How to maximize outdoor living this summer

How to maximize outdoor living this summer

Whew, it is Memorial day weekend and I am really looking forward to this three day weekend! With the end of school just weeks away my kids schedule is insanely hectic, we are going non-stop with school functions and spring/summer sports my kids are involved in. Which is why when we get down time, I take full advantage of it. Coming to you on this special weekend post I am sharing How to maximize outdoor living this summer.

How to maximize outdoor space. A simple way to use big and large patios to entertain and enjoy all summer long.

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I also am doing a little planning, and sharing my fun outdoor living ideas with you! Last summer I had the privilege of working with Cost Plus World Market to give my backyard patio space some function and style. With it being Memorial day weekend, many people are soaking in the sun and outdoor fun on this glorious three day weekend. I have big plans for that as well, to kick off what I hope to be a long summer filled with lazy days relaxing and a home full of family & friends enjoying our home. Which means a ton of entertaining on the patio.



Even though I did a lot of projects last summer, I still have a few tweaks to the flower beds as well as some new additions to the decor itself. Let me tell you, along with hanging out and hosting a BBQ I plan to shop, nothing like those glorious Memorial day sales!

Cost Plus World Market is having an outdoor sale this weekend in store that is calling to me for those final touches to my patio space. I love saving money and DIYing things most of the time, but when I do shop new items finding a good deal is key! This weekend at Cost plus world Market while shopping one of the associates will give you a 20% off coupon off your purchase! Sign me up!
outdoor entertaining must haves!
A ton of what I used last year, or items really similar are available in store, I have linked to a few of them to help you out. I know when I see something online I really like I either want to know how to make it or where to buy it. So, here is my guide that you can take along when you go shopping this weekend.
 I want to make this easy for you all, here is a convenient store finder in case you are not sure where the closest store is. I also wanted to give a few of my decorating secrets away. I am no trained professional when it comes to decorating, but I am a professional relaxer and this girl knows her outdoor spaces!
The key to maximizing the outdoor space like a patio or porch is to create comfort, function, organization and relaxation. I have a very large backyard, which is amazing. But it can be overwhelming with the vastness of it. Which is why I created specific seating areas.
There is the main seating area with the bench and two chairs, centered around a coffee table. In front of that is another bench and seating, allowing for ease of conversation between the two areas.
I also redid a patio table, creating just the right amount of color I was looking for on the patio. When decorating outside I like to go bold with color and patterns. Not only when entertaining guest, but just my family of 5 relaxing on a summer evening is nice, with a big dining room table outside. We spend a ton of time out here.

Since I mentioned function as needing to be prioritized when maximizing an outdoor space, that includes organization. A place to store pillows or other decor as well as any toys kids have outside.

I made a kids garage last summer that hides all of their outdoor toys. Allowing them to be hidden when the kids are not playing with them, and also creating a great surface to put food or decor when we have people over. 

This summer I am focusing on improving the function of the grill area. As of now it works-ish…. we have two grills (a charcoal grill as well as gas grill), but that is it.

My plan is to add a work space for Dale when preparing food, to place utensils and even a spot to relax while he is manning the grill. I also will use this space to cut flowers and create floral arrangements. Which I do all summer long, having that space to work outside would be amazing and add a lot of function. 

My red headed husband would also like a little more shade in his corner of the patio. So an umbrella is a must on my list as well. Just like the inside of my home, I want the outside of it to be 100% utilized. That can mean a place to relax, work or just enjoy the beauty of a space. Bring on more outdoor dining!

I don’t know about you, but with me when I am shopping for furniture I like to try before I buy. Test things out, get a feel for the comfort, height and how things flow together. There is nothing worse then being excited for a furniture piece to come, then once it is sent to you being let down with it not working in your home or being what you wanted. 

I also tend to have an idea, a rough plan of what I am going to do, but I like to flesh things out in person with the smaller details. Finalizing design ideas and what can work when I am in the store and pulling it all together. Cost Plus world Market is wanting to help make the most of your outdoor space ideas with ways to improve that sought after indoor/outdoor living, and don’t forget about that 20% off coupon you can receive in stores!

This weekend is planned out for me perfectly, first get the must-do items out of the way…. two kids soccer games and grocery shopping. Then I get to do the fun shopping for a few items to continue in my quest for function outside on the patio and how to maximize outdoor living this summer. Lastly, having family and friends over for a fun BBQ. I like my home loud, full of laughter, kids running around, good food on the grill, and conversation flowing long after we all should be sleeping. That is the perfect kind of day, and I am so looking forward to it. But first, time to shop! 






  1. What a stunning outdoor space! I live in a townhouse so don’t have room for one but I cant wait till we move into our home so I can have something like this.

  2. You’ve got a wonderful patio! Nice outdoor furniture makes the time that much better. I’m hoping the patio area in our new home is enjoyable like this one.

  3. Unfortunately there isn’t a Cost Plus world Market near us, but there is one close to where my sister lives. Whenever we visit her, I love to shop there! I don’t have much of an outdoor space, just a little deck, but I love to find new goodies to decorate it 🙂

  4. Really love the idea of making your backyard both beautiful and functional! Your eye for decor is spot on – I totally love your backyard set up.

  5. I like where you are hiding the kids bikes! Nice use of space. We added a bit more shade to our back patio for some protection from the summer sun. The table umbrella just wasn’t cutting it.

  6. This is something really useful. I know I should really change the look of my outdoor area.

  7. My Teen Guide says:

    Wow. I love how your outdoor space turned out. The pop of color did a good job to liven up the furniture. I also like the kids’ “garage.” That is so cute!

  8. Our patio faces the sunset, so it is difficult to sit outside during the heat. I think that we need some kind of sun screen to help keep it nice.

  9. We have such a small outdoor space, maximizing in the only way we can go. Thanks for the great tips, I look forward to trying a few in our yard/.

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I like the way you chose the furniture and how you set it up so that there will still be a lot of space to walk around. The pop of color in the pillows and decor is so nice too! Oh, and that little garage is a unique way to get the kids to pick up their toys and store their bikes in the right place.

  11. I love cost plus world market. I have always loved all of the things that they have had in their stores. I should definitely shope there more often. And I love what you have here for your outdoor spaces.

  12. It’s important to enjoy ones outdoor space. I have set up a cute outdoor living room in mybackyard. I love your tips.

  13. You’ve done a wonderful job decorating your outdoor space. This post gives me lots of ideas on what to do with my patio too! Thanks!

  14. OMG your backyard looks amazing! I don’t even have a balcony, leave alone a backyard, haha! 😉

  15. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love your outdoor space. It looks really nice. I also love how you added the curtain to hide things. It really adds a nice touch!

  16. You have a gorgeous backyard! We live in a condo so all we have is a balcony but no complaints, we try to maximize it as much as we can. And yes to going for a test run first!

  17. Loving your backyard. It looks so pretty. It is very important to get yourself environmental right and this is just perfect 🙂

  18. I love your outdoor living space. The way you covered the bikes is brilliant.

  19. This is a perfect backyard setup for socializing! Thanks for the tips!

  20. Wow! Your outdoor space looks beautiful! I’m planning to refresh my backyard deck area so this post couldn’t have a come at a better time. Thanks for the tips!

  21. Your outdoor space is what I dream of having someday! It is so amazing and I love what you did to store the bikes! Brilliant!

  22. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great ideas for maximizing space for the summer. I love the idea of the table with the curtain to hide the bikes. This is an excellent idea. These are all great ideas and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  23. Oh my gosh your space is so perfect!!! I would want to live out there!!! WOWsers!

  24. What a awesome outdoor space!

  25. What a wonderful idea!

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