Easy to make DIY mirror frame

Easy to make DIY mirror frame

Today I am sharing this easy to make DIY mirror frame, and I am so excited to share this tutorial! Everyone, I mean everyone probably has a mirror with no frame. This is the easiest way to class-it-up!

I have had this mirror forever, it was a really basic one with no frame. For years I kept it in the basement because it was not pretty, always planning to donate it or sell in the rummage sale. However, I came up with a new plan, making a DIY frame! When making a DIY mirror frame decide the overall look you want to go for. I am feeling a dark wood stain, giving it a two tone effect with mixing in some white details. This is going in my bedroom that is light and bright with the decor. So a rustic and dark wood stained mirror will look perfect in here! The mirror I have is 4 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide. The supplies I used were:

  • One wood board, enough to leave a edges of about 4 inches on the sides of the mirror
  • 4 trim pieces (this is all particular to your specific style) I chose a simple sloped trim piece, these will be framing the larger board.
  • 4 detailed interior trim pieces, this will be framing the mirror itself
  • Desired dark stain, only a small amount was needed


To begin, the first step is cutting the board down to size, most likely finding one with specific measurements won’t happen. I needed to cut off of the top, but the sides were just what I needed, leaving an edge around the frame of about 4 inches. Giving a bulky frame appearance. Using a table saw and running the board through the saw. You can also use a standard hand held saw and slice through as well if the board is not too thick, mine is 1 inch thick.

Setting the mirror in the middle of the newly cut large board, it is time to measure and cut the trim pieces. Organize the trim in the designated spots around the mirror and marking where to cut.

I set my table saw at a 45 degree angle, allowing the corner to meet flush, then pushing down and cutting the corners. Making sure the one is a correct cut, then measuring the other side and doing the same. The sloped trim pieces is going to soften the edge or the wood board. Giving a “finished” appearance to this. Like I said, this is adding a little class and fancy to my mirror. So a polished mirror frame with custom trim will fall right into line with this.

I did this for the 4 smaller detailed trim to frame the mirror itself and repeated the process for the simple trim to frame the larger board that has wood details on it. If you don’t have a table saw to measure a 45 degree cut you can always cut the pieces a little longer and one side and have the two ends meed the corner without the 45. Both ways will frame the mirror fine.

Once all were cut it is time to stain. I chose a dark walnut stain, I have used this in the past and it gives a rich and dark feel to the wood. Laying each piece down on a surface covered with something to keep the stain contained.


I did not have to sand the pieces because they were untreated. If your wood is treated a simple light sanding with sand paper will do the trick and get it ready to be stained. Taking my gloved hand and dipping the rag in the stain, wringing it out in the stain can. Then wiping the rag along the wood, going from side to side along the grain of the wood.


Moving quick and rubbing the stain in. If there is any dripping, wipe it quickly with the rag and it should blend into the wood fine. I did this for the large board and the outer trim pieces.

While those were drying I took the smaller, detailed trim pieces that will frame the mirror itself. I wanted to spray paint them white. Using the can and keeping it a few inches away from the trim and running it along the trim itself.

Both stain and paint I only did one coat on, the more coats you do the less the wood grain will show through. I always feel that if you do more coats it will make the piece feel more modern and contemporary, less stain coats make it feel more rustic. It is all preference, unless the piece will have a lot of wear and tear one coat is fine.

Once they were all dry it is time attach the mirror to the large board using standard wood glue. I first measured and marked specifically where the mirror should be placed, making sure each side is even.

Once marked, I poured wood glue all over  the surface where the mirror will sit. Then place the mirror on it and push it in. I grabbed two baskets full of books and set it on top of the mirror to give it weight and help the glue do its job. I kept it like that for about 4 hours. Each wood glue is different though, so read the instructions for your specific glue.

Now it was time to assemble the mirror. Lining up each trim piece and nailing them in. I used a small nail on each end of trim pieces and one in the center. It got the job done. You can also use wood glue for all of this and then putting clamps down on each trim piece.

how to make an easy mirror frame

This easy to make DIY mirror frame has been such a beautiful addition to my bedroom! I am loving the rustic wood grain that is seen with the one coat of stain. It is also fun to see the two toned white wood trim mixed in.


I am not sure if I am going to hang this on the wall or leave it freestanding. In my bedroom this mirror sits between the bathroom door and the entryway into my closet. So location wise the mirror is in the perfect location. I am loving the freestanding mirror look right now and think I will leave it as-is, resting on the wall.



The exterior sloped trim pieces were purchased just like that, with the small slope in it. I think that he rounded edge to the frame really adds a great touch to it.



