Making a home comfortable year round

Making a home comfortable year round

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Having a home is about more than just decorating it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the pretty aspect of it, but there is so much more involved than just throw pillows and paint colors. Today I am sharing all about making a home comfortable year-round.

This post is sponsored by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I grew up in Southern California where the average weather is clear skies and sunny 75 degrees year-round. I spent my days on the beach and not even considering the changing of the seasons, because they never happened. Now that I live in Wisconsin that is not the reality we are working with. It is Spring, which means we can get a high of maybe 60 degrees and a low of 30 degrees, with either snow, rain, or sun from one day to the next.

This makes it feel like temperature and weather whiplash. I do what I can to make sure my family has the right gear to go out in the differing temperatures outside. Inside, I like to keep my home comfy. I am sure you can guess that I am a big-time baby in terms of cold temperatures, I get cold really easily. So, my priority is always making my home comfortable year-round.

In summer in Wisconsin we get really hot and high humidity, so my house staying a comfortable temperature is a big deal. We have really drastic highs and lows, so maintaining the heating and cooling in my home is always a priority. Also, not having to be in layers, or walking around at home with blankets wrapped around myself in winter is important. Blankets are meant to cozy up with because you want to and get lost in a good book. Blankets should not be needed to keep you warm, your home’s HVAC system should do that tough job.

That is why I wanted to bring to attention something that each homeowner should be aware of: the maintenance of your heating and cooling system in your home. I admit that when we first purchased our home we did not maintain our air conditioner or furnace correctly, which led to our AC stopping in the middle of summer and even more costs to get it repaired.

Click here to print out this free home maintenance check list

Since that mistake years ago we are pretty vigilant with this. It is recommended to have a home’s HVAC checked by a professional twice a year, in spring and then again in fall. I am a big time DIYer but for something like this it is always best to leave it up to a professional.

Our go-to company is One hour air conditioning & heating. They have independently owned and operated locations around the country but are backed by a national brand which means a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They even coming out to my small town in Wisconsin so you know there are locations everywhere. (To find the One Hour nearest you, visit their website or call 855-One- Hour.) Although I think this is a benefit for the technician, who drove up from Illinois to service our system and mentioned he would be stopping for cheese curds on his way home. When in Rome…. or Wisconsin, you eat cheese. So not only are their technicians qualified, skilled and experienced they also are people who like cheese curds. 🙂

It can feel off putting to have a stranger coming into your home, this is after all our safe haven. But, One Hour is amazing at putting my mind at ease. They let me know in the initial phone call that there would be a marked car coming to my home and they would call to notify me of the expected arrival as well as the name of the person the morning of my appointment.

Once here he introduced himself, went over the history of our HVAC, and any previous repairs or work done. He then let me know the process, the expected length of time he would be here, and all previously discussed services he would provide. Everything is explained and any other necessary services or repairs are discussed with cost laid out after the initial maintenance check is done.

One major benefit of getting our HVAC checked regularly is that a big problem can be found out and fixed before it turns into a bigger problem. In our case there was a small leak of fluid coming from a part of our actual furnace; this was noted but not repaired because we were informed that it may be covered under our furnace warranty. Which we later found out it was! The technician was very honest and it made me trust the company even more because of their transparency.

The technician went through a thorough check or our entire HVAC system, the air ducts in our home, checking anywhere for blockage or issues, the HVAC panel in our home and all parts of the furnace. For us the most recommended service was putting in a new blower motor and fan. Let me tell you people, I was shocked to see how dirty this was. This is the warm heat coming into our home, the air we all breathe. Our furnace is also having to work harder, which is using more power and energy to maintain my high-maintenance winter temperature needs.

The best part is that our technician vacuumed and wiped down everything around our furnace, which to be honest we do not do… ever. So technically it was left cleaner than before the maintenance was done on it! There were a few other recommended services which were all
explained with costs associated with those repairs. We were able to decide what would be done that day, and other things we would be holding off on. No hidden costs or pressure to get it all done right away.

There is a lot to keep up with when owning a home, and it can feel like a daunting to-do list. Which is why it is important to stay on top of it, because ignoring your HVAC can lead to more expensive problems later on. Or larger problems that prevent air conditioning or the heating
from keeping the home comfortable.

Let me just paint a picture of how drastic the temperatures can be here in Wisconsin, in winter we can get as low as -30 outside, yes you read that right! In summer we can get a high of 95 degrees with a crazy high humidity index. That change happens within the span of 12 months.
The amount of work my home’s HVAC has to do to maintain keeping a home comfortable year-round is insane. Which is why it is important to do those twice a year maintenance checks from a trusted brand like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating.

