Easy to make DIY 2×4 wood flower planter

Easy to make DIY 2×4 wood flower planter

Today is a special Saturday post, and it is sooo worth going away from my regular scheduled programming. Myself and a group of bloggers are taking part in a 2×4 and More challenge, and I am showing off this Easy to make DIY 2×4 wood flower planter!

DIY flower planter using low cost 2x4 wood boards. Simple to make with amazing results! Perfect for any outdoor space.

Let me explain this special project a little more. The lovely ladies at Remodelaholic are having a week of 2×4, sharing anything that is made with 2x4s! They wanted to kick off this fun week by getting together a group of DIY bloggers to create something new, and the challenge was to have the majority of the project be 2×4 wood. Yep, those rough looking wooden boards that typically are what walls are built with. At the bottom of this post you will find the 14 new build projects.


For my project, I am adding to my outdoor space with two new flower planters. I had plenty of 2×4’s because we took a wall down in our basement. A lot of nails needed to be pulled out of them, but they work perfectly fine for this job.


For Mothers day Dale and the kids got me some Peonies, that are now planted in the backyard. I saved these bins planning to reuse them eventually, I do not get rid of a lot of stuff. I have been justified in my hoarding ways far too many times, when I actually do use the random items I save. These little flower containers will be what the 2×4 flower planter will be based on in terms of size. These will sit inside of the wooden planter.

easy planter idea using 2x4 wood

First step was to cut a bunch of the 2×4’s  down to the right size to be able to sit around the plastic flower containers.

how to cut 2x4

Once I had enough I started stacking them around the plastic container. None of them are attached at all yet, just making sure my cuts were good and seeing how many more I would need. Guys, this DIY project is crazy simple! Just straight cuts on the table saw, seriously simple stuff here!

stacking boards for 2x4 planter

Once I knew I had enough I started building them up. Using wood glue and gluing down each corner.

I am going for a minimal and simple look to these, so am just stacking them on top of each other. Letting there be a space in between boards. I felt that it gave them a little bit of a modern feel to the flower planters. On our back patio where these are going I have a lot of rustic elements in furniture, so getting something a little more streamlined in terms of lines and finish is needed.

nailing boards

For added insurance I also nailed in the boards.

stacking boards

Going up and around to make the simple pattern of 2x4s.

making sure nail fits in boards

I used a longer screw of the top ones, so that I only had to screw in a few times. Here is showing how one screw can secure three rows of wood boards.

screwing in nails into board

Screwing in until the top of the screw is pushed into the boards.

easy to make 2x4 flower planter

It is coming together!

how to cut angle boards

Next is time to add the finishing touch. I could have left the planters as is, but I felt that with the staggered appearance of the 2×4’s having one complete top is needed. I used a thinner board than the 2x4s are, measuring and then cutting in an angle.

This is the polished trim to finish off this DIY flower planter. 

adding wood glue for planter

Using wood glue to attach the angled top piece.

adding border trim to 2x4 planter

Eeeek, I am loving the way this looks!

painting planter

Time for paint! I am using an outdoor bright turquoise paint color. It is the same color that I painted my Adirondack chairs with. I am pretty obsessed with the color!

bold turquoise paint

If the wood you are using to make these are really rough a light sanding on the surface will allow the paint to go on smoothly.

how to make pair of simple flower planters

Two coats of paint later.

purple flowers

Time to plant these beautiful flowers. I picked purple flowers (which I do not remember the name of, sorry!). I loved the combination of the deep turquoise of the planter and the purple flowers.

adding simple flowers to planter

Simple flower planting stuff here, fill the container with dirt and fertilizer halfway.

Break apart the dirt and roots a little from the flowers.


Set in and fill in the surrounding of the plant with dirt.

DIY flower planter using low cost 2x4 wood boards. Simple to make with amazing results! Perfect for any outdoor space.

Tada! Done! I am so in love with  this Easy to make DIY 2×4 wood flower planter.

DIY flower planter using low cost 2x4 wood boards. Simple to make with amazing results! Perfect for any outdoor space.

simple way to make a flower planter

The staggering of the 2×4’s adds a really different detail to there. I was initially going to make a standard box using the wood boards, but wanted to do something a little different. I am so happy I went with this instead. I like the overall look of these, and also sharing on my blog is really cool because these are something anyone can make. No fancy woodworking skills needed to make these happen.

angle cut wood boards

bold DIY flower planter

Yep, this color is my new favorite!

cute DIY flower planter

outdoor seating ideas

I will be sharing all of the posts for any DIY projects from my outdoor space at the bottom of this post. I do a ton of DIY and always want to allow people to find what they are looking for easily, but finding them within the text of each post can get daunting. So I am making it easy for you to find any tutorial to what you have your eye on in my backyard patio.

