Easy to make picture frame and wall display, bringing rustic and simple elements to a wall decor

Easy to make picture frame and wall display, bringing rustic and simple elements to a wall decor

Simplicity of decorating is how I determine what goes into my home. Which may shock some, because I have put in a lot of time and effort into my home. But, I have three kids and a full life; and only 24 hours in a day. I like to choose practical items for my home when I am able. Which is why this Easy to make picture frame and wall display, bringing rustic and simple elements to a wall decor is the perfect kind of craft project for me!

DIY rustic wall display, using reclaimed wood pallets and paper. This DIY wall art simple to make. Easily change out the pictures, and perfect for home decor!

I change pictures in my home a lot and a standard frame with a bunch of clasps and sliders to keep the picture in place is too much for me. Seriously, I dread changing out those pictures because I know what I am up against. For this project I am using wood pallets, I adore their rustic appeal. Most wood pallets clean up beautifully with a wood stain, it is amazing the details in the wood that can be found in the rough pallets.

wood pallets

I cut the pallets down to size. Then used some scrap wood, placing it behind the wood pallets. Then wood glue and nails (for extra insurance on everything staying put).


The base of these rustic and simple wall decor is done! Time to make them shine!


The stain I used is a dark walnut, which is so pretty. I love how it warms up a piece instantly.


Using a cloth I wipe, going with the grain of the wood.


Any clumps or streaks can be easily wiped off. Just keep rubbing the stain into the wood. If the wood pallets are really rough, a light sanding of them before any wood stain going on will help it have a smooth finish.


Rustic with clean lines, which makes it feel modern and not too country.


I printed out some 4×6 pictures and this was my plan at first. However the DIY wall decor was lacking something. Yes, most have a set plan of attack for DIY projects. Me… not so much… I have a plan-ish and then figure out the rest along the way. Because I already had the wood stain and the pallets so far the cost of this project is nothing, so playing around with how it will all come together is no stress on me.


A matte around the pictures is my solution to this problem. I could have also printed out 5×7 pictures instead, but I liked the idea of breaking up the busy wood tones with a simple texture acting as a backdrop for the bright colors in the picture. This is thicker card stock paper that I cut down to size, leaving a generous border around the picture.


Since I want to use this Easy to make picture frame and wall display I am not adding any glue to this. I want to be able to swap out the pictures anytime I want to, so I am using tacks. Yep, only the best supplies in my home!


I placed one in each corner.


Then used double sided tape to put the picture onto the paper.

Easy to make wood pallet picture frame and display. Adding a rustic and simple way to display pictures, a low cost DIY project. (

Done! This project took me maybe 15 minutes, not counting the wood stain to dry. But while that was drying I was off doing other things. It is a crazy easy project!

Easy to make wood pallet picture frame and display. Adding a rustic and simple way to display pictures, a low cost DIY project.

I want to make a few of these Easy to make picture frame and wall display, bringing rustic and simple elements to a wall decor to have just in case. Yes, that ever important decorating emergency supply kit is a thing in my home. Like I said, I like to change things up a lot so having a few simple options like this to use as backing for pictures, kids art, or even a great wood centerpiece base would be great. I will use these in all of those situations.


Easy to make wood pallet picture frame and display. Adding a rustic and simple way to display pictures, a low cost DIY project.

I did not make the connection when I was creating this, but there is a definite coastal feel to this Easy to make picture frame and wall display. The dark wood looks like drift wood and the cool tones of the light gray paper looks like a overcast day on the beach. Which really works perfectly for my home. This wall display frame can be made larger or smaller, to accommodate any size picture. With the ease of changing out the pictures it allows me to display a new favorite picture anytime I snap one, or it can be used as a fun display for my kids art. Pretty much a ton of ideas for this little wood pallet project! Like I said in the beginning of this post, I like practical items for my home and these rustic beauties are exactly that!




  1. That is such a gorgeous frame! I adore that rustic look. I need to do this asap. I have some restored prints of some old family photos that this would be perfect with.

  2. I love this idea! This would be wonderful for my photos. I think I am going to do this with the kids this weekend!

  3. Catherine Sargent says:

    This is such a great DIY project. I need to make this for some photos that we took when my mom was here for a visit. The wood frame will go good with the beach pictures.

  4. Those turned out really well! Are you using acid-free paper behind your photos to keep them safe?
    I would totally need a protective covering to keep little fingers off the photos.

  5. This is a great idea to bring a bit of pop to a wall or a room to a home. I like that, after the wood is stained, that it only takes a few minutes to complete this DIY project. I know a few places around my home that would benefit from this project.

  6. I really love this idea. So simple and creative. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Another great success. I love the driftwood look as our home is a coastal home. The ease of the tacks to attach is a terrific element.

  8. Gosh! I love this! Super cute and looks easy to make. I will have to try one and soon!

  9. These frames turned out really cute. I want to make something similar but painting the wood white.

  10. This is awesome. I like the rustic look and the uniqueness

  11. I just love your idea. My mom loves rustic decor. This will make a great MOther’s Day gift.

  12. I love how something so simple can come out being so nice. What a lovely photo frame. Change does truly make a big and good difference.

  13. I love your photos and this rustic idea. I think I would love to make my own with a drift wood color and photos of the beach or a New England light house. Goodness I miss home! Thanks for the idea!

  14. So simple yet so chic! I would love to use this idea in my home.

  15. I really love this idea and it looks super easy, which is a bonus for me! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Michelle Waller says:

    This is just beautiful and looks so easy to make. It would be perfect in a wall collage.

  17. I love this! It looks so easy to make and adds so much texture and interest to the wall

  18. Victoria Heckstall says:

    I love this diy project! I think it’s neat and easy to do. The final output is beautiful!

  19. Karlyn Cruz says:

    It really does look easy and fun to do! I am thinking of doing this and using a different color of paint if possible 🙂

  20. It is simple and easy to follow
    I think it is very unique
    Thank you for sharing this idea

  21. I was looking for the similar information to create a picture frame. This post is so in-depth, informative, and loaded with interesting facts. The use of pictures is just great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. This is so cute and looks super easy to do. Thanks for sharing. – yolonda

  23. Jeni Hawkins says:

    I really love the rustic look. I have been wanting to put more of this in my house!

  24. Wow this is such a great idea! Who would have thought to make some kind of this?! This will definitely be added on my Pinterest board! 😀 Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

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