Valentines day dinner for two easy tablescape and craft idea

Valentines day dinner for two easy tablescape and craft idea

Can you believe that Valentines day is next week?!!! I am over here still trying to organize and store my holiday decorations. However, here we are and I am sharing a Valentines day dinner for two easy tablescape and craft idea!

Valentines day dinner for two. Simple to make recipe, dessert and tablescape. Low cost gift ideas.

With Valentines day almost here Mary and I were talking about our plans with our husbands. We realized that this year it falls on a Wednesday, blah! Which means most couples will be celebrating this day in between homework, bath time, basketball practice and folding laundry. But this is still a fun holiday that is full of love! So we decided to team up for a fun way to celebrated Valentines day in the middle of the week.

Mary made a yummy cranberry glazed turkey in the slow cooker and I created a simple and romantic tablescape for two! The heart shaped dessert will be revealed Friday on the blog. I also wanted to throw in a few sweet and simple ways to make that special someone in your life know they are special to you. So a quick and easy Valentines day craft was the perfect solution.

Oh, an exciting side note, this tablescape was set up at Mary’s house! She cooked the yummy meal and I brought the decorations. Since I am getting this to you guys before Valentines day this is a “styled” meal. However, Dale and I plan to have a late dinner together at home once the kids are in bed. So my Valentines day will actually be a dinner for two staying in. We just had to set it all up beforehand.

This would have been an interesting behind the scenes video, Mary and I were running around setting up the table. Our husbands were snacking and drinking in the kitchen with music playing. Our gaggle of 5 kids were sledding down her big hill in the back yard. This collaboration with Mary on the blog is going to be so much fun!

Anyways, back to this Valentines day dinner for two easy tablescape and craft idea, the craft is going to be paper arrows. These can be used as decorations or even a sweet and simple gift idea. I am using craft paper and some paper straws that I purchased from a craft store.

Draw out a heart on the paper.

Cut out the heart.

Use a hot glue gun and glue the heart to the straw.

Next I cut out some arrow tails. I wanted this to have a whimsical feel so am going for different patterns for the Valentines day arrow.

Fold them in half and then cut lines into the ends. I call this “cutting grass”. Anyone remember being a kid and cutting grass out of green construction paper? Just me?

This gives the arrow tail a fanned out look.

Glue the tail into place.

These sweet and easy to make Valentines day paper arrows are done! This would be a fun children’s craft idea to celebrate the holiday, or to be used as decor. It can also be a sweet gift by writing a message onto the hearts. Really, there is a ton of options for these little love arrows!

I decided to use them with these cute cardboard notes that I purchased. I wrote sweet quotes or messages onto these, front and back. It is something that Dale can read when we are sitting down for our Valentines day date night in. Even though he did see the tablescape set-up I did not let him read this because I do plan to use these on Valentines day for him. I am just giving you all a sneak peek, and a chance to copy this idea for your own Valentine!

I wove some pink and white thread through the two messages. Then slid the arrow into place.

Tying the string to the back of a folded napkin.

I have a cute and sentimental place setting for our Valentines day tablescape!

For the rest of the table decor I used what I already had. Since Valentines day is on a Wednesday this year everyone is needing simple, no one has time in the middle of the week to go all out with decor  or a meal. The great thing is that taking the time to spend an evening together, even if it is after the kids are in bed is all that matters.

I got these flowers from the grocery store and cut them down to fit in the glass vases. The key to making grocery store flowers look like a florist bouquet is to cut the stems of the flowers small, let them bunch up into each other. This gives that full appearance. Also, adding candles is for sure a romantic touch that all Valentines day dinners should have.

When it comes to gifts I am big time believer in words, my language of love is validation. I like to hear it, I like to share my love in words, both written and spoken. These little notes on the napkins are just a simple way to articulate what we all feel for our partner. The craziness of life can prevent them from being said a lot. So take the time on Valentines day to really let them know how you feel.

The little paper hearts I sprinkled around the table is another spread the love. On Valentines day I plan to have Dale and I write some of our favorite moments down on the hearts. This will give us something to talk about other than the kids, home project plans, or business talk. There is no room for that, it is time for us to reconnect, turn off the computers and TV. Unwind and just be together. Something as simple as writing down our favorite moments together is a great jumping off point to encourage conversation.