DIY flower planter using low cost 2x4 wood boards. Simple to make with amazing results! Perfect for any outdoor space.

DIY 2x4 wood planter

I have said it before, but really do believe that going bold with color can be done outside. A lot of people crave that pop of color for their home, but doing so inside a home can feel overwhelming. Play around with color, pattern and texture on a porch or patio. It allows you to get your feet wet with bold colors, and with it being outside where there is naturally so many colors it does not feel like too much of a good thing.


DIY flower planter using low cost 2x4 wood boards. Simple to make with amazing results! Perfect for any outdoor space.

Doing anything DIY can usually help cut costs down. Two large flower planters like this would be a pretty penny if purchased new. This actually cost me nothing because I had all of the supplies from previous projects, but if I were to guess on cost for supplies this would come in around $30 or so. It was done in just a few hours, and most of that was waiting for the paint to dry. I lvoe savings on DIY projects, then it gives me that extra money to splurge on the bigger ticket items for my home that I cannot DIY.

DIY 2x4 wood planter

I cannot stress how Easy to make DIY 2×4 wood flower planter this actually is! Just a few cuts for the wood, wood glue, some screws and paint. The results are cute and unique without feeling like they overtake the space. The natural beauty of outside with all of my flowers, grass and trees is always the star of the show in terms of being outside. These two planters blend in, add color, but don’t overtake my patio space. Now that I have shared this crazy simple tutorial you can go and peruse the other amazing DIY 2×4 wood projects!


A video featuring some of the 2×4 projects –

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  1. No ways that’s just brilliant Emily. I love the look, the color , everything about it

  2. I have some 2×4 scraps laying around, this would be a great way to use them up and make something pretty. Thinking I might paint before putting them together and just do touch up on areas.

  3. How cool! This looks so simple but I love the look of it. I think I’ll make one for my back porch because finding cute planters is not easy OR cheap!

  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL planters!! My husband made me something sort of similar several years ago but they are leaning and falling apart. Time for new ones! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. I love these! And absolutely love your colorful backyard!

  6. Ginger Bowie says:

    What a fun idea! I love the pop of color it gives your outdoor space. 🙂

  7. I love how you put your time to use to do something truly purposeful. That flower pot that you made is beautiful. A great enticement to any home I think. Really nice idea. My mom would love that.

  8. That DIY looks super easy to make and I love the color blue! I do not have a green thumb though, so I don’t keep plants at all.

  9. This flower planter is looking nice. Also it’s easy to make. I love this DIY.

  10. Debra J Hawkins says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love these around the pool in my backyard and you picked the prettiest color. Turquoise is my absolute favorite!

  11. You did a great job on your project. Congrats on a job well done.

  12. Wow you are so creative. I love how these turned out. Your step by step instructions are so great that I am sure anyone can make some for themselves. My Mom is always looking for new ideas so I will be sharing this on Facebook after I am done with my comment. For me I “think” I would have left them stained and then polyurethaned. That would work also don’t you think? But I do love the color choice you chose as it is striking.

  13. I love how simple but cool this is and I LOVE the bright color you chose! Great project!

  14. What a wonderful DIY project! I should really invest in having those equipment. I want to try this.

  15. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These DIY 2×4 wood flower planter are a great summer project. They look amazing in your backyard. and the color of them looks amazing too. I am going to have to make a coiuple of these flower planters..

  16. Trying to be a carpenter, building up small and simple stuff like this sounds fun. But ain’t got no flowers at home.

  17. That’s easy to do, but since I don’t have that carpentry talent maybe I should ask my mom do it for me. She just too good about many things.

  18. I love these, they are such a cool design and I love that you can use any pot in the center that will easily drain. So much style on your patio and I love the bright color you used!

  19. Your planter came out great! i love that blue color you painted it too, so cute!

  20. Ohhh that turned out so darn cute! Nothing makes an outdoor space look more cheerful than pretty blooms!

  21. Your DIYs are amazing! I can’t wait to show these to my husband! I really want a couple of these for my yard!

  22. I absolutely love the way your planters came out. They look so stylish,… like you picked them up for big bucks from the store! Great job!

  23. I have some old pallette wood that I’ve been meaning to use. This just might be it! How cute!

  24. Jaime Nicole says:

    This is such a great project. I am not handy at all, and once I could get the boards cut, I think I might be able to handle this one!

  25. So cute! And I love that you used scraps for this! So smart! That striped bench that I caught a glimpse of is pretty neat too!! Great job 🙂

  26. Super cute, I love the color blue you chose too! I’ll have to give this a try for when we get our deck built out back.

  27. I loooove the planters and really love the bright turquoise color! Such a pop for any outdoor space!

  28. OMGGGGG!!! Even I can do this! Thank you so much for posting. I needed this during my corona lockdown. Stay safe and many blessings to you and yours!

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