How to make a fall leaf garland with twinkle lights

How to make a fall leaf garland with twinkle lights

It is full on fall around here,  my home is a fall inspired explosion of color and all things leaves. I like to go with the rustic and nature themed fall decor, it is a slight change from my coastal decor, but still keeps the feel. Today it is all about How to make a fall leaf garland with twinkle lights!
DIY leaf garland, Simple and low cost, with just a few steps this fall craft is done! Adding twinkle LED lights created the sparkle.

Before I jump into this craft tutorial I am warning you now that I tiny sneak peek of my fall decor will be at the bottom of this post! My full fall home tour is set to go live next Monday. So peek away and come back for the full thing next week! I decided to make a quick and simple leaf garland. Using leaves purchased from the dollar store, yep this is that kind of budget fall craft project! I decided to add some twinkle lights. Who says twinkle lights are just for Christmas? Not this girl. No way, no how. Shine bright like a diamond all year long.

I will note that I used LED lights which means they will not get hot. This is important with what I am going to be doing with them.

This is the leaves that were in the package, they are sparkly and delicate. Nora mentioned that they looked like a fall fairy kissed them. Which is true, The Dollar store has personal fairies that kiss fairy dust on things… little known fact.

You ready for this crazy short and sweet craft tutorial? I cut the stems off of the leaves.

I ended up with a pile of fake leaf stems. It was a bloodbath, I went scissor crazy.
I am a responsible chopper however and found the perfect use for them. You know me and my hoarding ways could not just throw the stems away. They are flexible and bendy so I entwined the ends into the tiny holes in the leaves, having them end up in the back of the leaf.
I took one LED light, and tied the former leaf stems around the light. Making the leaf become attached to the string of lights.
Viola! Super simple and easy. I was doing this, sitting on the floor in the living room. The kids were in bed, my dog’s were snoring, and Dale was being my hero and cutting pieces of wood for another project of mine in the garage. I had the serious task of watching reality TV and absentmindedly tying former stems around twinkle lights. It was this or folding laundry, I will always choose the craft. Always!

DIY fall leaf garland with lights. Easy to make with these dollar store items.

I plugged this vine of leaves in and draped it around my fireplace mantel that is all dressed up in the best fall trimmings. This fall leaf garland with twinkle lights is just the kind of subtle color my mantel needs. When I added this navy blue shiplap this year I was not sure how my seasonal decor would blend in. I have had to alter things slightly, tone down the color and add more texture. I will be linking up all DIY projects featured in this post at the bottom of the page.

DIY fall leaf garland with lights. Easy to make with these dollar store items.

When they light up, it is so dreamy! When I was a teenager I actually overtook part of my closet, turned it into a sitting area that had classy purple plastic blow up chairs (tell me you remember those). I was fancy. Anyways, there was Christmas lights strung around my little hangout area in my closet. I decorated in my spare time as a teenager, completely normal right? I wish I had pictures of my awesome nook. People are turning their closets into all kinds of things now. I was way ahead of the game.

making a dollar store leaf garland

DIY LED fall garland

Getting back to the present, twinkle lights for fall decor! It works so well.

leaf garland

simple ways to decorate for fall

The beauty of this leaf garland is that the kissed by fall fairy leaves are pretty all on their own. In the daytime they look like a standard,  leaf garland. Until the sun goes down and the craziness that is twinkle lights illuminating a fireplace comes on. This is fall decor insanity! I am breaking all of the rules and most likely getting on Santa’s naughty list right now, I believe he has reserved the twinkle lights for his holiday. Until today, boom!

simple fall garland

DIY fall leaf garland with lights. Easy to make with these dollar store items.

 I recently made the pumpkins in front of the leaf wall art but have not shared them yet. Another simple craft tutorial will be coming soon to share these beauties with you.  I set the leaves up to look as if they are natural leaves climbing up on the fireplace mantel with a magical vine that glows. Very natural and realistic.

I think with any simple project, it is all in the big finale; the presentation. If I had simply placed this DIY leaf garland on my mantle and called it fall they would have looked out of place. Because I paired it with other nature themed pieces, and have this be the only pop of color it makes this both stand out and fit with everything else. Finding that balance when decorating your home is key. When decorating it for a holiday it can be hard to mix it all together. All of the pieces featured on this fireplace I either made myself for under $40 or purchased for very low costs. Decorating never has to be expensive.

 Lastly, and most importantly…. these leaves sparkle and shine! They were truly kissed by the fall fairies. What is a fun way you have decorated for fall? Anything adorable like Nora’s proclamation of the fall fairies? Kids are the best, mine adore these twinkling lights and want to see them sparkle with no other lights on in the house. We set the mood here, lights low, twinkling, Dale and I cozy on the couch, with three kids and two dogs piled up on top of us telling jokes, and then one of the dog’s fart. At least that is who gets blamed, every time. Just the reality around here. Within that chaos we do enjoy these lights though, there is that at least.
How to make this DIY leaf garland, with lights to add sparkle. Simple steps to make this perfectly fall craft.

I warned you about my tiny peek of fall decor. I have gone clean, simple, with pops of fall color. I have really let the nature of fall shine through in my home this year, using twigs, sticks, and pumpkins… so many pumpkins. Anyways I also warned you that How to make a fall leaf garland with twinkle lights was going to be easy, and I was not joking! It took maybe 3 steps, and my craft supplies was scissors, that is it. I love to make these smaller crafts, they help me fully decorate my home for the season. Sprinkling in these DIY projects allows me to decorate and not break the bank. Always a win!


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    Here the leaves turn colors and they don’t get to stay very long before the wind kicks up and blows them all away or the snow comes and covers them all up 🙁

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