How to transition your home for fall with these simple ideas

How to transition your home for fall with these simple ideas


Hello everyone! I love this time of year, I feel like I have tons of content and ideas to share with all of you lovely people. Today I am talking about How to transition your home for fall with these simple ideas. 

Simple decorating ideas using your existing decor to transition your home for fall.

I make no secret of my love for decorating my home, this blog is pretty much all of the proof you need of that obsession. But, I also have a family and we have a lot going on. On top of that, I have an average family budget and realistic funds for decorating my home. So I need decor with the biggest bang for my buck, and with an ease of use.

Items I keep in my home year-round and easily update with new accents for different seasons. Same items above and bellow, dressed up for summer and then for fall. I will be sharing links to all of these items at the bottom of this post.

My home is filled with items like the above pictures; glass hurricanes, vases, platters, and other smaller decorative accents. These beauties are what I can easily change up for particular seasons. Whenever I see some smaller accents like pumpkins, apples or acorns I snatch them up and keep them on-hand in my home.

Replace flowers with wheat

So now, let’s break down a few of these items. This rustic set of vases with wood feels perfectly summer with the tulips and white rocks.

In order to transition this for fall I am using wheat. I also tied patterned tape around some of the wheat just for a little pop of color. The tape is not needed for this and wheat on it’s own will work just fine.

Cutting the wheat stems down so that they can nicely sit within the glass jars. I kept the white rocks in the jars because I loved the simplicity of the beige wheat and the white rocks. Fall does not mean bold oranges and reds.

Add leaves to candle lanterns

These are new to my home, so I have no pictures of what they looked like before I dressed them up for fall. But they will easily work year-round for me.

I added burlap to these candles, simple taping them to the back of the candle. It warms them up and gives it a fall texture.

I got these leaves from the dollar store a few years ago. They were part of a garland I made, I spray painted them white which gives them a calming and beautiful look. When putting them in boxes last year for storage they became so tangles that I had to cut the string off of the leaves. I still wanted to use these in my home.

Some of the leaves are white and some are still the red and brown color. I layered them into the bottom of the candle lantern.

I always have fun decorating my coffee table, that and thrown pillows are my go-to area to change out for different seasons. This year I am all about nature for my fall decor.

I set this twisted vine that came from my back yard in between these two candle lanterns. Yes, this really came from a dead vine, it was wrapped around my fence and I knew I had to keep it when I saw how pretty it looked! I actually use this twisted vine year-round.

To really bring the fall theme home and add some color I set two craft pumpkins on either side of the twisted vine.

That is it! A nature inspired fall coffee table is decorated to feel rustic and cozy. I only added a few smaller items to this set-up, using what I already have and making it work.

Small fall additions to existing bookshelves

My bookshelves on either side of the fireplace stay pretty much untouched for fall. When we first purchased our home I went fall overboard, it looked like I was hosting one of those craft houses that people tour. I went crazy, and my home definitely felt fall-ish, it was also packed and cluttered. I prefer a calmer and more relaxing look, keeping the laid back and casual style we have in our home all year.

My kids added some gourds and pumpkins to this glass hurricane that had shells in it. Also, woodland creatures like this always feel perfectly fall.

The small Harvest sign is set in front of the yarn art I made. I still like to have pops of blue, since that is what feels like home to me. But toning them down with the warmer wood tones helps that fall feel come along.

These pumpkins in the glass hurricane were spray painted white. I set them in the sand and shells that are always in this glass hurricane. Crazy simple fall decor idea!

Typically I have a big conch shell here holding up out photo books, but for fall I felt that something else was needed. This tree trunk and a green pumpkin is what can be put in place of a big shell. As I said before, fall does not mean orange and red everywhere. Rustic elements and nature like this bark warm up a home just the way you want it to be in fall.

Blending shells with pumpkins

This small platter has gold in the handles, which feels right at home for fall. I usually have shells like this displayed here, adding to my love of the beach.

Instead of taking out all of the shells like I have done in the past, I decided to blend fall items with the shells.

Using fake apples and spray painted pumpkins and layering it with the shells worked perfectly! I set this on a small table in my sun room, and with a vase full of wheat and the golden glow of a fall sunset… guys this is what fall feels like! We go apple picking at a local farm every year, and I usually have a ton of apples, which can cause for some fun confusion when people see these red delicious apples that are definitely NOT for eating!

I love that she shell is orange. I left it as the center of this small platter, the color of the shell works for fall and blends my coastal decorating love.

Easy fall filler for glass hurricanes

One way I decorated my fall tablescape this year was with layers of garland and glass hurricanes. I used rope for the majority of the vase and then added a few smaller fake apples.

