20 simple crafts, perfect for Spring!

20 simple crafts, perfect for Spring!

Once we purchased our home and I wanted to have it decorated, I realized the fully decorated home costs money. At the time we were a really young family, in the throes of pregnancies and babies, and Dale was new in his career. So I began making smaller crafts to help me decorate my home without costing a lot of money, that is what these 20 simple crafts, perfect for Spring are.

20 simple craft ideas, with low cost supplies needed and easy for anyone to try. Easy DIY projects to decorate your home for any season or holiday! Full step-by-step tutorial

Overtime we stopped having babies, which mean those painful hospital bills slowed down. Dale became established in his career and our finances improved. But my need for decorating our home was still present and growing! I sneak in simple crafts everywhere in my home. Today I am sharing some of my favorite smaller crafts, and throwing in a few videos to the mix as well!

These paper flowers are perfectly spring and crafty! Taking only a few minutes to make I am able to make a bunch and keep them on-hand to use as decor in my home. I have put them in picture frames, glass hurricanes and as table decor or a centerpiece. They are really versatile and give a beautiful pop of color.

Paper flowers –

I also love to make picture frames and use creative items to put in them. A few weeks ago I used bird wrapping paper, putting the paper into a DIY wood picture frame. It added some beauty to my small work space.

wrapping paper project

To me, when I think of spring crafts it is all about colors! Birds just seem even more perfect for spring.

tracing wood frame

Measuring out the wrapping paper.

wrapping paper DIY wall decor

Cutting the paper out.

DIY wood frame

This DIY picture frame is linked at the bottom of this post. I have used these to hold large scale pictures of my kids, and now wrapping paper. Adding texture and color to a wall space.

bird wall decor

When you find paper like this, take it home! I like to keep little things like this because once you get the crafting as decor mindset underway seeing the possibilities open up so much.

blue paper decor ideas

My small office space needed some new decor items. Mixing in DIY and store bought ones is the perfect blend.

clean and simple home office

Doing smaller crafts like this make all the difference in terms of decorating a home. I am able to sprinkle in these decorations, filling in any holes in the decor. Letting my creativity grow and decorating my home all in one 20 simple crafts, perfect for Spring at a time!

Simple spiral wall art –

Another easy way to add color to your home in Spring is by making simple art. I mean, I get it, you are not Picasso… and neither am I! Getting creative with colors and texture and happen on a canvas too. This art I did has been moved around my home a ton. I have hung them on walls, or even used them to layer onto bookshelves for even more color. Simplicity and ease with decorating is very doable.

I have graduated to larger scale DIY’s like furniture redosnew builds and even bathroom renovations. But those tinier projects and decor is what helps me layer my home, have it looking decorated from top to bottom. The tiny trinkets, wall decor, or items to place on bookshelves. All of it adds up to me saving a ton of money.


Making simple crafts also allows me to create a fully custom home. Even though we are done have babies, I still have three kids worth of schedule to keep up with. I do not have time to store hop (even if it would be so fun to do) searching for the perfect decor pieces. If I see something I like in store and think it will work in my home of course I will purchase it. Only now the struggle is looking at an item in store and thinking “can I make that on my own for cheaper?” “Maybe I want it in blue, I can just make my own” The DIY struggle is real people!


Creating the smaller decorative items on my own helps me create a cohesive look, and one that is unique to my home. Even when I share the projects here on my blog I hope to inspire others to make their own. But I do not expect the steps to be followed completely. Just like I do, you and your home has it’s own style and feel. Taking what I create and altering it to your aesthetic is exactly how it should be.

I have taken the theme of DIY and simple crafts and elaborated on it in my home, from the living room and into the kids bedrooms. Now that they are older I also have the fun time of including them in the process. The boys bedroom and my daughter’s room are beautifully decorate, by heavily dictated by them. I like to add touches that are perfectly them, and a lot of times that works out to be craft projects for them to help with. Either creating DIY wall art, or a complete gallery wall, all of that helps them put their own stamp on their rooms. It also allows me to decorate their room without breaking the bank!


Over the years of us living here, and the last four of me with this blog I have made a ton of small crafts and DIY projects. Most of the time they are sprinkled into my home in a way that many people ask on social media or even by email where I got certain decorations. A lot of times they are ones I made on my own. Since I have four years of content for my blog and almost 10 years of decorating my home, that means a lot of projects can slip through the cracks. So this is me sharing 20 simple crafts, perfect for Spring of mine. With it being the tail end of winter I am looking to add even more color and life into my home, these will get me going i the right direction! I know this is a favorite for a lot of people, my easy to make crafts always get circulated a lot on Pinterest and typically are my higher views posts. I think it is because, yes a whole room renovation is nice to see most cannot do it. However, wrap rope around a tin can, everyone can do. Now we all have cute vases to hold flowers in. These are the things we all can relate to. Wanting to decorate our home, without stressing the household budget or spending forever shopping for a perfect decor item. Just make it!






  1. I love those paper flowers. They remind me of the tissue paper flowers I used to make with my mom when I was a kid! Great ideas you have here.

  2. Love the flowers so many uses for them. Great way to get me motivated for spring

  3. I love the spring colors and the decor. I can’t wait to try some of these projects. So pretty!

  4. These are some lovely ideas! My daughter will want to make those paper flowers, I just know it. They are gorgeous!

  5. I love these crafts! I am not the craftiest person in the world, but I think I can handle some of these.

  6. What wonderful ideas! I absolutely love these. I am not too crafty but these seem like they would be easy enough to figure out 🙂

  7. You’re so creative! I might have to steal some of your art ideas, our walls are still mostly bare and we’ve lived here a year.

  8. These crafts are really awesome. I love those flowers. Amazing!

  9. So many great ideas! We are just redoing our living room and this is some great inspiration!

  10. I love those paper flowers. I can think of so many uses for those! They also don’t look like they would be too hard to make!

  11. You make such cute spaces! I love your decorating style. Right now my budget is small, so I love that this is an inexpensive way to show some style.

  12. So fun! These are adorable spring crafts! Have to try some of these. Love the paper flowers!

  13. Art is such a beautiful thing. Me and my daughter love to do artistic things together.

  14. Those paper flowers look so cute. I love making my own home decor. That way I can make it look exactly how I want.

  15. These are all such awesome craft ideas! My girls would love to work on any of these!

  16. So many great ideas! I really love that bird wrapping paper. What a fun thing to do with it. I have some pretty wrapping paper that I love so I think I’m going to make it into decor like you did 🙂

  17. This is a great way to add some color to your room! Also, love the fact that it’s budget-friendly: I would probably do this every season for a change in decor and color theme.

  18. I love all these ideas! I am so ready to freshen up my home for Spring.

  19. Thanks for all these really unique ideas to add some personality to your home. Great way to change things up without spending a ton of money.

  20. The paper flowers really took me back! I made these with my mom when I was a kid and I am 48!! I love the way you made yours though and it makes me want to do it with my daughter now although she is 23 lol she still will love it!
    I also love the spiral wall art. I love ALL of your ideas – bookmarking!

  21. This just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot to have decorations for your home! I love all the ideas that you shared and I appreciate that you also shared tutorials. The paper flowers are adorable!

  22. Those colored flower pots are actually perfect. The first thing I thought of was spring time.

  23. I so want to master the paper flower, and I want to make a flowers wall. So cool.

  24. Wow you are very crafty. Some people, I mean me, had just no talent when it comes to this. Lovely ideas!

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