Low cost and easy Christmas crafts

Low cost and easy Christmas crafts

Hello all! I am coming to you on this lovely Thanksgiving day to bring a little holiday cheer! Maybe you have an overbearing Aunt, or a politically incorrect Uncle that you need to be distracted from, or maybe you are just slaving away in the kitchen and need a break. Has that food coma set in yet? Well, what better way to relax than get excited about Christmas?!!! Today I am sharing Low cost and easy Christmas crafts. 

How to decorate for Christmas with low cost ideas. 16 easy to make crafts to decorate for the holiday season!

Each year I pack my home with DIY projects and ideas. It is what allows me to decorate my home for various seasons and holidays. I mean, I drool and peruse the holiday home decor section of Target like everyone else. But, I can only splurge on a few select items each year. If I decorated my home this way I would have a sparsely decorated home for the holidays.

I do not do this though, I craft! I DIY, throw in some thrift store upcycling and I have settled into a great and easy way to decorate my home for all of the holidays! This year I had to get extra creative because of my furniture rearrangement. I typically put certain decor items in the same spot every year. Tweaking a few things to give my home a new energy. However, this year my home feels brand new, there is no set way of doing things. Which means I got my craft on in a major way!

My home is ready for the full reveal next week, my halls have been decked, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care…. it is the most wonderful time of the year! But, today is not about this year; it is all about Christmas pasts. I feel like because I share so much new content, crafts and ideas that they get lost in the shuffle. So this is me highlighting some of my favorite Christmas craft ideas. They are in one place for you to maybe get some inspiration from. Or you know, help you avoid doing the dishes after the massive undertaking in the kitchen today.

The thing I enjoy the most about decorating is making it feel fully decorated. Which means every inch of my home should feel “done”. I have managed to make this work without blowing our families budget on home decor items, all by DIYing them! This allows me to get some nicer items each year, invest in some quality decorations whilte I happily craft away. Layering in store bought and homemade.

My kids are big time decorators (I wonder where they get it from) and they always jump at the chance to set out the decorations for Christmas. In fact, this year they were helping me bring up boxes, bins, throw pillows and garland. I had to slow them down because they were ready to go at it setting things out. They also love to help me craft. There is something really special about working to decorate your home. Having it be unique to you, your style, the specific size you need. Having the kids help out is a fun tradition.

There is one set up to doing it yourself with home decor, even in the store I find myself wanting to alter items. Thinking that I love certain decorative pieces, but if it was just a little smaller, more rustic, less traditional….. Making these Low cost and easy Christmas crafts lets me make what will work perfectly in my home! I know it may seem a little crazy to be talking about Christmas now, I mean today is Thanksgiving, but the best way to keep the decorating costs low is to start early. Really fine tune what you want, see any holes in the decor. Then you have time to budget, plan (take advantage of those awesome black Friday sales) and create what you will use to decorate your home. We all want to usher in the Christmas season with cheer, and starting early makes it easier to accomplish! Have a wonderful day, however you plan to spend it, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Now, onto the low cost and easy Christmas crafts –







  1. Oh my goodness how festive is your home looking, I am loving those log seats, they are too cool! I have to do a double take at first.

  2. Wow, these are so cool. I love the holidays and I love to decorate. this year, however, i have been slightly behind on decorating.

  3. Never thought to use different paper to make so many different kinds of christmas trees. I have some really pretty scrapbook paper that would work really great for this kind of project.

  4. I love getting a little crafting in for the holidays. This year I am making my own wreath 🙂

  5. I believe in DIY decor, its a great cost savings. I also get great satisfaction in finishing a project and knowing that I made it myself.

  6. REally great ideas here! And I love the photos. The gallery wall is such a thoughtful gift!

  7. Those black lanterns are great! I’ve been looking for some. I have a lot of DIY crafts to do!

  8. Awe! I love those little log chairs! You have a very festive and cute home. We’ve already decorated for Christmas, but I really can’t wait to change up some decor and make our guest room a special place.

  9. I love how decorated your home is! It feels like Christmas Day just by looking at it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your decorations.

  10. I love the way you decorated! It’s festive and pretty but understated (as opposed to some houses that look like Christmas exploded all over them). I especially love the Rudolph art.

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