More apples and then golden craft acorns. Little items like this are great to have at home for transitioning a home to the new season. I like to wait until the end of a season and then get small items like this that are marked down on clearance, most craft stores want to clear out their inventory. A lot of times I get new decorative items but cannot use them until the following year because I buy them after the holiday is over. It is worth the wait to save some money!

Simple outdoor fall changes

One of my favorite spots to decorate for fall is my front porch. It has this great barrel ceiling and huge columns. As far as the actual decor, I keep a lot of it the same. This chair, the table, and even the rustic window boxes all stay put. I layer in different decor around these staples depending on the season.

In this one I stuck a fall garland that I purchased years ago. It has pine cones and a few other nature items, I just wound it around and stuffed it into this, super easy too do.

Gotta love those bright red apples!

That is it! How to transition your home for fall with these simple ideas, I shared all of my secrets! Lately I have had a lot of people mention that they wish they could decorate this way, or make their home look like mine. A friend came over and said she does not even have the amount of decorations to get started in decorating for fall. Here is how I make it happen, I have my staples, my year-round trusty decor. Then I layer in seasonal items and add a few smaller things. Doing that alone will make my home transition from the beachy and coastal summer home into a cozy home perfectly fall-ish.


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  1. I love the muted colors of fall and the simplicity of your decor. I have overdone it in the past and one year it looked like fall threw up in my house. I much prefer a simple nod to fall. Love your decor style!

  2. I have slowly been putting out all of my fall decorations for the last month. Usually I have everything out by now, but I keep getting sidetracked.

  3. I just love your decor. I have some fall decor but I’ll put it out when Halloween is over. At the moment, I have my Halloween stuff out!

  4. I love decorating with lanterns. It’s such an easy way to change up your decor by the holiday.

  5. The twisted vine with the candles is a nice touch. I usually put my Fall decorations up right after Halloween. However, this year I may have to start a tad earlier as we have family coming to visit and I’d love to showcase some of my Fall decor.

  6. LOVE the copper lanterns…I think I’d fill them with candles and candy corn:)

  7. I can make the pumpkins today no problem. Found some interesting ideas for decorating for fall.

  8. I love everything that you have here. The decor that you picked out is beautiful. I could use you at my house. My house is pretty much a blank slate.

  9. What amazing ideas. I loved the decor. Especially replacing the flowers for wheat. I love how wheat spices up the place.

  10. Great ideas! Love the weathered wood!

  11. These are such great ideas! I need to remember I can use items I already have out, this has been good inspiration! I’m so ready for fall!

  12. Wow, there are so many great ideas! I love the candles, you are an amazing interior designer.

  13. What great ideas. I love the addition of real fruit like the apples and the cotton.

  14. What gorgeous decor this is! I love the colors, tones, and shades used. I especially love how affordable it all is! I am with you on being on a budget and lacking a lot of time! I too do love decor though! Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. I love the different ways you were able to use pumpkins! I really like how you changed up the shell platter with apples and pumpkins.

  16. I haven’t done this yet, but I love your ideas. you’ve inspired me to get into the fall spirit.

  17. Oh I love that pumpkin craft! I haven’t crafted with foam pumpkins yet! I’ll have to give it a try!

  18. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    I never thought about incorporating fall decor into a coastal themed home. You really made it work! It all blends beautifully.

  19. These are amazing ideas for fall decorating. I love the look of wheat in the vases. So fun and rustic.

  20. What great ideas for the fall! I love how simple and easy they are. So beautiful too.

  21. I love the idea of replacing the flowers with wheat. So many great ideas!

  22. I absolutely love decorating our home for Fall. It makes our house seem so much cozier, and it is relatively easy to do if you follow frugal tips like yours.

  23. I love to decorate different times of the year. I love the look you did for the Fall. Looks very nice. You have given me a few ideas for my home.

  24. All these ideas are great! Love the use of apples to give it that fall feel! I wish I had more space in our tiny NYC apartment for fall decor. And also a toddler that didn’t think everything I put out is a toy for her entertainment. She’s already snatched up all the small pumpkins off my shelf!

  25. WOW, what awesome ideas. I love that they are simple enough that I can do them but that they look amazing. I like the idea of using clear jars to decorate.

  26. Debra Hawkins says:

    I need to pull out all of my fall stuff today! I love the idea of replacing flowers with wheat. Brilliant!

  27. Ashley Mullins says:

    Love all your ideas! My favorite idea is replacing the flowers with the wheat! So easy, inexpensive, but effective way to decorate for all! It’s the small details that count!

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