Simple coastal inspired tablescape

Simple coastal inspired tablescape

I don’t know about you all, but I am pretty obsessed with home decor, I assume you all are as well which is why you are here. I am also obsessed with all of the inspiration online, people have the most beautiful ideas for their homes! One topic that always makes me ohhh and ahhh is tablescapes, they are so dang pretty. But, when you actually break them down there is a ton of details, smaller decorations and all of that adds up to an expensive tablescape. I had a girls night recently and set up a Simple coastal inspired tablescape. 

Simple coastal themed table setting. Easy decorating ideas to bring out the beach decor style for a dining room. Perfect entertaining ideas!

This post was not a planned blog endeavor, I had the table all set up for my friends. My kids and Dale were out of the house for a fun evening out, the light was streaming in the windows, the music was playing and the whole space looked so pretty. I snapped some pictures because taking pictures of my home is now second nature to me. When you are a home decor blogger natural light streaming in a room is never wasted.

spring tablescape

I had three girlfriends over, we laughed, gossiped, and had a wonderful time. Last week I came across these pictures and thought how nice and simple the table was. I realized this is what others might find inspiring too. Maybe coastal decor is not your thing, but setting up some pretty table decor without having to go crazy spending money or shopping is something anyone can relate to. I put this Simple coastal inspired tablescape by using what I already had! Which makes it insanely low maintenance to put together.

simple beach decorating

Let me break down the simplicity of this tablescape. I had these wood chargers, which add such a warm feel to the table. I set the plate on the charger then folded a turquoise napkin. Once that was done I placed a large shell on each napkin. I had two real shells and two silver shells. I staggered them to have one of each on each side of the table. Lastly I added the awesomely rustic stick silverware. I love that they feel like pure nature.

simple shell table centerpiece

To make a table centerpiece the biggest thing to remember is size. Nothing is more annoying than having to look around a big decorations smack dab in the middle. I get that the tall centerpieces look amazing, and a big table full of beautiful decorations is so visually appealing.  I decorate my home for the pretty aesthetics, but I also decorate my home to be enjoyed. This girls night in I hosted was for good conversation, so much laughter and face-face time with my girls. So I used a few lower items to sprinkle in the center of the table.

Low maintenance table decorating ideas for a coastal and beachy style.

In the center layer a few items, with varying sizes. This will make the center feel decorated and not forgotten. I also like to tie in the color scheme with with place settings and the centerpiece. In this case it was rustic, nature, shells and blue. Which I have a ton of decorations to compliment these colors because they are so prevalent in my home.

beach themed place settings

coastal dining room table setting

That is something to always keep in mind. Decorating in a theme can be wonderful and fun. But have some staples for a tablescape that will always blend with your home. Then you can add a few extra items for a specific theme. I have these place settings and they flow with my nature themed home so well, they work from Winter into spring, summer and fall. I layer in the colors of each season without having to purchase new place settings for each season.

coastal home decorating ideas

beach and coastal themed table setting

Keeping the table not too cluttered is nice too. Most dinner parties there will be appetizers set out, maybe multiple drinks, salad or even the complete food menu. Having a nice tablescape to greet people but then having to clear off half of it right away is not ideal. Which is why keeping it simple allows for the dinner party to flow, and even have the host enjoy the time!

beach themed centerpiece

Coastal dining room decor ideas

My dining room went through a few nips and tucks, a mini makeover. I added the new cabinet, and rearranged the existing furniture. It did a world of difference in how the room functions. There is room for people to gather around, which is my goal. My home has been called casual and comfortable, which makes me so happy. Yes, I want it to look nice and put in a lot of effort for it to be that way. But ultimately I want my home to be welcoming, come in, put your feet up, get loud, let the kids run around, turn the music up and let’s make some wonderful memories. After all, we owe it to ourselves and to our home to truly live in it. Which is why this Simple coastal inspired tablescape was the perfect blend of decorated and functional. I could welcome my friends for fun, they felt welcome, and then we got down to relaxing with good food. Which I shared no pictures of, I am a home decor blogger, not a food one. I have zero skills in the kitchen and we had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Even I can manage that. I can also manage a low maintenance tablescape fit for a evening in with my best girls!




  1. Today was the first time I really tried to ever fix the table and make it really pretty. I got some nice plates adnd napkins and made the table look Easterish. I love the designs on the plates on your table. The starfish idea is really nice. PErfest for summer. I love it.

  2. Rebecca Bryant says:

    I LOVE this tablescape. As an FL girl, this is my thing. Seashell on the shore. I love sand on my toes and sun on my face and the smell of the ocean. I so get this feel with this look.

  3. How beautiful! I have that same coastal theme in my household. I’ll have to remember this post next time I have a dinner party and need to plan out a tablescape!

  4. Of course I love your coastal style 🙂 the teal is gorgeous with the silver

  5. That is so pretty. I wish my table could look like that.

  6. I love love love this aesthetic! Reminds me of this amazing resort we stayed in at Turks & Caicos. Beauty is in the little details. So awesome.

