Refreshing the outdoor space – DIY lighting redo

Refreshing the outdoor space – DIY lighting redo

With May being National home improvement month, I am falling right into that trend and doing a ton of smaller projects. Mainly focusing on my outdoor space, getting it ready for the enjoyment of summer. I have a long to-do list, with a lot to still check off. I am starting small and then moving to the bigger projects, which is why today I am sharing Refreshing the outdoor space – DIY lighting redo, an insanely simple update to a light, and then switching out bulbs is making a huge impact on my home!

Simple ways to update outdoor light, easy upcycle to refresh an outdoor light. Simple upcycle with big results!

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Our home has a beautiful outdoor space, and we utilize it all summer long, however there is just a few details that need to be improved upon. I explained a little bit of my plans last week with my flower planter improvement.  Being a home owner there is a lot to maintain with the home, and some of that is not all about the pretty decor. In keeping with the trend of doing what is best for my home, I am updating all of our outdoor lighting with LED Batteries Plus Bulbs outdoor light bulbs.

Before we get into the nitty gritty on why switching to LED is best, let’s enjoy a fun and quick upcycle! This outdoor light on our back porch is beyond dingy; I think it was gold at one time, many moons ago. Time for a refresh for this outdoor space!

I took the light down, and removed all of the glass from it. Once that is done I sanded down the light a little, just enough to rough up the metal. This gets off any grime and allows the paint to adhere to the light.

Some good elbow grease will fix this glass right up.

This is a really simple process, sand the surface lightly and then spray paint. THAT IS IT!

I chose black for a timeless and classic look. I felt the style of the light looked like an antique, and yes…. it did look old before, but a little too rough for my liking. This gives the perfect amount of life back into the light. It looks like a fancy new one that I spent a ton of money on.

Most lights are made to be taken apart, this particular one had a lot of little screws but all was easily disassembled and then put back together.

Now, time to talk lighting itself. We have made the big shift to LED bulbs inside our home, and it was time to do that as well to the 4 outdoor lights we have. I chose a Duracell daylight LED bulb, which can be found at  Batteries Plus Bulbs for a few reasons; one being LED bulbs last longer, one bulb will last 22 years if used three hours a day! Two of our outdoor lights are on all night so I will not get the same kind of mileage as my two motion sensor ones that only come in when there is movement. But they still beat any other kind of bulb out there right now in terms of years the bulb will last. Which means I will be replacing bulbs a lot less, saving me time and money!

I also like that they do not get hot, some bulbs are very warm or hot to the touch. As a Mom I am all for any extra safety precautions that I can take in my home and for my family. Having something on all night outside makes me feel better knowing there is no chance of it getting overheated. Also, inside my kids are allergic to turning off a light when leaving a room (weird childhood affliction that I hope they grow out of), so we have lights on the second the sun starts to go down. I swear I hit my step goal each day by just doing laps around my house turning off lights that my kids have turned on, and then vacated the room.

It does ease my mind to know that the bulbs will last longer (which saves us money), they will not get hot, and I am using less electricity then the standard bulbs. The new outdoor bulbs I got are a 7 watt bulb, that is an incandescent equivalent of 50 watts. So I am getting the same amount of light and cutting down that usage a ton. This was important to my husband and I, we want to try and help out our lovely Mother Earth as much as possible any way we can. Solar panels and other larger scale updates are a great option to help your home conserve energy, but those are pricey. Currently not in our budget, we can however use LED bulbs now and make a small positive change, knocking down that ever important carbon footprint.

I am not going to explain the details on how to replace a light, each light can be different and I do not want to give a step-by-step tutorial for my specific situation and have it not work for someone else. Just wanting to show how easy it is, no walls being removed, no big tools needed. I will remind you to always make sure the electricity is turned off when doing anything with lights! Safety first people!

New light is in, and it is the prettiest light I ever did see! I like how with just some spray paint my backdoor is fancied up beautifully.

The glow of these bulbs is magical! We enjoy our outdoor space, even when the sun goes down. But we live in a small town, far away from the lights of the city so it gets pitch black quick, outdoor lighting is a must around here.

