Kid friendly, simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas

Kid friendly, simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas

My kids just told me that they have 7 more days until school is out, say what?!! Tomorrow is June 1st, which means summer will be in full swing and Fathers day is just around the corner. Today’s post about Kid friendly, simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas is a little different than other projects I share here. But the idea of a simple craft that is low cost can be universally appreciated.

Simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas.

Over the years I have gotten the kids involved in the sweet and loving smaller gift ideas. I like the give Dale the nice store bought gift that the kids and I pick out. Then we add in a loving gift that the kids help me makes. This year we are still working on something special, but I am sharing Fathers day gifts from years past.

love notes for Dad, perfect Fathers day gift

One year I purchased two glass jars and had the kids tell me why they loved their Dad, what made him special. Then I wrote what they said onto a note.

Fathers day gift, low cost

I made one from the kids and then one from me. Since being one this parenting ride with him, we have different thoughts than the kids do. I adore this idea so much! It gets the kids thinking about the gift recipient (being their Dad) which teaches them about the gift of giving to others.

low cost, kids craft for Fathers day

It also let’s their Daddy know just how special he is. The new tie or brief case is nice, but little trinkets like this is what fills his heart with love on this day celebrating all things Dad.

DIY kids craft for Fathers day

Just last year, we added to this idea of letting him know how much they love them and created a cute canvas with their thoughts.

kids fathers day gift idea

Of course throwing in their tiny hand prints makes it extra adorable!

easy DIY fathers day gift idea

I added their ages and the year this was created. Dale usually takes these things to his work and puts them in his office.

kids DIY fathers day gift idea

Now that the kids are older they can help come up with the ideas. We have also done framed art work that they made, which was so sweet. Each of them drew a picture of them and their Daddy, then painted it with bright colors.

easy and sweet fathers day gift idea

Simple and inexpensive gifts like this are the ones that will be treasured and remembered. The beautiful thing about this these is that it really helps the kids consider someone else and what they would like to receive.

Simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas. (

A few years ago I tickled my kids tiny feet with markers and wrote I (heart) Dad. I have three kids and this phrase worked out perfectly! My kids had fun with it, and I had to wrestle their feet to hold still while I drew on them.

simple fathers day gift idea

The results are adorable! There is something so cute about kids tiny little feet. I printed out this picture and put it in a frame, another quick and inexpensive Fathers day gift from the heart! Since Fathers day is all about the wonderful man that my kids call Daddy I wanted to share a little bit from my heart. I have shared this before and have had other Dad’s read it and say that they enjoyed it and imagined it coming from their family. So if you know of a special Dad that deserves these kind words be sure to share it!

A love letter to Dads

Being a Mom in today world gives us ladies some liberties, we have an all-access pass to the “mom tribe”. There are articles written in support of us, commercial’s geared towards us, whole brands make their focus of grabbing the attention of us Moms. However, there is a forgotten member to the family, my family has a secret weapon and we call him Daddy. 
He is the quiet supporter, the unsung hero of the family. He has had to navigate through the role of parenthood on his own, there is no Daddy tribe for him to turn to and get validation for his valiant efforts. Granted, there is never as much criticism for the Dads in the world, but that does not mean they have it easy.
Men are the butt of many jokes, the safety net of parental jokes. My husband has been called a babysitter when with our children, as if he has no other role than that of watching the kids while I, the “real parent” am busy. He has been ridiculed by other Mommies for his lack of Mommy-like parental abilities. Dad’s in general are understood to be the assistant parent, my side kick.
However, my husband is the silent crusader. He takes the weight of the world, our home, financial situation and lack luster respect from the world and runs with it all. He shoulders it like a truly amazing man. He wakes up at 5 am every day so that he can leave the office by 3pm, still giving him plenty of time to throw a ball in the backyard with the kids. He has handled his career in a way that allows him to financially support us, a family of 5 all the while allowing him to never miss a baseball game, or kindergarten graduation.
He is the force to be reckoned with, but silently. He is the calm to my storm, the reason to my worry, the fun to my over planning; he is the other half to this equation. My husband is the monster scarer, spider killer, muscle to this operation. He does it all with no request to be recognized for his efforts, no demand to be heard within the world as a legitimate Dad. He would laugh at that statement, of course he is a Dad, he simply just is.
When a Dad is there being involved and present within a family he goes unnoticed. It is not until the Dad is missing; that is when the conversation begins, that is when the loss is felt. There is no greater gift to a child than to have a Daddy. To be raised by a strong, humble, kind, fun, and great man is a wonderful gift to be had.
My sons see him as a true hero, a living, walking, talking, superman. They want to grow up and be him, eating all of their vegetables (and everything in sight) in hopes of being as big as him. My daughter wants to marry him, ignoring the fact that he is spoken for. I am so proud of the man my sons have to look up to and the example my daughter has of the way a man should treat a woman.
The generation my husband and I are in is forming new definitions of fatherhood. However, there is still an assumption and pressure for him to succeed in the workforce, to be 100% at work, and now 100% at home. Of course woman do this also. But, there is countless articles, Facebook status shares, and other numerous praise for this accomplishment. The modern, go-to Dad of today gets nothing but a whisper of thank you.
This is the thing though – My husband, my kid’s Daddy needs nothing more. We are his Daddy tribe, we are all that matters. His humble and gracious way of handling being a Daddy puts me in awe. His quiet way of handling life’s stress puts any relaxation technique to shame. My husband can walk in the door, after a long day and get lost in the imagination of building LEGO’s with the kids. He can create the biggest jungle gym ever by simply laying on the ground and rolling around with the kids. He is the fun to our life, the ever present and much needed fun.
“What if I fall?” Oh but darling, what if you fly?”- Erin Hanson
With a Dad in a child’s life, that child will go far, a Dad truly can make you fly. With the unwavering support, uncelebrated and quietly whispered beauty of a Father. Along with his strong shoulders to carry you, eyes closed, and cape on. My dear, any child will fly!

