so pretty and add such a nice touch.

  12. WOW, that looks like a completely different bathroom. I love how bright it looks now. I really want to redo the rooms in our mobile home and to work on redoing the outside to make it look more like a house and less like a trailer.

  13. Changing the paint made it look like a completely different room! I love all the little details that you added to make it feel more like a kid’s bathroom! It’s really pretty!

  14. I love your simple bathroom refresh makeover ideas. I had no clue that you could do such simple things to make your bathroom sparkle even more than it did before. I am going to use some of your ideas, thank you!

  15. I really like the beach theme. We redid our main bathroom last year. We put in a new toilet, vanity, lights and flooring. Oh and we painted. I have not found decorations yet, hopefully I can tackle that this year.

  16. I love the rope hardware! You did a great job, such a huge change!

  17. I love these ideas so much! You have a really nice taste for this stuff.

  18. Thanks for sharing your refresh tips with us! The results are very nice.

  19. LOVE that bathroom refresh! It’s so bright and clean!! Great job!!

  20. I love how you consider your kids on every detail of your bathroom. Plus, the beach theme is really cute. Lucky kids you have!

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