The only thing I regret about this project is that the mirror is not bigger. I would prefer the mirror to be even more of a statement but this is the mirror that we have had for a long time, I am not even sure where we got it, possibly left at our house when we purchased it. It seems like this mirror has always been floating around. Now the mirror has a frame to it!

Little behind the scenes fun, it is really difficult to take pictures of a mirror without me being in the reflection. So here I am, in all of my DIY blogging glory.

I have been teasing about my bedroom being shared with it’s mini makeover, and I am eager to hare it. However, I am throwing around an idea in my head of possibly painting my nightstands and making a bigger wall art piece to go above my bed. Those are two things I have not changed up in my bedroom for a while. What do you think? Should I share it as-is now and then eventually give an update or hold off and share it when my newest additions are done?

I have to say, this was a fun project to do. I love getting my table saw dusty, breaking out a wood stain and having a project to be working on. This is another example of making what I have work in a low cost way to decorate my home. Some may have used the mirror without a frame until they had enough money, then get rid of that mirror and purchase a new one with a frame. Here I was able to customize a mirror with the finishes exactly the way I wanted to, spending less money than if I had gotten a mirror with a frame new.

The best part about this though is it being so easy to make DIY mirror frame! A few straight cuts of the wood, some wood glue, wood stains and paint. That is it, I spent one afternoon DIYing this and have a beautiful mirror to use in my bedroom. No more stepping on a stool in the bathroom to try and see my outfit in the bathroom vanity mirror, which is what I had been doing before I decided to drag this mirror up from the basement. Or relying on my husband for outfit opinions, when a husband says “that is a different outfit…” it does not make me feel ready to tackle the day in my chosen outfit. Now though, I can rock my “different” outfit knowing how it all fits and looks on me with this handy mirror!






  1. After reading through this I do believe that I could manage to make a picture frame. I would probably start small and work my way up. Just take my time and do one step at a time.

  2. Wow. That is way easier than I would have thought. And I think it came out SO nice. I’d be so happy with that.

  3. I love the farmhouse-country chic vibes of this mirror. I’ve never tried making my own frame before! This is definitely something I’d like to try someday.

  4. Talk about an awesome project for Spring! I’ve never really made my own frame before but it’s really exciting to start a project like this plus you can customize the frame to suit your decor for the rest of the room or house! Love it!

  5. That looks really good. I think that is good enough that you could make more of those and sell them. What a great job you did.

  6. What a great DIY. Mirrors are great additions to any room but framed mirrors can be expensive. This would be great to find with a mirror and you have the perk of staining it to match your home decor.

  7. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    This is so pretty! I love the stain you chose, it’s very rustic!

  8. I have a mirror that I’ve been wanting to do something like this with. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  9. This is beautiful! I’ve been thinking about adding bigger frames to my bathroom mirrors, so I might just have to try a slightly altered version of this frame.

  10. Amazing! I truly love your work.! I have to get a mirror for my sons room. Who knows? Maybe I’ll give this a try!

  11. My $5 one from Walmart is finally falling apart. I should try to repurpose the frame and make my own like you did.

  12. I love the finishing varnish you put to this. I think my husband would really appreciate this DIY and I should get him to do it for us!

  13. What a great looking mirror! I love the wood and the simple and pretty design. I can’t imagine making something like that myself but you make it look manageable!

  14. That is a very nice looking project. I would love to make one for myself.

  15. That is a very clever way top make it! I love the finish you used.

  16. Our Family World says:

    I am loving that full length mirror. It would be great to have that at home! I love the color you used for the frame. it really stood out against the color of your bedroom walls.

  17. I always wanted a mirror like that. The DIY looks simple but I bet has a technique so that you do not break the mirror. That will be my only worry. The mirror looks gorgeous!

  18. wow.. that’s an amazing mirror! I love the rustic look, thanks for sharing the technique!

  19. Wow! That looks amazing. The instructions were so easy to read and understand. Thanks, I think I know my husbands next project!

  20. With the tools, skill and interest, the DIY project will be very feasible. we had the patience to create something beautiful instead of purchasing everything from the store. But we do try to keep the old furniture and change the fabric from time to time.

  21. Reading through, the task looks quite simple and of course you have got excellent results. Hope to try this though not sure if we would be able to do as good a job that you have done.

  22. Wow, I wish I am as handy with tools as you! I am intimidated using hubby’s tools lol. This turned out beautifully!

  23. DIY’s are great for improving houses. I like adding new things to my house, especially my office. This is a great idea, thanks.

  24. I love your finish and your project looks like an easy place project too.

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