Flower planter planning – 25 amazing outdoor planter ideas!

Flower planter planning – 25 amazing outdoor planter ideas!

Spring is flying by for me, anyone else?! We are about 4 weeks away from summer break here for my kids and summer is coming for us fast, which I am soooo happy about! I am happiest in a sundress, barefoot, running through the grass or lazing in a lake or ocean. I typically get our outdoor space all ready in Spring and then do nothing but maintain all summer long. Which is what I am doing now, I have a few flower planters that are needing some love. Let’s talk Flower planter planning – 25 amazing outdoor planter ideas!

25 amazing outdoor flower planter ideas. Simple DIY projects to get your outdoor space summer ready!

Since this post is mainly me sharing my planter plans I also wanted to share inspiration, which is why I am also sharing 25 other amazing outdoor garden and planter ideas! I mean, if I cannot bring the pretty I know a lot of blogging friends who have ideas that blow me away! You will be able to see those ideas at the end of this post, and then clicking on the image to see the full post on their blogs.

My home is full of beautiful blooms and has a great set-up with the landscaping. We revamped our front yard last spring, adding a little curb appeal.  Our front yard is beautiful, filled with roses, hydrangeas, and a ton of other stunning blooms.

Our backyard is wonderful as far as the patio. We have so many small areas to relax and to entertain. My kids have room to run and play, we have trees for shade and even a cute picket fence to coral my crazy crew of kids and dogs.

But, if you look closer, we have two planters that are in rough shape. My kid’s bedroom windows have a long planter that runs along the house. It has a few plants, but many have not been touched since they were put in the ground over 10 years ago. They need some TLC.

I have also never been happy with how this portion of the yard looks. The windows here are higher up and there needs to be more height to the plants in this planter to try and fill in the excess space between the window and the ground.

Here is my big plan. Now, keep in mind I am no professional landscaper, and truth be told…. I feel more comfortable building a dining room table or even bunk beds then I do choosing the flowers. I have a green thumb in maintaining the pretty. But picking which flowers, for which season, for what blooming time, for what kind of sun exposure…. it overwhelms me.

With that said, the plan is to move the flowers that are still in good shape and put them in this corner planter. This is overgrown with weeds and grass. Once I clear all of that out this planter will be pretty sparse. I adore the full and almost overgrown look of a flower planter. So adding a few flowers to this will be perfect.

Once the long planter under the windows is cleared out, here is my oh-so-professional plan. My favorite flowers are Hydrangeas, Roses, Lillies and Peonies. I have all of those flowers in my yard, except peonies. I have been eyeing them for years but never knew where to put them. That is when I realized they would be great in this back planter.

They get about 3 feet high, and are the prettiest flowers I ever did see. Peonies are also strong enough to withstand the freezing cold Wisconsin winters. So I hoped to eventually get 4 peonies to place in the planter. Then fill in the space between them with another tall-ish flower that has a different blooming time. Then fill in the rest with smaller bushes or even a lush ground cover.

Then Mothers day happened this Sunday and I was surprised with 4 Peonies from Dale and the kids! About 5 years ago they gave me Hydrangeas for Mothers day and they have such a sweet spot to our whole family, now we get to add the Peonies to our yard and to our memories of sweet moments!

Dale and the kids picked out a few different kinds of Peonies, two that match and then two that are different kinds. I will highlight what those are once I get them into the ground. I am giddy for these stunning flowers to bloom! As I said, I am not the best with planning things out, but I do know how to keep things growing and thriving in my yard. Now I am full of ideas, and am even toying around with the idea of window boxes to liven things up even more in this portion of the yard.

Amazing flower planter ideas! 25 DIY and upcycle flower ideas, perfect for any garden.

Eeek, I have not planted these in the yard yet but I hope to have time this week to get my hands dirty and get everything moved around and planted. It is not quite warm enough here to spend the day lazing away in a lake, so I can get my outdoor fix by working in my yard. Since I am in planning mode, let me know what flowers you think will work in this location? Any that work well with Peonies? I also wanted to get more ideas and am sharing a ton of other bloggers DIY ideas for their flower gardens. Seriously, I am in love with them all! Enjoy this wonderful spring day and my Flower planter planning – 25 amazing outdoor planter ideas!