  7. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I LOVE this table and tablescape! We love the beach, so this feel is perfect for us!

  8. Absolutely LOVE that pop of teal in your tablescape Emily! So pretty!

  9. I just love this! I’ve always been a fan of nautical stuff. I love your table.

  10. I really like this theme. It reminds me of my childhood visits to Florida and Sanibel Island! Very impressive work!

  11. Wow this is so beautiful! I love the mix of rustic and beachy decorations and the pops of blue as well.

  12. WOW! Frist of al this is absolutely beautiful! You are super amazing, and very good at what you do. Come help me with my house.

  13. I love this so much. We moved to the coast early fall and I love finding design ideas. I especially love the metallic shell details.

  14. Claudia Krusch says:

    I love the colors you used for this table. The napkins really pop. I would love to do this theme for one of my BBQs this summer.

  15. your home is gorgeous as always Emily and I love coastal as I am a sea loving girl

  16. The seashells in the vase look great. I could do this since I have seashells leftover from a recent party!

  17. Love this coastal theme! The colors are beautiful.

  18. Erica Schwarz says:

    LOVE this! I live by the coast in Florida, but I grew up in Massachusetts. It has taken time, but I am finally swtching decor from lighthouses, sailboats and whales (New England stuff) to more Florida decor. I love the colors you used and the rustic wood. And the starfish!

  19. Such a gorgeous tablescape. I love to entertain, and to me, the table is always the highlight of the decor for a party or gathering at home. In my opinion, it’s not enough to have great food. Presentation matters a great deal as well. This is lovely. Well done.

  20. I can’t decide which element of this that I like the best! The colors and textures are awesome.

  21. I love the combination of teal and wood for the table settings. Teal is my favorite color and seaside housewares generally include the color in their palettes.

  22. How gorgeous is this!! Love that silverware! Your table looks SO inviting.

  23. I have felt in love with this colour combination straight away!! Decoration is Gorgeous.

  24. I love the silver starfish accents! The tablescape in your home is so pretty, but seems like something anyone could replicate with their home’s color and style. Having a few staple pieces you can add to decor in any area is helpful.

  25. That touch of blue was what too this from hmm to wow. It’s so beautiful and feels quite rustic and I love it

  26. Don’t you just love when you get unexpected quiet time? The setting looks beautiful, I really love the table itself!

  27. Awww. That table is so pretty! Wish my table is as pretty as yours.

  28. Michelle Waller says:

    I love any and everything beach related. This tablescape is simply gorgeous and it looks really easy to recreate.

  29. This tablescape is just gorgeous! I love the colors. So beachey and fun!

  30. This tablescape is so gorgeous Emily! I love the bright pretty colors, it’s so cheery! The silver sand dollars are my fave!

  31. Ok so I LOVE home decor too but I’m not nearly as pod at putting it all together as you are. In fact I’m pretty bad at it. Hahahaha. But this looks fabulous!!

  32. What a gorgeous tablescape! I love the pop of color with the aqua and those chargers are gorgeous!

  33. So pretty and colorful! I sometimes think tablescapes can be a bit stuffy but yours is perfectly fun and casual. (And yay for spaghetti!)

  34. Wow I’m loving that table. Now that spring is here I can redecorate and I’m like this a lot!

  35. It’s beautiful and I love the coastal theme. It’s perfect for the season and it makes me miss going to the beach. I think it’s really nice.

  36. Wow! The design is so nice! I would want to have this setup as well. Surely I would always feel the beach vibes on my home with this style.

  37. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the stars and the chargers 🙂

  38. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    What a gorgeous table setting idea. I absolutely LOVE it. It just makes me want to be at the beach:)

  39. This is a gorgeous table setting for your home! I think it would be a great coastal theme for like the beach house in Myrtle!

  40. I absolutely love this! The teal is such an unexpected color.

  41. I’m loving this touch of blue in this setup. I really like what you’ve done to this space. I remember when you remodeled it not too long ago.

  42. I LOVE this set up. As a food blogger, I’m in love with the silverware. I need it for my props!

  43. I really admire the creativity of those who create tablescapes and really get into home décor down to the smallest detail. I just love the centerpiece here.

  44. Angela Milnes says:

    Wow, This absolutely looks beautiful! I want a Home like this and Such a neat set up, The Decoration was so perfect

  45. I just love the colors and tones! I think its amazing that you can just “throw” something like this together! Its a talent.

  46. Misty Nelson Dawn says:

    I love this set up I wish I could have this in our house and this is really beautiful! This is my Dream Table

  47. very neat, clean and exclusively simple. this is a tablespace one will have a meal and feel like paradise. i love the design so much.

  48. Nichole Shirell says:

    This is a beautiful themed setting. I love the colors such a clean look. I really like the seashells in the centerpiece.

  49. wow i loved those colors,I wish i could do this for my house

  50. Thats a really amazing design! I hope I will once have a dining room as pretty as this one…

  51. Loved the idea fo designing tablescape.. It’s simply amazing.

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