Living room tour and ideas – Room By Room series week 3

Living room tour and ideas – Room By Room series week 3

Summer is speeding by for me! Anyone else feel that way? We are rounding into mid July already! Today I am sharing my Living room tour and ideas – Room By Room series week 3. It is full of summer goodness, since I am obsessed with all things beach inspired.


Coastal style living room decor ideas for the home. 10 living and family room blogger home ideas!

I missed out on Week 2 of this series, the fourth of July celebrations had me all kinds of confused, hectic and exhausted. Too much fire works, food and sun for me! So I missed sharing the details on my kitchen. Week 1 was all about entryways and I did share the details on my tiny entryway. Just like week 1 I am going to be sharing any DIY projects featured in my living room at the bottom of this post. I am thinking this will make it easier for you to find the tutorial for the item you are interested in. The other wonderful bloggers linking up will be featured at the bottom of this post as well, so be sure to check them out!

The living room has gone through a huge transformation. We painted the walls a very light gray, all of the trim white, and installed wood flooring.

A lot of the decor and furniture has stayed the same since these pictures were taken. Most of the time, when it comes to decorating your home keeping the large ticket items like a sofa or chairs but changing out the smaller decor items can be just the change you are craving.

Most recently I also added the shiplap to the fireplace, and adore it so much!

beach decor for living room with large gallery wall

The gallery wall I bulked up making it stretch from one side of the wall to the other. When I first started out decorating I worried that filling the entire wall with frames would make the room feel too cluttered. Going big with statements like wall decor can actually make the space feel even bigger. I kept the frames simple, the colors bright and bold and nothing too busy is in the frames. That goes a long way with feeling cohesive and not too overwhelming.

table decorating ideas for spring


When I first started decorating I was drawn towards the professionally decorates homes, big surprise. The ones that had every inch decorated. But we were a young family, still in the throes of pregnancies and babies, and Dale was still very new in his career so a decorating budget was tight. I made do with what I had and picked up little things here and there. My one flaw was thinking outside of the box. Now I sprinkle in DIY crafts, DIY decor items that cost a lot less than any store bought ones.

A coastal style home decorate the fireplace mantel with DIY projects and simple crafts. Keeping the decor low cost and full of California casual charm!

This gives me the wiggle room with money to purchase the bigger items I cannot DIY. It has allowed me to go decorating crazy, even if (thankfully) our family finances have improved. Now I just struggle purchasing something I know I can make myself.

shelf decorating ideas

These are the same black bookshelves that I have had in my living room from the beginning. A fresh coat of white paint later and they fit right in. Once big project for my living room left to do is to make built in bookcases on either side of my fireplace. So eventually there will be replaced with DIY custom ones. Until then they do the job of filling the space and showing off my beachy decor.

small decorating details for living room

large gallery wall ideas

open concept dining and living room ideas

I like to mix coastal style decor with cool tones colors like blue and gray. Those colors can feel a little sparse, so I warm up the space with rustic elements and dark natural wood. I have ended up with a relaxing, calm, a little bold and comfy home!

geometric throw pillows and blankets

My kids seem to think that a blanket needs to be on the sofa even in the middle of summer. The throw pillows I adore, but my kids just use them as rocks to escape the lava or objects to use in fights. Our home is real!

family room decorating ideas

The built in shelves I have planned to make will have a space for the TV to sit inside. Which I am so excited about! We actually do not watch a lot of TV, which would blow my 10 year old self mind. I was obsessed with TV then and growing up it was on all of the time. We stay active during the day, and typically have music on. Only movie nights or sometimes in the late evening once the kids are in bed do we watch TV. So having this to the side and not front and center above our fireplace has always been the way we go around here.

spring coastal decor

wood bench with throw pillows

beach decorations

Painting the wood trim in our home white was one of the biggest projects, most time consuming, but soooo worth all of the work. It instantly updated our home.

coastal decor with wood and natural elements

bright and light spring home decor ideas

People ask all of the time on how we keep our sofa white. This is an Ikea Ektorp that is 10 years old, every single piece of it is a slip cover. It has been washed hundreds of times! We are finally having to replace this because our dog Finn decided to scrape up the slipcover and eat the stuffing. Good times. I am however going to be replacing it with another white, slip covered Ikea sofa. I wanted to go with a dark navy blue or dark gray sofa, but we have two dogs with white fur and are not the kind of people to regularly vacuum our cushions. So sticking with white is actually between for us, the dog hair does not stand out as much. Now if I had kept that in mind when choosing dark hardwood floors that would have been amazing. Hindsight and all….

coastal inspired living room

beautiful surf painting

bold and coastal decorating ideas for the living room

My living room is set up in a way to be comfortable. The coffee table is sturdy enough for my kids to sit on and rustic enough for feet to be resting on. I adore having cushy throw pillows and tons of seating options. My one issue with my living room is that there is not one complete wall to have the sofa. I have either a wall with a fireplace, two windows, or an opening into the dining room. So placement of furniture has always been difficult.

