How to make a simple holiday dining room table centerpiece

How to make a simple holiday dining room table centerpiece

We have one week left until Christmas is here! This is not a test, people.. we are in single digit day countdown. Which is why I am thought that sharing How to make a simple holiday dining room table centerpiece is just what we all need.

Simple holiday table centerpiece, using dollar store items and easy to make DIY ideas.


The holidays are filled with get-togethers with family and friends. Our weekends and many evenings have been filled with so much holiday fun and cheer. We have also had a fair amount of people visiting our house. This time of year I need things simplified, the easier the better. I kept my dining room table decor simple as well; simple in preparation, not in finished look. What I ended up with was colorful, whimsical and so much fun!


First, I am using two glass vases.

Then some fake snow that I purchased from the dollar store. They are just small white foam balls. I also raided my kids wooden train set for a few small houses and trees.

Fill the glass vase with the fake snow.

Next, raid the random pile of socks without pairs. We all have a pile of these, in the hopes of finding that forever lost match. I am not sure how or who is stealing one sock from a pair, but it happens all the time. Anyways, moving on.

These socks fixed a little flaw I came across. When I attempted to put the small wooden house into the snow it fell right through the snow and was lost forever. Not really the finished look I was going for. So I rolled up the sick and then placed it into the center of the snow, just under the surface.

I then was able to place the wooden house onto the sock, which is covered by the snow. Quick and easy solution while using socks. Only the classiest of craft supplies I use here.

Now we have a little winter wonderland happening here.

I fell in love with these bottle brush Christmas trees that I picked up from Target. They were in the one discount section in the front of the store. You know the place, everything under $3. I am pretty sure you are required to peruse these shelves when you walk in the store. It is how I shop there at least.

These were so cute and glittery. I overhear a woman at the store wondering what she could do with these. I did not know I would use them for my dining room table when I purchased them but knew I would find a place to put them. Sometimes if something is a good price, and you like it then it is best to buy them and then figure out the smaller details like where they will go.

This wood tray I have had for a while now, and it worked perfectly to set the trees on. I also have had these green and adorable reindeer table runner for years. This is what I am layering all of these decorations onto. Adding that touch of whimsy I mentioned earlier.

On each end of the table runner I places these glass bell (things?) and put candles in them.

Then scattered a ton of sparkly Christmas ornaments into the glass container and then onto the table runner.

I am loving the results for this Christmas tablescape!

When I was decorating my house for Christmas I had nothing set up for my dining room, I could not figure out what to put here other than the green table runner. One evening I figured it all out, grabbing the new Christmas trees I had purchased and using ornaments I already had. It came together really quick after that.

The bright colors and glitter for this tablescape really makes this pop. It has been the busiest and more whimsical dining room table centerpiece I have made before. My kids adore it!



Who knew a train set and socks could come together to help make such a cute and easy to make centerpiece?!!

This has been a little tempting to my kids not to play with, and if you had young kids I could see this being a problem. Shiny things are wayyy too tempting for most toddlers.

We had Christmas cookie decorating party over the weekend, with a ton of kids crowded around this table. We had frosting, sprinkles (so many sprinkles) and other fun goodies being made. The nice thing about this centerpiece is that it is very narrow, so there was plenty of room to keep this up while all of the kids were decorating cookies. It just adds to the Christmas cheer.

This might be my favorite Christmas centerpiece yet!

These bottle brush Christmas trees were such a great decor item to put on this table. I am always in love with the gorgeous Christmas tablescapes I see on Pinterest or in magazines. But some of them have really tall and bulky items as the centerpiece, which would make it really difficult to have a conversation with everyone at the table. These trees are the perfect height to not get in the way of conversation at all. We have had this in our dining room for almost 1 month now and it not had to been moved or tweaked once. Even my kids that sit much lower down can still see over the top of this.

Oh yeah, and I used items from a dollar store too! Yay for saving money this time of year! Between the gifts for my kids, extended family, fun but pricey holiday excursions and then extra food we all need to cut corners on spending when we can. Using what you already have and then adding in a few dollar store or low cost decorations is the best way to get the much desired winter wonderland home without breaking the bank or needing to write “I owe yous” to your kids on Christmas morning.

Simple holiday tablescape. Colorful, fun and whimsical dining room table decor ideas.

