Nature and rustic inspired fall tablescape

Nature and rustic inspired fall tablescape

I am so excited to be sharing this Nature and rustic inspired fall tablescape with you all today! I am always talking about making it possible to decorate your home the way you want, including the changing of the seasons. Part of that is getting decor that can work for multiple seasons and this tablescape is all about that!

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Nature & rustic inspired fall tablescape. How to decorate for fall

I am teaming up with Tree Classics as a talented group of bloggers to bring you a ton of creative fall tablescapes! Each day this week a blogger is sharing her fall tablescape, and this Tuesday is my turn. On Friday there will be a recap of all of the posts that can be found on the  Tree Classics blog. I also have a great coupon code that I will share at the bottom of this post for all of you eager shoppers.

So let’s get this moving along. As I said earlier, I like to find decor that can work for more than just one season. This saves me on time, storage space, and even effort on my part. I adore decorating, but the constant changes this time of year can feel like decorating whiplash. Which is why finding items that work for the entirety of the Holiday season is pretty much a win/win!

This Kennedy Fir Harvest garland and wreath that I got fits my multiple season requirements perfectly! It has the stunning greenery that feels perfectly warm for winter and Christmas. But also had golden leaves and red berries, which feels at home in fall/Thanksgiving. All that is needed is a little sprucing up when this comes in the mail, stretching out of some of the branches. Then I set this directly down the center of my dining room table.

It is all in the finishes to make this garland work for particular seasons. In Christmas it will be decked out in it’s best Christmas glory. For fall I brought out my love of nature, and also pumpkins. With the deep colors of the garland I wanted to keep things simple. So I used three varying sized white craft pumpkins and set them out.

The great thing about this garland is that I was able to move the branches around the pumpkins, creating a little bed of greenery for the items to sit on nicely.

Then fill in a few glass hurricanes with acorns and red apples, which bring out the gold and red tones from the garland while all feeling very fall.

I added some white rope to tire in the white pumpkins. This is quick and easy things to use, in fact my kids helped me out with all of this, filling the hurricanes.

Since this is a fall tablescape we need a pretty place setting. I used what I already had, which was the wood chargers, napkins and plates. I had this leaf garland from a while ago that got all tangled up with the string. I cut off the wood leaves and used them to set in the center of the plates. For a great and easy to make Thanksgiving place setting a name could be written on these leaves or with a small piece of paper attached to them.

Sprinkling in fall leaves for even more warmth to the table. It may look like I did a lot to make this tablescape, but I think it was probably 30 minutes of selecting items and trying them out. I used decor I already had, and my little helpers were eager to fill in any holes I saw with fall leaves.

This wreath is also amazing, and so beautifully full! There is a ton of garlands and wreaths at Tree Classics to chose from, going from busy and full like mine to simple and sparse. Perfect for any home!

Using nature inspired elements like the dark wood chargers, the leaves and pumpkins helps me to blend in my year-round decor.

I am loving the addition of the bright green garland for this fall tablescape! To me this time of year feels warm, it is sweater weather, baking cookies, warm fires, cozying on the sofa and getting together with family. From now until January we are packed with all of it. This garland will carry me, my decor and my home throughout the seasons. Pretty much the garland will be staying put and I will just be changing out the smaller accent items for the particular holiday.

Using a long and narrow garland like this is great for a centerpiece. It fills the table beautifully but does not interfere with the place settings. In fact there is still room for food to be set on this table.

I like to get household items like this dinnerware that does not have a particular season attached to it. This also helps cut costs for the year. I do not have to have a spring, summer, fall and winter dinnerware set. All of them work here, and it is all in the smaller accents and textures that make the space work for different holidays.

It is insane how real this garland looks! My daughter has a pretty severe pine sap allergy and she reacts with just the tiniest of contact with the pine needles, so artificial is the only option for us. I love that this garland and wreath let me have that tradition of foliage for fall and winter without it bothering my daughter.

As you can see, it was really simple to place the items around and on top of the garland. All of the branches can easily be bent to accommodate the decor, having all of it blend together nicely.

This Nature and rustic inspired fall tablescape fits in perfectly with the rest of my fall home. You can see my full fall home tour here. Just in case you missed it, my fall front porch was also shared last week. The temperature outside is finally starting to match the interior style of my home. I have been ready to welcome fall for weeks and we are finally getting fall-ish weather here!

My dining room table is not the biggest, so making sure that the centerpiece does not encroach onto people eating is important. I also do not like to have too many tall items that block people from looking at other people sitting at the table. When entertaining of even just my family eating here it is time to visit, laugh, talk about our day and doing so with something sticking in between our view is not good. Garlands make the perfect low rise centerpiece!

I left the best part until now, the garland and the wreath light up! 

Really the best part is that they light up without needing any power cords. They are battery operated LED lights. Making it very realistic to set this in the center of the table without needing to somehow hide a long cord.

