20 simple crafts

20 simple crafts

I never thought I was one of those “crafty” people. I do not sew, and do not scrapbook. Not that there is anything wrong with doing those things, that is just what I associated crafting to be. Once we purchased our home and I wanted to have it decorated, I realized the fully decorated home costs money. At the time we were a really young family, in the throes of pregnancies and babies, and Dale was new in his career. So I began making smaller crafts to help me decorate my home without costing a lot of money. That is what these 20 simple crafts are.

20 simple craft ideas, with low cost supplies needed and easy for anyone to try. Easy DIY projects to decorate your home for any season or holiday! Full step-by-step tutorial

Overtime we stopped having babies, which mean those painful hospital bills slowed down. Dale became established in his career and our finances improved. But my need for decorating our home was still present and growing! I sneak in simple crafts everywhere in my home.

coastal inspired living room

I have graduated to larger scale DIY’s like furniture redos, new builds and even bathroom renovations. But those tinier projects and decor is what helps me layer my home, have it looking decorated from top to bottom. The tiny trinkets, wall decor, or items to place on bookshelves. All of it adds up to me saving a ton of money.

beach decor for living room with large gallery wall

Making simple crafts also allows me to create a fully custom home. Even though we are done have babies, I still have three kids worth of schedule to keep up with. I do not have time to store hop (even if it would be so fun to do) searching for the perfect decor pieces. If I see something I like in store and think it will work in my home of course I will purchase it. Only now the struggle is looking at an item in store and thinking “can I make that on my own for cheaper?” “Maybe I want it in blue, I can just make my own” The DIY struggle is real people!

antique console table with wood details

Creating the smaller decorative items on my own helps me create a cohesive look, and one that is unique to my home. Even when I share the projects here on my blog I hope to inspire others to make their own. But I do not expect the steps to be followed completely. Just like I do, you and your home has it’s own style and feel. Taking what I create and altering it to your aesthetic is exactly how it should be.

I have taken the theme of DIY and simple crafts and elaborated on it in my home, from the living room and into the kids bedrooms. Now that they are older I also have the fun time of including them in the process. The boys bedroom and my daughter’s room are beautifully decorate, by heavily dictated by them. I like to add touches that are perfectly them, and a lot of times that works out to be craft projects for them to help with. Either creating DIY wall art, or a complete gallery wall, all of that helps them put their own stamp on their rooms. It also allows me to decorate their room without breaking the bank!

Over the years of us living here, and the last three of me with this blog I have made a ton of small crafts and DIY projects. Most of the time they are sprinkled into my home in a way that many people ask on social media or even by email where I got certain decorations. A lot of times they are ones I made on my own. Since I have three years of content for my blog and almost 10 years of decorating my home, that means a lot of projects can slip through the cracks. So this is me sharing 20 simple crafts of mine. I know this is a favorite for a lot of people, my easy to make crafts always get circulated a lot on Pinterest and typically are my higher views posts. I think it is because, yes a whole room renovation is nice to see most cannot do it. However, wrap rope around a tin can, everyone can do. Now we all have cute vases to hold flowers in. These are the things we all can relate to. Wanting to decorate our home, without stressing the household budget or spending forever shopping for a perfect decor item. Just make it!





  1. That art supply organizer is a great idea. I love so many of the projects you have here- I want to try a few!!

  2. Loving the crafty ideas in the photos especially the photo frames. Great inspiration 🙂

  3. I need to try these out. I don’t craft much, but my daughter loves it, so I try to craft with her. I love a lot of these ideas.

  4. These are the cutest craft ideas. I love simple crafts because I let the kids help me with them. You have a lovely home.

  5. What some fab ideas, go on getting crafty with furniture redos and the like, that is absolutely awesome!

  6. That’s funny, I also associate being crafty with scrapbooking, lol. These are all really great craft ideas!

  7. Oh wow! Girl, your crafting and home decor skills are amazing! I’ve been going over all the little details in every pic and wow 🙂

  8. I love getting easy craft ideas for the summer months. And I really need girl bedroom ideas since we are redecorating all of my girls’ rooms.

  9. I love the little glass bottle vases. It is such an easy DIY to do on a weekend and would great in any home.

  10. I love these cute and easy ideas! There really are crafts for every level of creator. And I don’t scrapbook, either.

  11. Great inspiration. I am liking all the photo ideas. With the son going to college I need lots of photos this year.

  12. I want to make a serving tray like that to use on my coffee table. Also the flower vases are really cute.

  13. I love all of the ideas! It’s so much more fun to make it yourself and better for me as I’m constantly changing things up!

  14. I love doing crafts like these with my kids. I found at least 3 crafts in this list that I will put on my short term to do list! So fun!

  15. I love looking at all of these wonderful ideas. I’m not too crafty, but when I get going there is no stopping me!

  16. That’s awesome how you were able to change your house so much over time by continuing to do these simple crafts! I am not a good at crafts myself but this is inspiring me to try some!

  17. So many great ideas! Love the art display one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Some great ideas here! There is something for everyone no matter what your level of crafting ability or how your home is designed.

  19. What a beautiful way to add more beauty to our home. These simple crafts are definitely cool.

  20. I am in love with your photo wall! I love having pictures up and you have made it look like a piece of art

  21. Claudia Krusch says:

    I love those arrows. I am always looking for new craft ideas to do. I have so many photos I would love to use for a photo wall like this one.

  22. Those are all terrific ideas for crafts. I really like the vases, they could easily be done to match almost any color or decor.

  23. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great simple crafts ideas to improve your home.. I love doing DIY projects and I will have to do a couple of these. The rope around the trash can I have seen before and will be doing that one. Thanks for sharing these amazing craft ideas.

  24. Ashley Mullins says:

    Easy crafts for the non-crafty person! Love the cute pumpkins for the fall!

  25. I absolutely love crafts that are simple, as I’m a complete novice. I usually stick to crafts for kids! Love your home decor skills!!

  26. Can you come decorate my house. You have amazing style. I love your photo collage wall. I am in the middle of re doing my family pic wall. I really like the way you organized your photos.

  27. I love the ideas. Will definitely go with the picture frames! I want to have a photo wall as well in my home.

  28. Ayushi Arora says:

    i love these idea, these are so creative. i really like to do such stuff and i am going to try it once. These ideas have always been my favorite way to have a good decor.

  29. I love all of the ideas.

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