Creative craft and decor ideas using paper

Creative craft and decor ideas using paper

Alright, I am so ready for this week! The sun is shining, the temperatures are warm and my kids are back in school after spring break. I love this time of year, it all feels so fresh with winter behind us and nothing but months of sun, warmth, long days, and outside fun. Even if I am doing something inside I feel more energized, so decorating or getting projects done around the house is happening a lot. Today I am sharing Creative craft and decor ideas using paper, I looking back at previous paper crafts I have done as well as sharing a few from fellow bloggers.

Easy craft and decor ideas using paper. Simple ways to decorate the home with low cost ideas.

I love using paper for craft ideas. It is one of the easiest ways to decorate a home and keep the cost down. Also, every single paper craft I have done have always been so easy to do.

decorating for spring with fake flowers

Wrapping paper, contact paper, peel and stick paper… all of them can be used. Which is great because there is so many options with color and design. I have loved adding paper decor to my home for different seasons, it adds a little small touch to the room without it being a big project. Change out some colors with the paper and you are done, ready to bring in a new season of decor!

How to make paper flowers

I have used paper in a ton of ways, I am only highlighting my favorites. With three years of blogging down even I forget all that I have shared or created. There have been glass vase wrapped in paper, a serving tray with wrapping paper backing, countless paper wall decor (a ton for specific holidays), I even recently used marble contact paper to add a faux marble look to my dining room cabinet. All of it so versatile, and outside of the box.

Easy to make breakfast tray, perfect for a gift or Mothers day.

When visiting a craft store I almost always check out the paper section, and if I see any wrapping paper that I like the pattern or color on I almost always pick it up. Even if I do not have an immediate use for it, I know it will come up eventually. You know, the ever important emergency decorating supplies. We all have one right?! I hope you enjoy these Creative craft and decor ideas using paper from myself and a few talented fellow bloggers. Now that my home is all bright with the spring decor I am working on the outside. We have a ton of smaller and a few bigger projects planned for our outdoor space. People always ask me how I can continue having content to share on my blog, but honestly…. I have a few years worth of ideas, updates, and renovations for my home. I would be doing all of these with or without this blog, but I get to meed you lovelies and share some inspiration while I get my decorating fix. Thinking outside of the box with ideas like using paper or other lower cost options allows me to off-set that cost. Making it a feasible option for my family without making us go into debt for the sake of my love of decorating.

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  1. I love the paper flowers. It reminds me of the ones I used to make out of tissue paper with my mom when I was a kid.

  2. I have tons of craft paper for scrapbooking that would work really well with these crafts. I have made the tray, but those flowers are really cute.

  3. Totally love the “Never grow up” pillow, that sums up my entire life in one sentence!
    It would look great in our bedroom that’s for sure.
    I love how you mentioned that winter was behind you…we have had nothing but snow for the last few days!
    Trade ya šŸ˜‰

  4. You are so creative šŸ™‚ I love love love these ideas. I need someone to teach me some crafty skills. It does not run in my family lol.

  5. Oh my gosh all of this looks so classy! I never knew the paper to do this kind of decoration. It is beautiful I definitely need to try some of this.

  6. I like the paper bags under the plants. It gives it a shabby chic design that is good across many different styles.

  7. Paper is magic! You really nailed it with these, though. My mom taught me to make pretty cool paper crafts but nothing like this!

  8. I love all of these crafts. I never thought to use paper for the crafts. I would love to try to make these.

  9. The paper flower looks really creative and a nice decoration. It’s really colorful and could brighten up a house.

  10. These are some great ideas I love the little paper flowers they are so very cute.

  11. These are some lovely ideas, I have to admit I love threads paper flowers, I think I am going to have to try and make some of those myself.

  12. All of these photos are absolutely gorgeous. These are amazing paper ideas. I have yet to dabble in paper decor. You’ve definitely given me some great ideas.

  13. How fun! That’s awesome that there are so many things to do with paper… something that we always have around! I love the paper flowers especially, they are so pretty!

  14. Wow! You made those flowers. So pretty. You are a pretty crafty person I see. Thank God for days when you can dedicate to getting things like this done. Good for you.

  15. Anita Anderson says:

    Omg these are fantastic. I saw a teacher take regular wrapping paper and use it to decorate her bulletin board. She said that kids and adults respond to color.

  16. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Using paper for decor craft is indeed an amazing one. The crafted paper flowers I really love and they are so pretty.. Thanks for sharing the great paper craft ideas.

  17. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    You can make so many different crafts with paper and lots of them look professional. These are great ideas for low cost decorating.

  18. I have that same pillow!- Never Grow Up šŸ™‚ Love the idea to wrap the plants in the brown paper looking bags

  19. So many great ideas. I love the sea blue color that you used in many of your crafts. It has been raining here so I am ready to get outside and begin to get some grading and outside crafts going.

  20. You can do these with wrapping paper? That is amazing. I would never have thought to do that. Very craft and cute. I love how the vase turned out!!

  21. This reminds me of my grade school years. We created crafts like this. Iā€™d love to try this again.

  22. What lovely and innovative idea. The paper creations look so pleasing to the eye. I remembered my childhood when I used to play with paper and scissors trying to make all possible things out of paper, from flowers to airplanes. Reading your post my hands are itching to reach out for a pair of scissors and paper.

  23. My Teen Guide says:

    I just love how you take ordinary stuff to make new, beautiful decorations for your home. I wish I could do the same, but I am not that creative. Those paper flowers are so cute!

  24. These are so cute! They look simple and easy – and like a fun way to spruce up your house for the Spring/Summer season! I do not have a crafty bone in my body but I think even I could pull off some of these!

  25. Oh wow, these look fab. I actually thought the vase of flowers was real to start with!!

    Louise x

  26. Love all these ideas! And in my favorite color too! The paper flowers are adorable. I would love to try these.

  27. These are great ideas. I had never thought of this before but I am now inspired for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the idea!

  28. These are all cute ideas. I’d love to make the grow bags for some of my plants. As well as the paper roses. Too cute.

  29. What fun ideas. You are very creative……can’t wait to make a few of my own.

  30. I love the colors! I really enjoy working with paper too and can’t wait to try this!

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