I wish I would say I am done with my Christmas preparations, but I am nowhere near close. Nothing is wrapped, not even everything is purchased! Eeek, I have so much to do! One thing I have been done with for a while is my home, I am able to enjoy this holiday season in my cheery Christmas decorated home. How to make a simple holiday dining room table centerpiece was a lot of fun to make. It was challenging this year to rearrange my decorations and I have loved the fresh and new decorations I created. Our dining room table is ready for more friends to come over, good meals to be had, and laughter to fill the room. My favorite part of the Christmas season is the time we spend with the ones we love. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Now I just need to finish my to-do list and then enjoy these next few weeks of holiday cheer. One week to go, we got this!




  1. What great ideas! Love the tip about the sock in the fake snow. I also love the traditional red and green colors. My kind of Christmas decorations.

  2. This looks great Emily! What a great idea for the sock. I love it!
    Merry Christmas! Aren’t you in the midwest? It looks dry and sunny like here in Colorado! We need snow!

    • Thank you so much Laura! Sometimes you have to get creative to make the decor work, socks included. 🙂 We had a lot of snow, but have had a few warm days here so all of the snow is melted away. I agree that we need snow!

  3. OH wow, I absolutely LOVE it. It is so festive looking. I want to do something like this at my house now.

  4. What an awesome idea to use socks to make sure th houses didn’t fall through. That’s so creative! Your tablescape turned out amazing! So festive!

  5. I’m all for simplicity when it comes to tablescape decor. Who has the time or budget to go out and buy new things every season? I love the sock tip! I always use Epsom salts for snow. It works perfectly.

  6. That tablescape looks so colorful and lovely. I always have too much food on the table to do something like this.

  7. This looks very pretty. I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but if I did, I would do something like this to enhance my table a bit :).

  8. I agree that most tablescapes use items that are much too tall! Yours looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens. Great use of budget items – and using the sock was brilliant.

  9. So festive and pretty! And the sock idea? Genius!

  10. I love these ideas because they are actually do-able. Love the trick w/ the sock!

  11. Do you make that look so easy I think I can actually do that. It is simple it’s not time-consuming and it looks beautiful. I love it.

  12. What a pretty tablescape! And the idea of using the unmatched sock is brilliant!

  13. This looks so simple to do. I love the ornament placement under the cloche. I’d love to have it on my dining table.

  14. lol be how easy this is to recreate. From items I already have here at home. Turned out beautiful.

  15. Such a beautiful centerpiece! Love this little Christmas trees at the center. I should be more adventurous with ours this year.

  16. That’s a good idea to use socks for stabilizers. I never thought about that before!

  17. You said simple and while it is simple to do, thanks for the great easy to follow tutorial but it’s elegant looking without having too much work involved. Perfection!

  18. I just love this idea. It’s so pretty! I’ll have to make this for my table.

  19. That is too cute. I love how simple this was to put together. Totally a fail-proof idea for someone like me.

  20. I love how elegant and put-together the final product is even though all of the pieces fit into a tight budget. Such a great idea to make use out of train set pieces and pesky matchless socks. Beautiful!

  21. I love this tablescape so much! Simple but makes a statement. I love the tricks we use in decorating… Like rolling up a sock. HAHA!

  22. I have been looking for a few ideas for my Holiday table. This centerpiece looks so cute. It would be perfect for my table.

  23. This is incredibly creative and super pretty! I need a tablescape like this! The vases are my favorite part!

  24. I love making tablescapes for different holidays. This one is so cute and so simple!

  25. Who knew that old socks could be such an important part of home decor! I just love it when people get creative with crafts. You did such an excellent job on this holiday set up. Too cute

  26. I just love bottle brush trees! So cute and festive!

  27. You are so talented! I could never come up with something so creative and cute like this. I’m still decorating too and my husband is about to cut off the credit card. Happy Holidays!

  28. What a great idea and so simple to make. The tip of the sock is amazing who would have thought of doing that. I can do this easily at home I have almost all the elements thanks for the inspiration.

  29. This looks absolutely gorgeous. I love it! I never make anything to put on our Christmas table, but I really should!! You make it look so easy 🙂

    Louise x

  30. Our Family World says:

    I love this tablescape because it looks easy to do and is not overly done. I love the set of pine trees. And the faux snow in the glass is so pretty!

  31. That is one gorgeous table scape you created. I don’t know about the FAKE SNOW, it usually maKE A BIG MESS IN MY HOUSE WHEN i TRY USING IT LOL.

  32. That runner is so cute! I love how you use ornaments to decorate the table. Cute!

  33. These are so wonderful DIY holiday decor ideas! I love the ornaments to decorate the table. I must try this one!

  34. So pretty! And I love how easy this was!

  35. Old socks and fake snow! who knew, these is an impressive dining room centerpiece for sure, thanks for the step-by-step

  36. You always have the cutest decorating ideas. What a genius trick of using the sock to hold up the house.

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