coastal style living room

decorating with shells

I bring it all together with similar colors and smaller decor items. It helps all of the seating and uses squished into this living all blend together. Which helps the room feel less chaotic. The living room is the center of our home, where we spend most of our time so chaos happens all on it’s own. I try to minimize the set chaos with my decorating and furniture.

decorating for spring with fake flowers

Another trick I have used for my living room to function it’s best is that none of the decor items of furniture in it is expensive. Let’s be real, I have three young kids and two dogs. Dirt, sand, water, juice, Popsicles, stinky feet, dog drool, and so many flying toys happen in this room on the daily. Regardless of how the decorations look, none of them are expensive or too important. Our phase in life right now is hectic so our living room needs to reflect that lively day to day grind we experience.

coastal inspired living room

Our living room is planned with comfort, function, and a busy young family all in mind. No amount of pretty is more important than a room that is comfortable and lived in. I want everyone to walk in, lay on the sofa, cuddle on the chair, watch a movie, or enjoy a conversation in here. My priority is living in this living room for my family, and it has been organized to do just that! I hope you enjoyed my Living room tour and ideas – Room By Room series week 3 and be sure to take the time to see all of the other amazing living room and family rooms!


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  1. My entryway is my kitchen, so that is what people see when they come in my house. I try HARD to keep it neat since it’s the first place people see when they walk in.

  2. How lovely does your lounge look, I am in love with your photo wall you have put it together so well, so many memories all being shared.

  3. I love the way you were able to tie in such an elaborate theme, while also keeping it family friendly! It can be quite a challenge when you have children.

  4. I love the blues and gray colors you choose. It gives a relaxed beachy look. The fireplace came out amazing. Love it!

  5. It’s always amazing to me what a coat of white paint can do to make a room brighter and change the whole feel. Also, moving that couch created a nice centerpiece. We have a photo wall in our family/tv room and I seriously need to edit the photos in there and add some new pix…What a great transformation.

  6. Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Your house is lovely and this seems like a good room for the family. I love all the frames on the walls and pictures of the family!

  7. I love the contemporary view of the living room. It’s really nice that it looks spacious and having light colored walls is easy on the eyes.

  8. What a gorgeous living room! I love the stone fireplace. I really could use an update to my living room (well most of my house).

  9. Love the stone fireplace! Such a unique character piece! You’ve styled the room gorgeously!

  10. Your home is lovely. It looks super comfortable and stylish. I love all of the little details that you have in the room.

  11. Your home is just gorgeous! I am so inspired by your gallery wall. I need to put mine up.

  12. The pops of light seafoam blue are my favorite thing about this room. It really ties everything together neatly.

  13. I am in love with the living room! All of the decor is so pretty. I really like all of the pictures on the walls.

  14. I love the beach theme throughout your home. I especially love that pop of navy above your fireplace. What a great way to ensure the fireplace remains the focal point of the room!

  15. You have a beautiful home. Everything is so exquisite and pristine. This is my dream home for everything to be in its place and clean.

  16. I love everything about this! We have a very beachy feel to our home, too, and your gorgeous details have given me some great ideas. I love your coffee table – and what are those tree stumps??! Just beautiful!

  17. WOW , that seafoam blue pops. I love to see a beautiful room redone like this. You have inspired me.

  18. Your walls are just the best. The pictures definitely look good with the new wall color. I also like the cooler colors you’ve been able to use around the room.

  19. That fireplace is really awesome. I have always liked fireplaces with stones around them. I think that makes them look so authentic. This is a lovely home.

  20. I love the fireplace! Your home and living room are so gorgeous! It’s nice yet looks very comfortable. Great job!

  21. I really like how your blue shiplap wall draws so much attention to your fireplace – it makes a great statement in your living room!

  22. Debra J Hawkins says:

    I really love the dark blue accent about the fire place! I think it was the perfect pop of color to put there!

  23. I love all the photos! I’ve been thinking to redo my living room. I’ll get some inspiration from these.

  24. Your home inspires me to decorate my home! I love the gallery wall. I have always wanted one like that. I will show this post to my husband I am sure I won’t need a lot of convincing. 🙂

  25. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    Your living room is gorgeous. My two favorite things in it are the fireplace and the picture wall. So nice.

  26. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    I love how every wall reflects that your’s is a place to be lived-in despite being perfectly decorated. Not like one of those homes in brochures that feel insipid and artificial. I also loved the nautical theme.

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  30. I also picked the same color scheme for our house, we want it resort/beach inspired. You call it seafoam blue, I call it seafoam green 🙂

  31. You have such a lovely home. I just love the colors you used and your decorating style.

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  40. Emily, your living room is so beautiful! I love how functional it is! Such a wonderful space for you and your family!

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