  1. I don’t have a green thumb unless I am working with edible plants – veggies and herbs 😉 Usually my planters are full of them, but this year with a new baby in the house, I haven’t gotten around to it. This post is really making me want to get out there and plant!!

  2. these are all such great ideas! I love interesting planters for the garden. I had a friend who used an old toilet for a planter once. It was awesome.

  3. I absolutely adore these ideas! Anyone can have a plain old box for a planter. I really love these ideas for mixing things up.

  4. Those plain wood ones look a lot like the raised beds I built for my wife a number of years ago. May have to try them – they’d match perfectly!

  5. I love all of these DIY planter ideas. I can’t wait to get started on mine once allergies subside.

  6. So many good ideas to show my husband. He gets so into the planters. This is the time of year he usually starts to get creative with them.

  7. My landscaping needs some serious work. I would love some planters, but need to get some control over the yard itself! Landscapers have run away screaming!

  8. Those container gardens are beautiful! This weekend I will be spending a fair amount of time “digging in the dirt”.
    I didn’t use landscaping fabric last year and the weeds are already taking over so I have to do a ton of work to get my garden looking awesome again. LOL!!

  9. Wow, what great ideas for using a lot of different items. I like the pial one that is really unique and give a farmer type feel.

  10. Claudia Krusch says:

    These are all fantastic ideas. I am so excited to get out in my yard and start my garden for this year! The chair planter was my favourite.

  11. These look beautiful! We have an almost non existent yard (land is at a premium where I live and the yards are itty bitty) but I would love to do some of these on a smaller scale

  12. This reminds me that I need to up my outdoor flower game. My poor flower beds don’t have any color in them!!

  13. Jeni Hawkins says:

    All of these different ideas make me want to get out in my garden. I will be planning soon to update mine!

  14. Wow! You have a great outdoor space! Fabulous ideas for planters. Makes me miss my garden. We moved into a NYC apartment and don’t have one anymore. 🙁

  15. I would try some False Indigo in the bed with the peonies.

  16. I love peonies and ants does too apparently ,. That’s so sweet of your hubby and kids. I got miniature roses for MOther’s day and loved it!

  17. I don’t have a green thumb and most of the stuff that I plant ends up dying. 🙁 We sold our home in Jan so now I can’t go outside and plant flowers. We have a porch but it is almost always in the shade so a potted plant probably wouldn’t survive even if I tried.

  18. How fun to be able to start fresh! I work in a greenhouse and I love plants, I have a hard time controlling myself! You have a nice space to work with but it sounds like you’ll want to stick with things that don’t get too big (like your peonies). I’m also not a big fan of bushes along the house because they tend to harbor things like dead leaves, insects, etc.

  19. Oh your beautiful yard makes me miss being a homeowner! We sold our house recently when we moved from Oregon back to Minnesota and we’re renting for now. I miss having a nice outdoor space.

  20. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    I love anything that has to do with planting flowers or veggies. I just planted some flower this past weekend. Great planter ideas!

  21. I’m so exciting that gardening season is finally here. I love dramatic and colorful planters that are true statement pieces. Can’t wait to find the perfect one for our new home!

  22. Karlyn Cruz says:

    It such a great ideas. Thanks for sharing this. Its going to be helpful for me.

  23. Victoria Heckstall says:

    Great ideas. Actually, I have plan to fix my garden this month, Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Paula Schuck says:

    These are great ideas for outdoor plants. I love the colours and smells gardening gives off. It’s always so much fun to see the fruits of your labour.

  25. This is just in time! I’m trying to decide the layout of the spring/summer florals and a cool new planter is just what I need.

  26. I can’t wait to buy a home. We’re looking already. I can’t wait to have a yard so I can plant plants everywhere. – yolonda

  27. Pink flowers are one of my fave things about spring! They are soo pretty!!

  28. This is such a great round up of gardening ideas! I need some serious inspiration, and man, I love your patio furniture! This is just the kick in the butt I needed!

  29. Wow….. I just loved all these outdoor planter ideas. I am thinking to update mine soon.

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