Christmas front porch decorating ideas

Christmas front porch decorating ideas

Guys, the holiday season is speeding by! I am only about halfway done with my to-do list before Christmas, lots of shopping still to do. Our weekends are packed with family and friends, celebrating this season. Pretty much, my favorite part of Christmas is all of the get-togethers and family time. I also adore holiday decorating, and today I am sharing Christmas front porch decorating ideas.

Christmas front porch decor ideas. Simple, low cost and DIY ideas to decorate outdoors for the holiday season.

My home is filled with holiday cheer, halls have been decked, stockings are hung by the chimney. My Christmas home tour can be seen here. I went bold with the decorations this year and I am loving the cheery feel. Each year the decor changes a little, my home has a life of it’s own. Our kids are still little and filled with the magic of Christmas, so the bold and bright whimsical style works. We have time to decorate in an elegant style.

Holiday home tour, filled with DIY, low cost, and simple ideas. Rustic, whimsical, bold, casual and comfortable style.

We got our first snowfall last weekend, it was only a sprinkling but still exciting. Growing up in Southern California I went to the beach on Christmas day, there was no snow. I dreamed of a white Christmas every year and it took a move to Wisconsin to finally get that beauty. It snowed here on Friday night and my kids were ecstatic to wake up and see all of the snow. They rushed through their breakfast and were out playing in the snow, while I took pictures of my front porch.

I decorated this whole front porch in under 1 hour. I used a lot of what was already there, just changing out a few items. My to-do list this time of year is forever growing and never completely done. I try to balance out the chaos of this season with the fun of this season. Decorating needs to be easy for me too, regardless of my love for home decor and this blog.

One new decoration for this year was the garland on my columns that I got from a home improvement store. I saw this garland on a home in my neighborhood and loved the look of it. Since I live in a small town that has a large community feel I know the family that lives in that house, so when I saw them at my kids school I asked where they got their garland from. Yay for small towns! This is two 25 ft pine tree garlands and I adore the rustic look of it!

The rest of the decor for my Christmas front porch are items I already had in my home. Most of it I actually keep on the porch year-round. Just changing out a few things. This is what keeps the cost and simplicity down.

I also mix in a ton of DIY projects as well.


These two topiary I made using tomato cages and faux garland. It took me 10 minutes and was soooooo simple to make!

I used these ornaments and tied ribbon onto them. Quick and easy holiday decor. For outdoor decor this time of year I try and keep it nature themed, with a traditional feel. However, this year I added a few pops of colors with the ornaments.

These wood lanterns typically stay on my porch year-round and I fill them with seasonal items. In the summer I had lemons in them, in fall I had pine cones in them. For Christmas these ornaments was the perfect way to add holiday cheer and color to the porch.

Finding items like this that can be used for every season is what really makes it possible to decorate for specific seasons. No one has enough storage space to keep decorations for every season. No one has time to pull them all out, or make new crafts. The best part is this saves me money!


My front porch with the columns and the barrel shaped ceiling is one of my favorite features of my home. It is also so much fun to decorate. We like to sit here in the evenings while the kids play in the driveway or with their friends in the street. It is a very cozy spot to relax.

The best part is all of this garland has lights on it! I remember driving around with my family and looking at Christmas lights, I always enjoyed this tradition. Now that I have my own home I love getting to decorate with lights, it adds to the magic of Christmas so much!


Since I took these pictures we have had a few more inches of snow, which is awesome. My youngest Gavin wrote to Santa wanting there to be snow for Christmas, so he is just like me in wanting the white Christmas. Except with where we live it can actually happen!


The best part is that out entire neighborhood goes all out with their front yard decorations. As I mentioned earlier I saw this garland on my neighbors garage and asked them where they got it. Our street glows with the holiday lights from all of the houses, all of these little things always add to the holiday festivities.