The light now reminds me of a old timey lantern, I love it!

We also updated the lighting in the front of the house. The same light fixtures are there, but they now have LED bulbs as well, which makes me feel so much better!

front porch with barrel ceiling

I recently updated my front porch with bold colors and patterns. It is so comfy, now we can sit here while the kids run around the front yard playing with the other kids in the neighborhood and catching fireflies. Yes, my favorite season is now, the sweet spot in late spring and early summer. It is warm, flowers are blooming but it is not miserably hot yet.

We have two motion sensor lights by our garage, and the new LED bulbs work perfectly with these light fixtures.

Refresh your outdoor space with these easy outdoor lighting ideas. Making all the difference without spending a lot of money.

I love the simplicity of Refreshing the outdoor space – DIY lighting redo. Not all home improvement projects need to be big, or use massive power tools. Sometimes a tired old light, spray paint and upgrading to LED bulbs is all that is needed to bring the beauty to a space, and help the home function better. Perfect for this season, small projects allow more time to enjoy the outdoors!




  1. What an improvement!! Your outside light looks great. Nice color.

  2. What an improvement!! Your outside light looks great. Nice color.

  3. Just changing the lighting makes a huge difference! I love that it is budget friendly and looks great too!

  4. I’m totally for saving a few bucks on light bulbs. I also use LED light bulbs for my outdoor lighting. For me, they seem to last longer. I love your diy makeover. Your lanterns look refreshed and new. They look amazing!

  5. I love sensor lights. When I pull into the driveway at night I don’t want to be in the dark.

  6. Adding lights to the outside of your home adds another dimension of beautiful decor as well as security. Wonderful post on DIY lighting!

  7. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    The right lighting can make or break an area. You don’t want dated lighting in or on your house! It just ages it.

  8. It’s amazing what a little paint and sprucing up will do. I love your light fixtures. Your outside spaces are so warm and welcoming.

  9. Michelle Cantu says:

    I love your lighting update, it’s amazing what the fixtures do to the streamlined look of your outdoor space.

  10. Oh now that is a lovely light I really need to sort out a light for our front porch as we don’t have one out there at the moment.

  11. We have the exact same light outside. I’m going to do this DIY and spruce it up a bit

  12. Such a great upgrade to the lighting. I love how refreshed and brighter the space now looks. I totally LOVE the light choice too. I need to pick something similar like this up ASAP we are trying to refresh our lighting outside.

  13. I can’t believe that’s the same light!! Wow. You did a fantastic job! And wow, now I want to switch to those bulbs. Also, I love your backyard!!

  14. Wow! It looks like a whole new light fixture. I love how it turned out. We use LED bulbs too.

  15. well, what a brilliant idea! We need new light fixtures outdoors – but what a way to save some money with a can of spray paint! i wish my front stoop was as roomy as yours- our is tiny!

  16. You make me want to go outside and update all my outdoor lighting. Guess I am headed to the store today to pick up some paint. We recently switched to LED bulbs as well.

  17. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The LED bulbs are indeed a great way save energy. They may cost a lot but it is well worth the price because you save money in the end and you are helping our enviroment. Thanks for sharing your awesome job on the lighting and the information.

  18. Ayushi Arora says:

    lighting adds so much grace to a place, and improves the ambiance so much. Really, it can make everything look so much better. It’s a great idea to put these.

  19. I had no idea that LED bulbs lasted so much longer. I think we will have to switch to them at our house too. We do have some bulbs that stay on a long time too, but still this is much better than a standard bulb.

  20. It’s amazing what a simple paint job can do to make old look fresh again! love the step by step instructions : )

  21. Wow what an easy way to really spruce up the appearance of your house! And I would never think that a light fixture would make such a big difference!

  22. Wow, had you not cleaned the glass and shown the before and after – I would have never known that it was supposed to be clear! Haha, I’m pretty sure our outdoor lights could use some cleaning, and upgrading to LED is such a smart idea too 🙂

  23. Gorgeous captures all!

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