21 Fall and Halloween craft ideas

21 Fall and Halloween craft ideas

Hi all, my family and I escaped for a little end of summer vacation these last two weeks. We are back, and ready to enjoy the last week of summer before school starts for my kids. Once school starts it is full speed ahead for fall! Today I wanted to share 21 Fall and Halloween craft ideas that I have shown here on my blog in the past.

21 fall and Halloween craft ideas, low cost and simple ways to decorate the home for the season!

My blog is growing, which is amazing and wonderful! That means that a lot of new faces have not seen my previous years content. I thought this would be a fun and helpful way for any of you crafting peeps to get some ideas.

I have some fun fall and Halloween crafts planned, that I hope to get moving on next week when my kids are back in school. If you are like me and have had kids home this summer, then you are probably just now getting out of the summer haze ans chaos, taking stock of your home and maybe a little eager to celebrate the fall season. This summer knocked me down in terms of juggling it all. I succeeded in being a stay at home Mom for my kids, but could not muster 100% for my blog as well, and even less for many home specific projects. I kept my house clean-ish, organized-ish, and that is about it.

It was my first year transitioning from being a full time blogger during the school year to having the kids home full time. While my kids are older at 9,7 and 6, they still demand a lot of attention, fun, activities, me tying shoes, making meals, stopping fights, and someone looking at someone mean. You all understand, kids… need I say more?

However, I am eager to get back into the routine of a full time job with this here little blog! I plan to dive head first into 21 Fall and Halloween craft ideas, then finally get my window seat done that I spoke about to you all. Once those two things are done, I have my sights set on my laundry room and the kids bathroom.

There is a ton of plans and ideas for my home, and finally 8 solid hours 5 days a week for me to do them! Also, I get to jump back into taking my time with this blog, responding to you lovely people here and on my social media. I have missed you guys!

Anyways, back to the crafting! These 21 Fall and Halloween craft ideas are what make it possible for me to decorate my home for each season. I have a family of 5, with a budget, and not an infinite amount of money to decorate. Cutting corners in making the decorations myself is what allows the seasonal decor to happen. I hope you enjoy my ideas from years past, and I am antsy to get to work on some new decorations soon for the coming fall season!




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1 of 21



  1. I love the stuff you made! My daughter is a fan of crafting, so I’m sure she’ll want to make some things. We also have a lot of decor that I’ve bought at stores that I’ll be bringing out soon!

  2. I love all these craft ideas! I am not a huge craft person mostly because I’m not creative that way, so post like this really help me out with ideas. I will definitely use some of them.

  3. WAY TO EXCITE ME THAT MUCH MORE about FALL!!!! But seriously, THANK YOU! I am not even a Halloween fan, but at this point, I might just start being one because the fall season is just the absolute BEST!

  4. Debra Hawkins says:

    I love the leaves cut into the pumpkins! What a fun idea to add a little bit of extra flair to the project!

  5. I guess a mom’s job never gets easy even as they become older. They’ll still crave for attention from you as it makes them feel secure. The crafts ideas makes me real excited with the upcoming Halloween.

  6. sorry mistyped this part.

  7. Love decorating for fall and the colors and textures are always wonderful. Love your crafts and I am inspired now.

  8. Fall is my favorite time of year and I love Halloween! I love the two sided wall decor!

  9. What some amazing ideas for Halloween crafts I love the string leaf, that is something you could really have up throughout autumn.

  10. Wow would you look at that! The fire place is absolutely amazing! I love how the decorations just add that extra spook (spark) to your house! I think you’ve really taken this theme as your own!
    I’m hoping to do something similar in my apartment.

  11. I love your decor! I have so many ideas for Halloween but I have such a small apt, that it tends to look crowded when I decorate! I do love the bats about the mantle though. I could totally do that 🙂

  12. These are really fun fall ideas! I like being able to use decorations for more than one Fall holiday. The wooden pumpkins are so cute.

  13. These are really nice. I especially like the signs with the rope pumpkin and “Fall”. I really want to do more crafts this Fall than usual. I’ve been slacking in past years

  14. I am not an adventurous crafter, but Halloween always brings out my creative side. It’s my favorite holiday. I have plans to make a door wreath, but I love your bats. BTW, that photo wall is amazing!

  15. I love your house all year round but you really kill it with fall! I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year

  16. Omgoodness I love love love crafts for fall. The pumpkins are glorious. I notice silvers and golds are very on trend, and that is fine by me: I love to decorate for Halloween, too!

  17. I love all of these crafty ideas. I just wish I was more crafty and actually had the time to do some of them.

  18. What great ideas for little touches to decorate for Halloween. I love the bats over the mantle. Such a cute idea.

  19. These are great! I always love stuff that can go past Halloween and make it to Thanksgiving!

  20. I love crafts. Especially Fall crafts. There are so many cool ones I want to try and make. I have to make a list now!

  21. wow so many great ideas, the fall is one of my favorite seasons and I do like to decorate my home accordingly. Those pumpkins and baskets look so nice I really want to have something like that in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration =)

  22. It’s been a great year, but a really busy one. I haven’t really done a whole lot of decorating for the holidays. You’re inspiring me to do it up for fall/Halloween.

  23. I absolutely love all the lovely things you’ve made. It’s really inspired me to start thinking about decorating my own home for fall 🙂

    Louise x

  24. I feel you. My kids are much older than yours but they are still as demanding as ever. LOL. Anyway, I like your two sided DIY Fall decor. That’s a smart idea. If you get tired of one, just flip it and you have a brand new decor!

  25. I just LOVE your FALL pumpkins on your mantle – so cute! Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for, but you have inspired me to up my game!

  26. I love these Halloween decorating ideas. They look like even I could accomplish them, as I am not very crafty. Thanks for sharing, pinning for later!

  27. Your household sounds a lot like mine! It’s hard to focus on the blog as much as I’d like during the summer for all the reasons you mentioned. The kids just went back to school last week and I’m starting to settle back into a routine.

    As for the crafts, I really like all your fall decor! I want that pumpkin with the leaf cut out. So cute.

  28. Decorating for fall means summer is ending, sadly. Yet another year flying by. We don’t decorate for fall, and mostly only outside for Halloween.

  29. What a beautiful post. I love all of these ideas for Fall and Halloween. I can’t believe Fall is almost here.

  30. These are all such great craft ideas! I love fall DIYs, they’re so fun! Your picks are amazing, I have to try some of them!

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