My Christmas front porch decorating ideas is all about simplicity. I was able to have my large front porch fully decorated without spending a lot of money or taking a lot of time to decorate. This time of year is busy as-is so keeping things easy is what we all need. I worried that my holiday decor on the porch was not perfect. There is some things I felt were not “done” about it. But, we have lights, a evening glow, it feels cozy and Christmas ready. That is what matters about this season, celebrating the season, enjoying that Christmas magic and spending time with the ones we love. My front porch was decorated in under one hour and then I was able to take pictures and play in the snow with my kids. Which really is what matters the most!




  1. Emily, It really looks so festive and beautiful. really natural. I never decorate my front porch because when it snows, everything gets ruined. Do you bring your cushions and other stuff in? maybe I need to just let it stay out there LOL

    • Thank you so much! The cushions I have are outdoor cushions, so I am able to leave them outside all of the time. I also leave all of the decor outside, most of the time my front porch does not get hit with rain or snow because of how it is situated.

  2. Your front porch is gorgeous! I just completed a 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop and decorating my front porch was my favorite post.

  3. Sometimes all it takes are some great photos to get ideas on how to decorate a front porch. Yours is beautiful but simple to accomplish and recreate .

  4. What a lovely porch. I am loving the little box with the Christmas ornaments in it. that is darling. You have a beautiful home.

  5. I love your ideas! I wish our porch were bigger. We always decorate our yard with lights and inflatables and projectors though!

  6. You did a wonderful job decorating your front porch. I could hire you to do mine. Right now it looks pretty pathetic and I would love it to look this festive.

  7. Love everything! Your pillows on your sofa are so pretty. I also love the ornaments in the lantern.

  8. These suggestions of decorating front porch is really amazing. I liked it.

  9. Your home is beautiful! I love the front porch. You really did a great job decorating. I’m so glad that I live in Florida though; I rather see snow through pictures!

  10. You have such a beautiful home! Not only that, you are very creative. You have some serious decorating talent!

  11. Yours looks lovely, and has a very rustic classic look. Every once in a while I wish our porch was bigger, usually during the holidays.

  12. Looks great! Every year I want to grab some of that fresh garland and do something like this on my porch. One day I will!

  13. I love your porch decorations! They are so pretty!! Everything looks so beautiful.

  14. I love the way your front porch looks! I am all about a rustic decor for Christmas. All the garland looks so fun and festive.

  15. I love the white pine garlands! Your porch has so much character, you did a great job decorating for the holiday

  16. I love how your home is so welcoming — it has great curb appeal naturally but with your outdoor decorations, it really pops.

  17. I love how you incorporated things you already have into your holiday decor. I can’t choose a favorite piece as the entire porch is GORGEOUS! Great job!

  18. Stunning as always! Perfectly homey, rustic and well Christmasy. I just love the candy canes!

  19. Oh my goodness your holiday home is beautiful! I am all about greenery and rustic elements just like you. Thanks for the stunning inspiration!

  20. I love decorating for the holidays and I believe that decorating the entrance area to your home is so important. Making the entrance look inviting give your home such a welcoming feeling whether it’s for guests or for yourself after coming home from a long day at work.

  21. Wow what a great job you dii yoru porch looks amazing love all the details and the colors. Having natural snow it is also a plus to make it even more holiday looking. I am impresses you decorated your porch in no time.

  22. Our Family World says:

    Wow. Your front porch is so pretty! The wreath is beautiful. I also like the way you kept the wood lanterns there all year round and just “update” it according to the season.

  23. So charming! My husband and I use our front porch as another living space. We love to have our morning coffee on the porch. These ideas will make it extra inviting and festive during the holidays.

  24. I love your live garland around the pillars. Such a festive front porch!

  25. Your home looks SO pretty! I wish mine would look that cheery for Christmas!

  26. Your front porch looks so festive. That’s so impressive that your did all that in just one hour.

  27. My nickname for you will now be Martha Stewarts little sister! This is great work. Like out of a magazine. Nice skills.

  28. I love how you have your front porch decorated for the holidays! It’s so cute!!

  29. Your front porch looks lovely! Happy holidays!

  30. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love your Christmas decor, it’s so cherry and festive too. Your porch looks stunning. I especially love the wreath and all the greenery you’ve added.

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