How to personalize a gallery wall for a kid’s space

How to personalize a gallery wall for a kid’s space

I love me a big time room reveal, the amount of work, decorating and all of the pictures get me all kinds of excited. But, I feel like a lot of times the smaller details are glossed over. That is why I am going back into my daughter’s bedroom to share How to personalize a gallery wall for a kid’s space.

How to add personal touches to a kids bedroom and still have it be stylish and decorated

I get a lot of questions in the comments of posts or emails from readers wanting specific details, products used or more in depth information. A room reveal post like I did with Nora’s bedroom reveal is long anyways. For me to explain every little detail would be a boring read for everyone. Like everyone else I adore gallery walls, I have one in my living room, my boys’ bedroom, as well as one in my hallway.

How to create a homework area in a child's bedroom

Gallery walls are the best way to personalize a home. In fact I feel like having personal touches is what really makes a gallery wall successful. I have heard many people say that they are intimidated by the idea of putting a gallery wall together. I have a little system I use. I compile all of the items I want hung up, getting a few pairs of items, matching sizes or coloring. Have some varying sizes as well.

Then once all is selected, I measure out the space I have on the wall and mark that space on the ground. I start moving the items for the gallery wall around on the floor within the space. Once done take a picture just to you can reference it. Then start in the direct center of the wall with the items and move to the sides. I used some cute letters purchased from a craft store as the center focus to this gallery wall. I painted them pink and added the adorable bugs. I actually made these letters for each of the kids while I was pregnant with each of them. It was a cute tradition to have it above their cribs, I painted their names and daydreamed of what these tiny little people would be.

art organization ideas

Creating the gallery wall, building it up on the wall is really easy, no cutting or measuring paper to match the sizes, keep it all low maintenance. Another way I keep things low maintenance is with the storage on Nora’s desk. She is into drawing pictures and comic books. So having her art supplies at the ready for when inspiration strikes is important. We do have the art table, but as my kids are getting older I can see them transitioning into just having a desk and art stuff in their bedrooms. Guys, my kids are not so little anymore!!! I am fine…. really… I am not crying, you’re crying!

kids art area

Here is Nora’s work. I love her comics and she enjoys making them so much.

art supply storage

My super simple, zero hassle way to organize her art supplies is containers… so many containers. I use glass ones because she is really responsible and is older. But plastic ones, shoes boxes, or bins have been used when she was younger. If you want to get really fancy you can label the containers. With this being her room I like to keep things simple, and allow her to dictate what is in them. Labeling them would limit her being able to reorganize them however she wants. As much as I enjoy decorating my kid’s bedrooms I am transitioning them into decorating their bedrooms, encouraging that is their space.


adding personal touches to gallery wall

At this stage it is still a lot of me directing them. I do the trick of bringing up an idea and having it come off like it is their idea. I try to maintain organization, ease of use in their bedrooms and encouraging creativity. With kids sometimes all they think is that they want all-the-things. Having to hone in one what they need for their room is still my job.

how to create a personal gallery wall in kids bedroom

girl bedroom wall decorating ideas

The way I have compromised in keeping things Mom approved but also what the kids want is gallery walls. They can pick what they want in them. A lot of times creating art projects for them, or selecting quote art from a store. I also incorporate their drawings. They way I make it Mom approved is by having it be organized, not just a pile of stuff taped on the wall.

kids art display ideas

This is important because tape can make the paint peel and I am the one having the repaint. Also, it allows the pictures to actually be seen. My kids art may not be Picasso status, but it is wonderfully and perfectly them, I want them to be displayed to be enjoyed. So I pick simple frames for them to put their masterpieces in, but make sure the frames are really easy to open and change out.

kids bedroom DIY wall art

how to display kids art on wall

Another great idea for a gallery wall is to collect souvenirs. Every kid to ever exist when they go somewhere wants to buy something. When we go on vacation we visit a lot of museums in the new cities, and the gift shop calls to my kids like a moth to a flame. Having a gallery wall already established in their bedrooms allows for them to think of something unique and cool to get form these museum gift shops to add to their wall. It is a great way to remember the vacation, and we do not waste money on random stuff they will lose before we even check out of the hotel!

homework space in girl bedroom


ideas to display kids art on wall, gallery wall ideas with a personal touch

The one rule to always consider when creating a gallery wall… is there there is no rules. Sure, there are standard guidelines to consider – decorate to scale, don’t pick a bunch of big items for a small space. Or small wall decor for a big blank wall. Have a few pairs of decor, and try to keep each side even. But, when it comes down to it decorating your home is about what you want it to look like.

kids art with simple wall display options

With a child’s room the rules can be pout aside even more! Kids are great at breaking the rules, or ignoring them completely while they look you in the eye and break the rule. Aren’t kids fun? Create a kids gallery wall in the same frame of mind a kid would, add lots of color, so much fun stuff, throw in a few bugs and as much art work as you can squeeze into one space. Or that the refrigerator can spare. After all, that is the top of family home display places.

Gallery wall ideas for kid's bedroom. Creative ways to display art work.

When it comes down to it How to personalize a gallery wall for a kid’s space is done by letting them be the lead. Take their interests, their moments of fun, memories made, and their work to create the perfect wall. As far as making a spot for them to do homework or draw, a large bedroom or crazy DIY skills is not needed. I used my old desk, painted the pinkest pink to ever exist (Nora requested) and a chair I found on the side of the road to match. Add in some containers for art supplies and the creativity domain is done! Of course with little tiny ones skipping the desk or homework area in the room and leaving it in the common areas of the home is easiest. That is what I had for years in our home, now that my kids are bigger we are moving things into their bedrooms more. Her having this quiet space to do homework, dream, color, and admire her work is really special for her.



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    What a great idea for a girls room! My tween would love to do this!

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    Sheri –

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