Guys, the sparkle these give off is magical! My kids insist on turning these on every night for dinner and then they stay on until we go to bed. I never considered fall to be a “light it up” kind of season, but it is my new favorite things to have in my home this time of year.

Of course we all know that Christmastime is when the lights get brought out, but hey… let’s have the pretty glow for longer.

We also have a dining room ceiling light the dims, so after dinner has been eaten and if people are still lingering at the table we turn down the ceiling light and let the glow of these beauties light up just enough to allow a calming and relaxing ambiance. We actually ended up having family friends over the day I was setting all of this up for this blog post. I decided to be extra fancy and kept up the place settings for our friends. The kids sat in the kitchen for dinner and the 4 adults were able to sit in this pretty setting. We hung out here well through dessert while the kids ran around.

It was very romantic, except for the two men talking politics and sports while the myself and my fellow Mom friend talked about plans for Halloween. Not very romantic, but still a lot of fun!

Yep, this garland and wreath will be up for the next few months. Which I am all for! This time of year gets hectic, and one less thing for me to think about is really nice. I just have to add different accent decor around the garland and call it done! ‘

Now for the exciting information for you! Tree Classics is giving a 10% off coupon code to all following along on the “A toast to Autumn 2017” week. You can use it at the website here, then enter coupon code ATTA2017, going from 10/2/2017 – 10/13/2017! 

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I am so excited for this time of year! My kids are pumped for Halloween, we enjoy all of the fall traditions of going to a fall festival, pumpkin carving, and then apple picking. Then it is onto Thanksgiving, so many get-togethers with friends and family. Finished off with tons of Christmas plans and cheer and then sending off this year and ringing in the new one. This Nature and rustic inspired fall tablescape is just the beginning to the warm and cozy decor to fill my home to welcome everyone we love this time of year, and I am ready for it all!




  1. Hello! Very interesting idea with a rope in a glass cup)

  2. I am absolutely in love with your tablescape. Autumn is my favorite season, so I love new decorating ideas like this. So, so pretty.

  3. I love everything about your fall tablescape, including the garland that can be used again to decorate during the Christmas season. Your decor is always beautiful and you always inspire me.

  4. This is such gorgeous decor! I currently have my Halloween stuff out, but when it’s over, I’m bringing out my fall stuff. I love the garland!

  5. That is very pretty! I love how the colors are fall-like but muted. It’s such a beautiful look.

  6. I am loving your tablescape how gorgeous does it look, I wish I had an eye to do such things and those leaves in the plates are fantastic.

  7. I like the colors you went with here. These decorations can be used all throughout fall instead of just halloween or just thanksgiving.

  8. That looks absolutely gorgeous! I could hire you to decorate my house. My house looks pretty much plain and I would love for fall to come into this house. I love all your ideas.

  9. I am with you – I like to keep a set of all-white non-seasonal plates around. The white looks classy and fits with any season. I love the leaves as part of the table setting – and the pumpkins are just beautiful. I am definitely feeling inspired.

  10. I’m loving neutrals for fall this year. I love my rusts and reds but the cream and brown colors seem so much more peaceful while I’m losing my mind busy! I love your attention to detail, everything you do is beautiful

  11. I was just talking about tablescapes! My family has been entertaining more and I was thinking of adding a little more flare to the décor. These fall ideas are great and I cannot wait to see what I can borrow for my life.

  12. Oh how beautiful! I just love the white pumpkins. Really gives the table a rustic, yet elegant vibe.

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  14. What a beautiful tablescape and decor. I am digging the rustic vibe you have going. Want to come decorate my house?

  15. This would look great down the middle of my long and narrow table. I need to get the acorns and small apples!

  16. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    This is such a great tablescape. My favorite part is the wooden leaves on the plates. They’re so cute.

  17. Beautiful touches! I love that it’s really natural looking. Nothing too glitzy… just downhome design.

  18. What a beautiful tablescape. Mine never turn out as good as this one looks.

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  21. I am all about rustic holiday decor. Not only is it easy to find appropriate items, but my kids and I can go on a nature walk and find the exact decorations we need to make our holidays even more cozy.

  22. You’ve coordinated everything beautifully. I don’t decorate much at all for Thanksgiving, the table is so full of food you wouldn’t see anything underneath.

  23. I agree with this post. The simplistic decor is usually the best. They make such powerful impact!

  24. I like the rustic effects on tables. It gives it a refreshing look and adds mysticism. It’s a good way to shake things up at home.

  25. Beautiful. As I get older, I’m becoming such a simpler decorator. I used to be over the top where a holiday looked like it threw up in the room.

  26. I absolutley love the wood chargers! The leave s on the plates are really cute too!

  27. Hi Emily, I love your table setting and I have the same plate chargers from WM. HUGS from WA

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