I have a lot going on in my life, I need to have the services for my HVAC done quick and efficiently. I do not have all day to wait around for someone to show up late. The day that our HVAC service was done we had a lot going on. Dale was working from home, I was volunteering
in my kids’ school. Then that evening we had horseback riding for my daughter and baseball practice for one of my sons. Not to mention the homework, laundry, and dinner craziness that happens every evening. I needed to have everything done with my furnace before my kids came home, which is why I set up the appointment for when I did. I am happy to say that the service was done right on time, Dale and I were even able to go out to lunch afterwards. I also hope that our technician was able to get those much-wanted cheese curds too!

Now that my home HVAC is cleaned, repaired and in top working order, making a home comfortable year-round can go back to my favorite focus. Which would be decorating! Get the must haves of maintaining a home out of the way with trained professionals and I can start decorating, painting and using my power tools to make furniture again. I also like knowing that my family will be comfortable while we ride out the spastic temperatures that is Spring in Wisconsin and get ready for the heat of summer. Bring it on!


This post is sponsored by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating®.





  1. Getting your HVAC serviced is so important. Love your tips! Can’t wait to put your home maintenance check list to use.

  2. Your home pictures are so beautiful! I love that photo collage of your family especially its so cute!

  3. Keeping a house maintained can be such hard work, can’t it? I don’t think people even realise all the stuff that needs to be checked, replaced and maintained on a frequent basis. Thanks for the handy list!

  4. Checking the dryer vent is SUPER important. There was a house fire near me recently and it was all because the dryer vent was blocked. It was so sad, so thank you for the important reminder.

  5. Great reminder to check all these different areas around the house. Get a professional who can check everything if we don’t know how to do this.

  6. It’s really good to have a good cleaning and maintenance schedule for your HVAC System. It would function much better with the changing weather/climate situation and it would also be more efficient.

  7. I need to print out that maintenance image you have there… those are all things that should really be maintained in the home but I always forget about them! Especially replacing the vacuum filter – slips my mind every time.

  8. Having the heating and air systems checked is a great idea. We have a maintenance and service contract that includes that, they’ve even replaced a filter on occasion.

  9. This is a great checklist! We recently got a new AC, and they’ll be coming out sometime in the next few months to make sure everything is good to go for the summer! We’re in Texas so a working AC is a must.

  10. We try to check everything about every 3 months to make sure things are in working order. These are all great tips for keeping your home in good shape and enjoyable year around.

  11. This is a great reminder. We just moved into our place last summer and have no idea when any of it was cleaned so this is something we need to look into asap!

  12. Season of Air-conditions and fans is here and I too have to fix a lots of things at my home. Thanks for those amazing tips.

  13. Great tips! We are doing a lot of these right now because of Spring Cleaning! Always want our home to be in tip-top shape!

  14. First of all your house and your family are beautiful!! You are blessed! Living in Florida with lots of humidity I know the importance of maintaining your air and heating system! We have it done yearly because of mold issues. Thank you for all the great tips. Going to review them and see if we are missing something!

  15. I’ll admit we always forget to check the furnace. I need to be better about that!

  16. We have everything checked out twice a year. This is a great checklist for homeowners and Home renters too.

  17. Home maintenance is so important. We had an incident one winter when our system went out. Fortunately, repairs were made within a couple of days and the service company provided portable heaters. It was the worst but a huge wake up call of the importance of HVAC maintenance.

  18. We have weather whiplash in TX too. It can go from 70s to 30s in hours if the right cold front pushes through. Home maintenance is super important and extends the life of a huge appliance. Failure to maintain your HVAC system can easily be a 10k dollar mistake if you end up needing to replace it. This post reminds me to let our landlord know that the air filter needs changing.

  19. Hubby and I were just talking about hiring an electrician to fix some wiring at our home. Home ownership comes with great responsibility to make sure that our home is conducive and safe for our family

  20. I really appreciate a good checklist! This is one of those things that you have to figure out on your own until/unless someone gives you a hint like this. Thanks!

  21. Everything looks spick and span and comfortable. It looks effortless, however, there is so much to do behind the scenes to ensure everything goes like clockwork. The checklist is, of course, great here as it helps in preventive maintenance rather than last minute firefighting.

  22. Debra Hawkins says:

    This is a great checklist! I need to be more on top of making sure all of these little things get down in our home!

  23. I live in San Diego and just visited my parents in law in Minnesota last week. We took our kids to Wisconsin Dells, love the weather, colder than here but kids really enoyed the snow.

  24. Very helpful post. I’ll definitely take note of your infographics. Indeed a great reminder on how to finally make our home friendly on any season.

  25. We are fairly new homeowners and there is a lot to maintaining a home. This checklist is so helpful.

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