DIY rustic holiday table decor, simple Christmas tree crafts

DIY rustic holiday table decor, simple Christmas tree crafts

We have had our first holiday celebrations, we went to our towns holiday parade, saw Santa Claus and I even have about half of my Christmas shopping done! My home has been ready for the season for a while. Today I am sharing a DIY rustic holiday table decor, simple Christmas tree crafts. 

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I revealed my holiday home tour last week and it was so much fun to share my new decor! When I rearranged my furniture and gained the new family room I felt like I was starting from scratch with putting my holiday decorations up. I never realized I sort of wen on auto pilot when it comes to setting things out, but I was. Once everything was changed in my home I pulled all of my Christmas decorations out and then had no clue what to do.

There was a lot of me walking around with random items, putting them in a spot, tilting my head right or left, scratching my imaginary beard and then trying a new spot. This went on for two days off and on. I ended up with a bold and bright whimsical feel, with a hint of rustic. I also ended up with a few holes in the decor, I did not have enough to spread around with a living room and family room now. So I got to creating some new items!

One spot that was completely bare was my coffee table. I needed to make a new centerpiece for it. I fell in love with this circle of antlers (which are fake). I feel like most people like things like this but do not know what to do with it. Do you hang it on a wall? Leave as is? I purchased it without this and the green garland without a definite plan. Just how I roll.

The garland worked great to be set in a glass hurricane. I wound it inside of the glass.

Then set a candle in the center.

The circle with the antlers fit ok-ish around the glass hurricane. It still felt a little bare.

I had these glitter covered pine cones in my decorations that I felt would be the perfect way to fill the empty space. Also, glitter adds to my whimsical and winter wonderland theme.

The centerpiece was set on a round piece of tree bark that I have had for years. It rotates around my home depending on the season or what I need it for.

Next step is to add to the coffee table decor with some craft Christmas trees.

Wrapping the burlap ribbon around the tree form.

I used my hot glue gun to attach the burlap to the tree in a few places.

These fake pine tree leaves I cut off of the bigger arrangement.

Set some hot glue gun onto the greenery.

Then push the greenery onto the tree. I was careful to wrap the greenery around the tree so that is was not sticking up on the sides.

I love the simplicity of this so much!

I also wrapped another tree form with twine. I did not take pictures of it because it was crazy simple, hot glue gun the twin to the bottom of the tree and then wrap it around the tree moving up. Secure to the top when it is all covered, boom, done!

My kids were wonderful and pointed out that these craft Christmas trees do not look like actual Christmas trees, thanks guys. I explained that I took some creative liberties, let’s call this artistic interpretation.


With the bold colors on my fireplace and the pops of blue and red in the rest of my home I like the little touch of rustic for the coffee table.

The great part about this centerpiece is that is will work for longer than just the holidays. For the remainder of winter this will work to keep as a decoration for my home. Since I live in Wisconsin winter lasts until April, seriously it has been known to snow in May if it is a tough winter. My born and raised California blood cannot handle that kind of cold, when winter sticks around that long I am ready to pack up and drive west heading towards the sun, sand and beach.

However, this time of year I am all for the winter wonderland we have going on. Having a chilly, snowy, and cozy Christmas feels down right magical.

Just a reminder that when I took these pictures last weekend our tree was not decorated yet. It is now decorated with the best mix of ornaments from Dale and I growing up, our kids handmade ornaments and ones we have gotten as a family. It may not be themed or perfect, but it is perfect for us. I will be sharing my front porch and then a small home tour of all of the lights and glowing that happens with the lights on our tree soon.

With this DIY rustic holiday table decor, simple Christmas tree crafts I achieved two things, I was able to decorate my coffee table with something new and it was all done in a short amount of time. I mean, let’s face it, this time of year my time is precious. Between my kids holiday activities at school, shopping for gifts, wrapping them, holiday family fun excursions, so many get togetherness with friends and family, and of course the baking we always want to do this time of year I don’t have a lot of extra time. I like my home decorated for the season, it adds to the magic of it all. On a random side note, I have multiple people mention to me that their have their gift shopping done. Like 100%, gifts wrapped and ready to go kind of done. Who are these people that are that organized?!!! I don’t even know what I am getting everyone on my list, eek. I need to prioritize gift shopping and less crafting I guess.






  1. I love how those cones came out! They add such height to the table!

  2. I absolutely love this! Our home has a farmhouse vibe and this holiday decor would fit in perfectly!

  3. I have a flat piece of wood that I could use for this. I love how it turned out

  4. What a unique and creative idea for a centerpiece! I love it so much. It seems so simple to make too which is even better!

  5. It sounds like you’ve gotten a lot of Christmas stuff in and it’s only the 5th! That’s so awesome. This centerpiece looks amazing! I love how creative you got with it. I love anything sparkly! The entire room looks really amazing.

  6. I love how those cones came out!

  7. This center piece is looking very beautiful.

  8. I LOVE the wood slice! We did a project this winter with them. They are my faves for the holidays!

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