Simple, low cost and easy Fathers day gift ideas. DIY gifts with a sweet sentiment

On Fathers day these great men deserve the breakfast in bed, back rub, and sentimental gifts from their littles. Fatherhood done right means they work themselves to exhaustion (just as us Moms do), and get up and do it again… all for them… those little ones that have our heart within the tiny palm of their hands. So these Kid friendly, simple & low cost DIY Fathers day gift ideas is just the perfect way to get those kids involved in making their Daddy feel special, knock it out of the park this Father day with the gifts filled with love! Fathers day is only 2 weeks away, so get to work planning a special day for the most special of Dads!!!




  1. These are all great Father’s Day gift ideas. I am still not sure what to get my hubby, but I might use one of these ideas.

  2. Homemade gifts are the best! What a great way to celebrate dad and make memories to be cherished for years to come. Love all of these homemade gift ideas. They are simple and sweet – perfect for Father’s Day.

  3. These are sweet ideas for Father’s Day. The best gifts are those that are homemade/handmade by loved ones. Sweet photos of the kids with their daddy!

  4. My gosh you have no idea how much I love this! I know this is something my husband would absolutely cherish. He is such a good father and I am so happy that he is mine!

  5. what great gift ideas. I love these and I know my husband would love this too. This is a gift to cherish for years.

  6. These are such cute ideas! My son is older now, so not too much into crafty projects for dad and/or mom. Will have to try anyway, right? lol. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, these are such sweet ideas. I think DIY gifts are so much more special than store-bought ones, but a combination of both is even better. A Happy Father’s Day to your husband!

  8. Personalized gifts would really be best for Father’s Day. It would also be a lot more meaningful and you get to be more creative.

  9. I like the idea of doing the notes in a jar. How cute! And simple!

  10. I love your gift ideas for Father’s Day that are so kid focused. My husband loves handmade gifts the most. Some people say it, but he really means it. I know my handmade gifts for Mother’s Day are my favorite. They are my “save from a fire” must have things if that makes sense after of course the kids and the pets!

  11. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    These are such cute ideas for Father’s Day. And they would be such memorable gifts because they were homemade and had meaning.

  12. I so love these ideas. My daughter might do one of these. She loves to make something for her Daddy.

  13. Oh those are so sweet! I love the painting with the hands on them.
    My kids are just old enough that they all can write too. Perfect idea of fathers day!

  14. Aww, these made for some really sweet, personal gifts! I think the canvas looks so cute on the wall!

  15. These are great ideas for Father’s Day. My husband always loves the handmade, heartfelt gifts the most anyway.

  16. These are cute ideas, and they would be meaningful too. I try to snap some candid photos of the kids with their dad so that i can frame them later as a surprise.

  17. I love homemade gifts the best! I still have coupons that my little guy gave me for Mothers Day 6 years ago!

  18. I love the canvas DIY with the hand prints! That is such a sweet gift to keep for a long time after the kids are grown.

  19. This is just sweet. I know the most special things in life are not the most expensive.

  20. I love these ideas! I am going to show them to my kids to see what they want to make!

  21. These are all such great gift ideas! Father’s Day always seems to catch me by surprise but this would be so great to get started on these earlier so it can be sure to come from the heart. Thanks for the ideas!

  22. What a great Fathers Day gift ideas!! I’m normally a decent gift giver but Fathers Day always has me all mixed up.

  23. These are such great and creative gift ideas. Always love a gift made with kids’ handprints!

  24. So many precious ideas for the little ones to make for their Daddy’s for Fathers Day!! Will have to keep this in mind for hubby!

  25. Sometimes the most personal things a child can make that cost the least mean the most. I love that you hung the poster on the wall!

  26. I love homemade gifts: They represent such love. I think that dads everywhere would like something from the heart from their kids. Cannot believe it is June already!

  27. Jaime Nicole says:

    These are such great ideas! I always love receiving handmade gifts – they come from the heart!

  28. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great DIY father’s day gift ideas that are low cost. I love the idea of the painted canvas with the kids hand prints and their thoughts about dad. The photo of their little feet with the words I heart you on their feet is also a great idea. Thanks for sharing these awesome father’s day gifts.

  29. Every one of these ideas are beyond adorable!

  30. Love this!! What a super cute idea and great gift idea.

  31. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I love that framed art work. It pretty much sums up the fact that your children has the best dad in the world. The mason jar idea is great too. These are all inexpensive gifts but more touching than the ones you can get at the store.

  32. That love note jar is the sweetest idea ever! I totally want to do with my kiddos for the hubs!

  33. Debra J Hawkins says:

    That canvas is absolutely amazing! I always love doing something for Father’s Day that my kids can be involved in. They are after all why my husband is a father.

  34. These are so cute! i love the “what we love about dad” notes in a jar idea. I am so going to do that with my 2 kids! Thank you so much for sharing.

  35. These are great Father’s Day gift ideas. I wish I was crafty like you 😉

  36. These ideas are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

  37. My Teen Guide says:

    I always like receiving personalized gifts from my children. It is priceless! Just to think that they have spent so much time making a gift is enough to warm my heart. My kids always prefer making gifts, and I am sure they are already planning something for Father’s day. I like the idea of “I love you because” board. I am sure any daddy would be so happy to receive something like that.

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