Thrift store basket upcycle, an updated and bold makeover

Thrift store basket upcycle, an updated and bold makeover

I am a thrift store junky, if I have 15 minutes before I need to be somewhere I find a thrift store and see what treasures I can find. Today I am sharing this Thrift store basket upcycle, an updated and bold makeover. 

Thrift store basket upcycle, a bold and colorful easy makeover!

When looking around at a thrift store it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, unfortunately there is a lot of very old, or just plain garbage. But, there can be some amazing finds if you are willing to look. These little baskets caught my eye right away. They were in great shape as far as the wicker was concerned. In fact I had just purchased a few baskets from a home decor store and spent a ton of money on them. There were marked down to $3!

I liked the geometric little detailing on them and actually would have kept them as-is. However, they were pretty faded in some spots with the detailing. So my plan was to make them be bold and beautiful again. Since I do not decorate with a lot of browns this is my chance to do a Thrift store basket upcycle, making them work more in line with my personal decorating style.

Going along with my personal style I am painting these turquoise! Upcycling baskets are so easy to do. I picked the color I wanted, then spray painted them.

That is it! Two coats of turquoise spray paint and these beauties are improved so much!

When redoing a basket you can spray paint them and leave it as-is. Shining them up nice with just the simplicity of a new coat of paint. However, I am looking for a updated and bold makeover. I also loved the original geometric pattern of the triangles on the basket.

So I am adding two different kinds of detailing to these, two baskets that have the paint dipped method and two with the geometric triangles.

To paint dip is super easy, you can either take the item and dip it into the paint can. Or do like I did for these and poured the paint over the basket. I needed assistance for this, I held and rotated the basket.

Then Dale poured the paint slowly. I moved the basket up or down depending on where I wanted the paint line to be on the baskets.

I also had to have Nora, my 10 year old come and take the pictures, it was all hands on deck for this one. Paint dipping is a quick and painless way to paint an item. I like this technique because it gives a little drama and allows more paint coverage than if I had used a paint brush and painted it the normal way.

The biggest tip for this is once the baskets are dipped and when it is sitting down to dry you have to move the baskets around. Letting them sit in the paint that will inevitably drip off will leave a glob or dripping of the paint. So move it every minute or so until it dries.

Letting those dry I moved onto the other two baskets left. These ones I wanted to bring back the cute triangle detailing that the baskets originally had.

I drew out little triangles with a pencil going almost halfway up the side of the basket.

Then I started painting them, going triangle by triangle. Tracing the line first.

Filling in with a small paintbrush the center once the shape was traced with paint.

I did this with just one coat of paint, letting them dry.

Using a paintbrush sponge and adding the second coat of paint. Dabbing the paint onto the already painted triangles.

This brought out the paint more, letting the white be a stark contrast to the turquoise color.

I loved the look of it… and then Nora came over and said “Oh, they look like snow packed mountains and a blue sky.” Which, while not a bad look was not what I was going for. More of an updated and bold makeover was my finished style.

I can see her point with my color choices, but hopefully it does not feel too nature-ish.

When I purchased these cute baskets I did not have a set plan for them. I am not the type to buy something “just because”, but baskets and bins are things that I always manage to find a use for in my home.

The options are endless with these little baskets! Fill them with hats, rags, outdoor toys, mittens. They can be used as a small garbage can in a bedroom or bathroom. Storage in a pantry…. as I said, so many uses for them.

What I am going to do with them is set greenery and flowers into them. Letting the pop of color with the bold upcycled baskets blend into my home decor.I purchased this beautiful Orchid from the grocery store, it came in the standard garden container.

This Hydrangea was given to me by Dale in celebration of the day that he proposed to me 13 years ago. I hope to eventually plant it outside, but since I live in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin everything dies outside, so it is staying nice and cozy in the house for now.

These look adorable in the baskets! I might even move both of these onto my front porch when it warms up. I go bold inside my home but kick it up a notch even more outside.

