Easy peel and stick tile, fireplace surround makeover

Easy peel and stick tile, fireplace surround makeover

 Furniture makeovers are my favorite DIY project! I get instant results and usually spend less money than if I had gone out and purchased something brand new. This project today is all about an Easy peel and stick tile, fireplace surround makeover. 
Easy Fireplace surround makeover, peel and stick tile. Furniture transformation!
This makeover happened a while ago actually, but I never got around to sharing a proper tutorial on it. Blogging in real life problems! This little beauty has been in my bedroom for years, painted black. I purchased the fireplace surround from a thrift store. It was one of those situations where Dale and I were out on a date night and decided to do some fun window shopping. But then I fell in love with this, not knowing where it was going to end up. We set it in our bedroom, it works great as a bedroom item. I do plan to one day add a new electric fireplace insert, but for now I keep it pretty and just as is, fire free.





  1. I would have never known that was peel and stick tile! It’s awesome and sure has come a long way. I love the entire makeover and the fact that you brightened it up with white paint. It’s gorgeous.

  2. Your fireplace is amazing. That’s the one thing I wanted when I bought a house and didn’t end up with. Next time for sure, though!

  3. These different peel and stick tiles look really nice. If a person didn’t say anything don’t think you would ever know they are peel and stick.

  4. I just love how this turned out! How pretty! I need to do something like this. We don’t have a fireplace though. I wish! We just bought one of those fake fireplace furnace thingies.

  5. I definitely need to try these. I do not have a fireplace but I have a good idea of where I would love to decorate my house with these. They look beautiful.

  6. Sooo beautiful! Looks like a million bucks, seriously!

  7. This looks amazing!! I am using something similar on my kitchen backsplash. It is easy and so lovely. I need to redo my fireplace as well but it is huge.

  8. I love the transformation of your fireplace. I did something similar with glass tiles, but I needed to use mortar and grout. This is a simpler option that looks good!

  9. I love it!! Amazing job! I’ve been leaning toward doing something with peel and stick tile or wood planks in our downstairs bathroom. It really needs some help, it’s as plain as can be. I love love your fireplace!

  10. That is beautiful. I have been working on home improvements and this is something I have been thinking about.

  11. This is stunning. You did an awesome job and it didn’t look as complicated as I thought it would be. Great job!

  12. That looks really great! It is such a great project idea.

  13. Oh my goodness what a difference that has made to the fire surround, I’m not looking at ours and wondering if we could do something similar at some point.

  14. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Wow I have never seen these tiles before! They really made such a lovely difference on your fireplace1

  15. I also don’t like the wallpaper effect of most peel and stick tiles. These are cheaper than actual tiles so it’s such a good steal to get and find those pieces to add “texture” in the fireplace.

  16. The fireplace came out beautiful Emily! I love the tile and can’t believe it’s peel n stick!

  17. I do not have a fireplace but if I had one most definitely will revamp it to look just like yours. Looks gorgeous!

  18. Love the white fireplace. It looks so well with the overall decor of the room.. I really love fireplaces, they lend a touch of elegance to the room. We loved your ideas for the office space and will be tuned in for more.

  19. I absolutely love your fireplace redo! That completely opened up the room!

  20. You did a great job! We have a fireplace at our new house but we don’t use it so we covered it with a big TV, maybe we should this instead.

  21. I love it. Once you painted it white, I was sold but then you put that tile on… it truly changed everything! Great project with a ton of impact.

  22. Looks so pretty!! I love these easy to make decorating ideas, thanks for sharing!

  23. Our Family World says:

    Fantastic makeover as always! The peel and stick tiles really made the fireplace pretty! I just can’t believe the transformation!

  24. That came out so nice! I wish my fireplace was in my living room instead of down in the family room but it sure does need a makeover and this is so simple!

  25. What an incredible transformation, I do love this big time and given me an idea for my parent’s fire place. We do love tiles in our home so this easy peel and stick would be a hit

  26. Did you mention what the name of the tile is and where you got it?? I really want to do this to my fireplace.

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