Mary made this delicious meal all in the crock pot or prepped the night before. So it is definitely a realistic option for Valentines day.

This Valentines day dinner for two easy tablescape and craft idea came together really easily. Once I got to Mary’s house she took the meal out of the crock pot, warmed up the rice. I cut the fresh flowers and sprinkled the table with hearts. Total time to set up was maybe 15 minutes. The prep time was not bad either, very doable. So there is no excuse not to celebrate this day. Get a card and a bottle of wine ready and celebrate another year of love with your person.

I am also planning to give each of my kids an arrow and a message from me to each of them on Valentines day. Dale has my heart, but those three little ones have it as well. So a little celebrating of them is in order as well.

This cake is ah-mazing! Mary let my family join hers in devouring this cake after we were done taking the pictures of this tablescape. My kids loved it and asked me why I cannot be a food blogger too. I just decorate and they want to try more yummy cakes. I get it, I do… desserts are always a good thing.

When it comes to Valentines day the big and grand gestures are nice and always welcome. However, life happens and this day can get shoved to the side because of kids, work, laundry, dishes, ballet class, traffic…. whatever. Take that time to celebrate finding and having that person that picked you, out of all of the rest. The one that you met and thought “yep, I like you the most. I want to keep you!” We all had those lovey feelings and they do get buried under the craziness of life. Bring them out and celebrate love on Valentines day, even if it is in the middle of the week. This Valentines day dinner for two, easy tablescape and craft idea took a little bit of day before prep and then 15 minutes of setting up and that is it! The rest of the time can be spent gazing into each others eyes, giggling and flirting like you did years ago, sharing sweet memories together… all while yelling at the kids to go to sleep and no they do not need another glass of water. Life happens, but so does love!




  1. That is a really pretty tablescape for Valentine’s Day – or any romantic dinner! I love how classy and simple it is.

  2. What a cute craft and table setting. You thought of all the little details that make it special. The cake looks amazing back there by the way!

  3. I love the DIY Valentine’s Day arrows. They add such a cute element to your tablescape decor. Your tablescape is so cozy and romantic too. Love it!

  4. Very pretty table setting. We have white dishes and a dark table so I could easily do this. Nothing hard about making the decorations so that would be easy. Now to see if I actually do it.

  5. This is a sweet idea! My husband and I are pretty casual and won’t be doing much on Valentine’s Day. I’ll probably just order a pizza!

  6. Such a nice table set up. We especially like the DIY arrows with the hearts on them – nice and crafty!

  7. The table looks so pretty and I love the handwritten notes but my eye was immediately drawn to that fabulous looking cake. I would love to make something like that for my boyfriend.

  8. I like this tablescape because anyone can do it, no interior design degree required! The food looks yummy too. 🙂

  9. I love this! It’s simple which is something we like when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

  10. We are really overdue for a meal alone, we’re on totally different schedules so everyone eats at different times here. Those valentine’s arrows look great on the plates.

  11. This is very creative! A nice dinner at home would be lovely especially since you don’t have to fight through the crowds or struggle for a reservation. I love the setup and all the details.

  12. I love this tablescape. It’s perfect for a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two at home, so you don’t have to be around all the crowds.

  13. This is a cute idea. We are doing dinner inside as well. I plan to include the kids as well.

  14. I love love love that craft! You could really create those for just about any special occasion.

  15. What a beautiful tablescape! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  16. It is incredible how time flies, I am still recuperating from the holidays LOL! All yoru DIYs are so cute and that cake looks incredible. Definitely an inspiration to organize my first party of the year.

  17. This post is so sweet! I love all of the decorations! And the cake looks absolutely delicious! All great ideas for V-day!

  18. Very lovely setting and it’s the best because you made it yourself! I love the messages too, very sweet and thoughtful!

  19. This is actually the cutest thing I have seen all year. Whoever this is for is a lucky person.

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  21. What a cute little setup for valentines day dinner. Love the crafty idea!!

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  23. What cute ideas for Valentine’s Day. I’d love to make some of those arrows for the grand kids or help them make some.

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