Thrift store find- Easy DIY wood scrap mirror frame

Thrift store find- Easy DIY wood scrap mirror frame

With this blog being 4 years old (how did that happen?!!!) there is a lot of projects I did but never got around to sharing. Today I am talking about this Thrift store find- Easy DIY wood scrap mirror frame. 

Thrift store mirror makeover. Easy DIY scrap wood project.


I love to use wood in home decor projects, and have a ton of it laying around my house. Because my name is Emily and I have a crafting supply, paints, wood, and furniture needing to be redone problem. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I do like to redeem myself by using the items in beautiful ways, like redoing an old, tired and simple mirror.

mirror before

I purchased this mirror from a thrift store with plans to one day do something with it. Today is that day folks! I am wanting to make this simple mirror shine with a colorful wood frame. Let’s get these easy to follow steps out of the way!

splitting wood in half

I have all of these scrap pieces of wood. They were purchased in a bundle for $3, Dale thought I was insane for buying these because they are long, thin and just literal scraps. But these scraps are almost gone, I have found so many projects for them. He just mentioned we are going to have to buy another bundle soon.  I cut them in half, not perfect halves because I wanted one set of the wood pieces to be bulkier.

cutting wood

Then I went table saw crazy cutting a bunch of different sized pieces from 1 inch to about 6 inches. There was no rhyme or reason to my cutting.

wood pieces

I also cut to size a large plywood piece. The plan is to have two rows of the smaller wood pieces framing in the mirror. These wood pieces are rough so I needed to do some sanding to get them smooth.

lining up wood mirror frame

Placing the mirror in the center of the plywood and taking all of the slightly bigger wood pieces. Setting them on the outside. I wanted this to have a staggered effect so was mindful of placing smaller next to bigger, no clumping a bunch of similarly sized pieces together.

marking off and trimming wood

When I had the desired set up there was a few that needed to be trimmed to have it all fir snugly. Marking where the extra is and cutting it off.

placing wood on mirror frame

I placed the interior ones into the frame next. Because I plan to paint them with three different colors I am going to have to be careful with the color and placement of these. I did not want to paint pieces before placement because the size and color need to be well planned out. To keep things in this set up I numbered each wood piece. This way when I am placing them back on the same arrangement can be achieved.

number and mark all wood pieces

I also wanted to have a perfectly imperfect color set up. I chose a light gray, dark gray and turquoise. These are my favorite colors and I always have samples or paint of these colors around the house leftover. I blotted a small amount of paint on each wood piece. This way I can plan the appearance of color and when I take off all of the pieces to paint I will know what needs to be painted and put where.

painting wood pieces

I grouped together all of the colors, turned them over (so I can still see the number on the back) then painted away.

painted wood pieces

I love the look of projects happening.

painted white mirror frame

I also took and cut down to size more of the same wood scrap boards. These are going to be the outer frame for all of this. I painted these white to help tie in the tiny original white colored mirror frame.

putting frame on mirror

With everything cut and painted it is time to attach it all. I used wood glue and lined up the outer frame pieces. Putting a generous amount of wood glue on.

using clamps for mirror frame

Using clamped and setting it in place overnight.

making mirror frame

I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning, this DIY wood scrap mirror frame was so close to being done! I had already organized the smaller wood pieces in their corresponding order.

outting wood piece on

Using the same wood glue and laying it over the  plywood. I began placing the smaller wood pieces into their predetermined spots.

gluing mirror to frame

Next comes attaching the actual mirror. Using heavy duty power grip glue and slathering it on the surface.

finished DIY mirror frame

Pressing the mirror down and letting it sit overnight. Because this is going to be hung up and no one likes or broken mirror or 7 years bad luck, let all of this glue set in. Then add a standard hanging back to it.

small entryway mirror


I hung it up in my tiny little foyer and it adds just the perfect amount of color to this space!

DIY mirror frame corner

I love the details and rustic look to this Thrift store find- Easy DIY wood scrap mirror frameBecause of the colors it has a very coastal feel to it, but painting them a different color will have it feeling fresh and different. Staining the wood scraps a darker wood color would be a very stunning alternative as well.

coastal wall decor ideas


thrift store mirror makeover


I am so happy with how this turned out! It did take a few days to make this because of all of the waiting time for paint to try and wood glue to adhere. But the actual working on it was really quick and painless.

scrap wood mirror frame


Adding a third row of wood pieces would give this a very dramatic effect as well.

DIY mirror


I tend to decorate my home with light colors and a lot of white accents. Finding a way to add pops of color is a great way to warm things up and add the casual feel to the space. This Thrift store find- Easy DIY wood scrap mirror frame is a subtle way of adding color and texture to a somewhat boring place in my home. These three colors are my spirit decorating colors, I am not sure if I will ever fall out of love with them. If I do I will have a lot of home decor pieces to repaint because these colors have taken over my home. For now, if loving these colors is right, I don’t want to be wrong!




  1. Wow! You really turned that into a unique piece. I think it definitely stands out and is totally a statement piece.

  2. What a great mirror makeover. I don’t have the mr fix it gene. It took me three days to build our bedroom furniture for the kids! And even still perhaps a little shotty.

  3. That is neat how you took an inexpensive mirror and turned into something one of a kind. Like the colors you have chosen. Really like how easy this is to accomplish.

  4. I just love this mirror. What fabulous colors. I need to do something like this. The mirror in our bathroom is rather blah.

  5. Oh, I love it! We need a new mirror in our living room as ours recently broke. This is a great idea, and it turned out just beautiful!

  6. Now that is really pretty. I love when I can go to the thrift store find something in repurpose it for something I love. This is really cool.

  7. That project came out really well, you did a nice job. I like that it would be very simple to customize it to match existing color and decor.

  8. I love the color combination. I didn’t actually thought it could be this easy to do. I guess, now I have an idea and motivation to do this too. I thing I want to add more vibrant colors to it.

  9. Wow, you worked magic on that piece. I think it looks fabulous and very unique. It pops with color and creativity.

  10. This is awesome! I need a new mirror above my dresser so I will have to give this a try.

  11. I love thrift stores! This is such a great find and transformation. I love the colors you’ve used.

  12. I LOVE it! LOVE the colors! Love the no rhyme or reason pattern! You get it girl that is the way to have a great time creating something unique and gorgeous! GREAT WORK!

  13. I love the colors you chose and wow, another great project! I wish I am as handy and creative as you!

  14. Your mirror is beautiful! I’m not handy or crafty so making something like this would be quite a feat for me.

  15. Wow! This is so cute and I’m so impressed with your vision. My hardest thing when it comes to decorating is just seeing the possibilties in my mind!

  16. You can find that kind of stuff in thrift stores all the time. That turned out super cute! I wouldn’t mind one at all!

  17. Thank you thank you thank you! I have this big ugly mirror in my bathroom that I could NOT figure out what to do with. This would be perfect for it!

  18. Such an awesome idea! We just bought a fixer upper and I am looking for budget-friendly ways to update the bathrooms. I may be stealing this idea, thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow what a huge difference your DIY has done to this mirror! It is really lovely once you have added the scrap wood to it! Fab idea.

  20. This looks so beautiful! I just love the colors you chose for the wood. And this looks pretty easy.

  21. That is an amazing transformation!!! I wish I can have extra time soon to five this diy craft. I love hgtv remodeling so this is something I love.

  22. What is the size of the mirror? Also, the wood “tiles” are painted with normal acrylic paint, right?

  23. I am currently doing the same thing to a long mirror to attach it to our hallway door! progress has been slow due to hub having cataract surgery, but now the Dr. has cleared him, today is the day we get back on it!

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