Another option for baskets like this is to put faux flowers into. Cute baskets like this can add a little style to basic fake flowers.

These Thrift store basket upcycle turned out so cute! The geometric and bold style are really popular right now, so baskets like this are everywhere. I can see the appeal of them, but because they are so popular that means some can get expensive.

Finding these baskets that were faded but otherwise in great shape is the perfect upcycle project!

A fresh coat of paint and a little painting of the details is all that was needed to upcycle these baskets, making them a fun and simple decor accent.

I am sure they will move throughout my home depending on the season and what I decide to put in them.

When it comes to Thrift store basket upcycle, an updated and bold makeover, they are the perfect DIY project. You can customize them with the colors and patterns you want. Filling your home with more style and color without spending a lot of money. Baskets are the one item that I have never regretted purchasing. With 5 people in our house I am always looking to get organized and control the mess. so they can be very functional. Or just add a little pretty to the home with these and some fresh flowers. Either way I am about an hour invested with doing the makeover and under $10 to redoing all 4 of them!





  1. You did an awesome job on that upcycle. What a creative way to make something old new again!

  2. What a beautiful update to those plain baskets. I love your color choices and the designs. I would never have thought that those plain baskets could look like this. So pretty! I’d love to try this myself.

  3. Painting baskets has always been my go to when I get tired of one color or a looks. Freshens them up and makes them useful once again. Plus it is stop darn easy to accomplish.

  4. These baskets came out really well. I have seen faded baskets on yard sales and such and this is a perfect way to rejuvenate them and give them a new life.

  5. I love how these turned out. So pretty! We always need baskets since we seem to accumulate a lot of stuff.

  6. What a great way to personalize home decor, as well as recycling something older to be fabulous! I love this idea – thinking of all the things I could do now, with just a little paint (and some creativity)

  7. What a great idea, and fab photography. I love what you have done with these baskets, and I will be keeping this in mind the next time I am thrifting. Thanks for sharing

  8. What a great idea, and fab photography. I love what you have done with these baskets, and I will be keeping this in mind the next time I am thrifting. Thanks for sharing

  9. I think it came out nicely! I just love how it looked after and I like that you painted the details on the bottom part differently. It adds character!

  10. Awesome! I love wicker baskets because they are very versatile and have a gazillion uses. I love the color you chose for the make-over., Reminds me of the little waves lapping on the beach.

  11. What a beautiful up-cycle project. It is such a great way to refresh a room for Spring and add a bit of organization while Spring cleaning.

  12. I love how these turned out they are super cute! That blue was a great choice. I repurposed a few thirst store finds before, I love getting new things for super cheap.

  13. The baskets turned out so pretty. What a great way to upcycle. I really like how you got the entire family involved. I’ve never tried the drip painting technique but I love how it turned out.

  14. Really like what you did with the baskets! The light blue along with the white brightens them up. Perfect time for Spring!

  15. I love your basket redo! I have seen similar baskets at my thrift store. Now I know exactly what I am going to do with them!

  16. Love a simple DIY and this is perfect for revamping my decor. I love orchids and have a few so you gave me a great idea!

  17. What a fun way to upcycle and make a basket look new. I love the color that you chose for the baskets.

  18. That is a really good use for those! Good thinking on the paint to contain water and dirt.

  19. These are so lovely and I especially like how you explained everything so well! There’s something so satisfying about a craft you’ve made yourself and I love these for plants too.

  20. Beautiful! After you have painted them, this can be very costly! I really enjoy all the hacks and creativity you share in your blog. Keep it up! 🙂

  21. I love to grab items from the thrift store and upcycle them! These look really beautiful!

  22. The colors of these would go so well with my decor. I can’t believe you found these at a thrift store. I search everywhere around here for baskets when I’m out thrifting but seldom find any. Great find here.

  23. Wow this is so cool. I would love to do this as well. Perfect addition for my room make over. I also love the color! Awesome finds!

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