DIY wood pallet bench, low cost and easy to make!

DIY wood pallet bench, low cost and easy to make!

We all know by now that I love a good DIY project, one that adds extra seating, a pop of color and is crazy low cost?!! Um, yes please! Today I am sharing the full tutorial for this DIY wood pallet bench, low cost and easy to make!

How to make simple DIY wood pallet bench. Low cost and simple way to add color to your outdoor space.

Wood pallets are a great source for furniture. We have a neighbor that gets a lot of wood pallets because of his home business and always offers them up. I found this beauty of one, full of amazing wood. Our outdoor space is huge, the back patio has always felt over sized to me. Which is almost always a good thing, but making that space feel cozy can be difficult at times. I wanted a long bench, to add some much needed seating.

You can find the complete tutorial I created over at Homedit! This tutorial is so simple and is crazy low cost to create a DIY bench of your own!


Overall this DIY wood pallet bench, low cost and easy to make bench was really cheap to make since I received the wood pallets for free and the rest of the items I already had on hand. But, if you are not a hoarder of all of the things like I am this will still come out much less than if you were to purchase a bench this size in the store. Giving you more wiggle room in your budget for things to fill you outdoor space, new pillows or other big ticket furniture items. Layering in DIY, simple crafts and new purchase items is what allows me to decorate my home just the way I want.




  1. I love, love, love the colors on this bench. I need one of these, I just need to convince my husband that I wouldn’t cut my fingers off with the saw.

  2. How awesome does that bench look! I love how it is so colourful. I would never have thought of making a bench using an old pallet but what a fantastic idea!

  3. Look at that gorgeous color pop! I LOVE the way you painted it. My husband does amazing things with pallets in the garden. He has a ton of extra so I’m going to show him this.

  4. My husband is always looking for new projects. He loves to do stuff with pallets because it’s so easy to get those. I really like this bench I think I will show him this post so that he can try this pallet project out.

  5. I love this idea! What fabulous colors. I need to make something like this–we always need seating in the backyard.

  6. What a fun low-cost way to decorate your backyard!
    I can totally see us making a few of them put alongside our fire pit.
    It’s a little tricky to find pallets but I will have to keep my eyes open.

  7. You are so talented. I am in love with this, I want to learn a power saw, was it hard to learn.

  8. Oh my goodness! That is sooooooo creative! I could have used that when we had our pool and the kids were always over at our house. I have to admit, you would have probably still found my lazy butt in the hot tub, but we always needed more places for them to sit and that would have been perfect for right beside the pool, when they wanted a break from swimming! Oh, and I am like you. I love color. So, the way you painted it is perfect. Great tutorial. Thanks! -Deborah

  9. What a great way to repurpose a pallet. I love the bright colors, this would definitely fit in perfectly on my back patio.

  10. This is so amazing! I also love DIY projects but just could not have the time. You are so creative!

  11. I LOVE the colors that you painted that bench. There is a place near my house that always has piles of pallets. This would be a great project.

  12. This would make a great addition to the backyard for deck for parties. I like how you painted it multiple colors to give it that pop of fun!

  13. This looks fabulous! I love your step by step instruction photos. Definitely works well for a beginner like me. I really need to start my own projects.

  14. That is really cute. We have a couple of pallets that we were going to use for a different project that we later decided not to do. I’ve been looking for another option and this would be great

  15. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! I love the rainbow colors you chose for your bench. It would definitely fit in our yard, bringing joy to all who sit there.

  16. Hey Emily, what you have done back there, is totally amazing and out of this world. Even I have all the wood in the world at my neighborhood and all the essential tools with me as well. But never did something so creative as it never crossed my mind! Thanks for such a great idea.

  17. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This DIY wood pallet bench is indeed a cheap and awesome craft to make especially for the backyard. I love the different summer colors you chose for this bench too. Thanks for sharing the instructions and the idea.

  18. Thanks for sharing this easy DIY bench post. I really love the bright colors you used on the bench. It would be a great addition to any backyard!

  19. Oh, wow! This looks absolutely amazing. It kind of reminds me of a child’s xylophone! I wish I was creative enough to do a DIY like this myself 🙂

    Louise x

  20. Jenn Mitchell says:

    This palette bench is so adorable. I am loving all of the different colors. It would give a great splash to my outdoor area.

  21. I love everything about this, I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a long time. We are buying a bigger home next year and this is one of the first backyard projects on my list. I also want to do one with cinder blocks.

  22. I love your bench, Emily! Wow, the colors are amazing too. I’d love to try and make one myself. Great job!

  23. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Wow. That is a nice little accent piece for patio furniture. What is more awesome is you did it all yourself! I need to get some power tools. I know I can work with these kinds of DIY projects better than baking or crocheting. 🙂

  24. Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    I love your DIY bench!
    It is so easy to diy stuff like the one you made when you have the right tools to use and also tons of creative ideas.

  25. That bench looks wonderful! All of the different colors really make it stand out and let it go with many different decor colors.

  26. I think I can do this without my husband’s help. I just need the right materials and equipment.

  27. You definitely had me at low cost and whilst I am not really a DIY person this is something I would love to one day have a go at doing

  28. Nice DIY wooden pallet projects. I have other plans also for the wooden pallets, I will use it as a frame to my indoor koi pond project

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