Fireplace redo, what color is best?

Fireplace redo, what color is best?

Today is a little different, I am sharing a home other than my own! I am also talking about the plans, and I need your help. This post is all about a Fireplace redo, what color is best?

Fireplace makeover

When I introduced Mary to the blog last month I had mentioned that we would be sharing her home and decorating ideas. She has a beautiful two story country home, with a big screened in porch that I am just itching to help her decorate! When I first went to her home she asked me about her brick fireplace, wanting my opinion on it. She wanted to change it up, do something but was not sure where to start. I suggested she could paint it and she likes that idea.

Since then she has been gently nudging me to help her paint it. However, she is at a loss on what color to paint it. Now, I know that there are some serious opinions on painting brick. The decision is that the brick WILL be painted, we just need your help deciding on the color.

To explain her family room a little bit might help out. This fireplace is at one end of her family with two big sliding glass doors on either side of this corner fireplace. The room has brown and red decor, with light tan painted walls. This is not what Mary hopes to stick with, she is not sure about her home decor style yet. That is part of what I hope to start working on with her, helping her find her personal decorating style.

For now we are keeping with the rustic and country feel, just brightening it up. My first inclination is white for the bricks. Stunning, stark and will bounce off any natural light beautifully.

There are so many options for this Fireplace redo. The mantle on is painted a tan color, I am leaning towards stripping the paint off and then staining the mantle back to wood. Or should it be painted the same color as the brick?

Another decision is how to handle the wood detailing on the top part of the fireplace? Should it be a different color than the brick, or keep it the same?

I keep asking Mary her preferences and she is all over the place, wanting to go white one minute, then the next going dark and bold. With this being her house I do not want to influence her home with my personal decorating style. So please keep that in mind when giving your color ideas. This does not need to “match” my home or the usual style I decorate in. This is her space, her family relaxes here and makes memories together. So we need to personalize it and carve out that beautiful space that she feels happy in.

30 amazing fireplace makeovers. DIY projects with rustic, bold, modern, contemporary, craftsman, farmhouse and elegant fireplace styles.

Since I could not just talk about her fireplace I also wanted to share some pretty inspiration with you. So I gathered some of my favorite fireplace makeovers from my blogging friends. There are so many different ways to redo a fireplace! Even picking a style can be difficult. There is rustic, country, elegant, craftsman, minimalist and then a ton of in between options.

A coastal style home decorate the fireplace mantel with DIY projects and simple crafts. Keeping the decor low cost and full of California casual charm!

I have added shiplap to my living room fireplace and added tile to an electric fireplace surround in my bedroom. Both with very different features and styles.

The plan is for Mary and I to start tackling her fireplace soon. I am excited to start working with Mary on finding her decorating style. I think this journey will be fun for everyone else to follow along with on the blog. Depending on when you discovered this little corner of the internet you might have come along after my home was “done”. Even though I still have long lists of home improvement projects my home is pretty established in it’s style and decor.

Mary’s home is a blank slate and she is eager to start turning her house into a home. We will be decorating together, one DIY project, too many giggles, and lots of memories while we decorate her home while our husbands hang out in and our kids run around playing. So, help us out with this Fireplace redo, what color is best? The one hard no is to cover the brick with tile, leaving the brick there is pretty much the only restriction Mary and her husband Jeff have. So, share away!




  1. Deciding what color to paint a fireplace can be a difficult decision. I like the idea of painting it white and am looking forward to see what color Mary decides to go with.

  2. I like the river rock. For us the more natural looking for a fireplace the better. All white fireplace just fades into the walls and disappears leaving a big hole where the firebox is located.

  3. The countryside look of the fireplace looks awesome and refreshing. This can really add more warmth and homey feel of your house.

  4. I love all these ideas! They make me wish I had a real fireplace. We just have one of those fake ones. One day I’d like a real fireplace!

  5. I have seen several whitewashed bricks that looks really nice on a fireplace.

  6. Hmmmmm… so many beautiful choices. I wish I could be more help but I honestly love them all. I’m thinking leave the brick and give the mantle a rustic update with a nice mirror or framed picture.

  7. I have watched so much Fixer Upper that I feel well versed on modernizing fireplaces–ha! I would recommend doing either a dark paint job on the brick and light on the mantle or the exact opposite. I love a contrast!

  8. These are some gorgeous choices! I love how creative people candy with something that is so regular. Anything with stones really attracts me quite a bit.

  9. I am a big fan of wood and pretty much never understand why people cover it in paint. I’d put it all back to wood, I think it would look great in that room.

  10. They both look nice, but i really like the white look over the stones. I have always wanted a fireplace in our home.

  11. I am loving the brick one. It reminds me of the farmhouse I grew up in so really loving the vibe I get from it.

  12. I’m partial to the stone look. My grandmother had a stone fireplace when I was growing up.

  13. Fireplaces always help such a special beauty. I really love the stone look.

  14. I love the look of whitewashed brick but it’s bright and light. However, the river rock is also totally cute too. We have an electric fireplace and we re-designed it last year.

  15. This is a tough one for sure. I love exposed brick painting it could give a nice punch of color.

  16. Debra Hawkins says:

    I like everything very light and bright! I would probably do white brick and blue wall behind!

  17. I’m in the don’t paint brick camp. But since that is not an option, I vote for white. Take the mantle back to wood and make the wood wall pop with a bright color.

  18. White is always a great option! It not only goes with everything but it will look clean and modern!

  19. I like all of these lovely options. It’s hard to choose but the river rock is definitely one of my favorite.

  20. Fireplaces add such an old world charm to a house. These are really great ideas to give them a contemporary and still elegant look which still retains the charm. We love fireplaces, unfortunately, as we stay in a region which is not cold, we usually do not have fireplaces.

  21. All ideas are awesome! Who would not love to have a fireplace make-over. I love all of them! thinking of changing or renovating mine probably by next year.

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